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Final fantasy OneShots by AnaDragonBane
Final fantasy OneShotsby AnaDragonBane
I already have a KH one shot story so, why not final fantasy? Also I'll be using characters from just about every installment in the franchise, and sorry if you don't li...
final may cry fantasy( dmc male reader x final fantasy harem) by Arthurpendragon285
final may cry fantasy( dmc male Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
this Will be about a boy name Blake the son of Nero who was the son of Vergil and Kyrie, they had a life together peace and harmony until...His father die in order to pr...
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Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim Love Story) by KatherineIn
Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim KatherineIn
Bella Lauren had just moved to Cocoon from a different world. What will happen to her? Who will she meet? What will she learn about the world her mother grew up in? Fina...
L'cie Hunter by NatRogers13
L'cie Hunterby Charlie
WorldLine Series Book 2 *Spoilers from 1-15 seasons of Supernatural* It's only been a few months since Lightning first found a different worldine. But now she and the ot...
Mermaid Blues by Calitheax
Mermaid Bluesby Calitheax
Being an 18-year-old mermaid is never easy...Serena Cyania's world has been turned upside down. First she gets separated from her younger sister in the ocean, and the n...
The New World (Final Fantasy XIII) - Hope Estheim x [Reader] by MisfitMachina
The New World (Final Fantasy XIII) Makalah
[Wattpad deleted the description, again...] Have you ever wondered what happened after the events of FFXIII-3, after the New World was created? Do you wonder what goes o...
Just Focus (FFXIII) by Mrs_Strife
Just Focus (FFXIII)by FF Fanatic
Amarhi Raines was a young girl with a strange affinity for magic who happened to be in New Bodhum when the Pulse fal'Cie was discovered on Cocoon. With no way of contact...
Crystal Avengers by NatRogers13
Crystal Avengersby Charlie
ENDGAME SPOILERS!!!!! Lightning had found a different kind of chaos that can go past world's borders. The chaos is so powerful that it can enter into a different univers...
Switched Lines by NatRogers13
Switched Linesby Charlie
*Spoilers from the last two books in the World Line Series. Also Spoilers from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, Avengers Endgame, and 1-15 seasons of Supernatural* All Wo...
L'cies of atlas by scorch1000
L'cies of atlasby scorch1000
Disown and abandoned by her friends and family because of her transcripts and Cardin. Jane has became cold hearted to another. Ozpin seeing this send her to atlas academ...
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero -Promise- by AKBoy58
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode AKBoy58
A series of light novels written by Jun Eishima, depicting the thirteen days leading up to the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The first part of the series, titled "...
Final Fantasy XIII-3 by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII-3by Charlie
*Spoilers from the ending of XIII-2* The world has fallen into chaos. Serah is now dead. Fang, Vanille, and Lightning are now sleeping in a crystal slumber. The only one...
Limbo: Serah Farron by DillPickleKick4000
Limbo: Serah Farronby DillPickleKick4000
After I died, I was stuck. I had nowhere to go. It was dark. Now I have to find a way to help from the outside, because I no longer have any power to help my friends phy...
Yang Satu by syfnzalamshah
Yang Satuby syfnzalamshah
Kata-kata yang selalu rindu
Promise by xfinalfantasies
Promiseby A
Serah is desperate to find what she's missing in life. She needs her sister back and she's willing to give up everything in order to find her. She leaves with a man name...
Family Bonds by Creedsz
Family Bondsby Creedsz
"On Gran Pulse we are all family" Those are the words she spoke to me the words that inspired me for my family for our family I will succeed cause we are famil...
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Last One Left by KathrynRobinson0
Last One Leftby Kathryn Robinson
Lightning looks back into her past, wondering "Why? Why did she have to die?".
Serah of Zaleon by breeziiluzii
Serah of Zaleonby A Dork
With the ongoing hatred between the human kingdoms and the elven tribes, it seems these two societies are on the brink of war. While on patrol, Serah wanders out of her...
ṃεṃøɾïεṡ  by lightningnyx
ṃεṃøɾïεṡ by nчх
Claire and Serah's last day with their mother.
Paddra's Paradox by MisfitMachina
Paddra's Paradoxby Makalah
Two Seeress'. Yeul and Aria. While Yeul travels with Caius, Aria stays with Noel. When Aria is reborn, her first thought is of Noel and Caius. And yet, she always choos...