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Final Fantasy XIII:The New World by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII:The New Worldby Charlie
After defeating Bhunivelsa. The group have come to the new world. Only to find out. That the events of the past, is restarting. The government is tracking them. And who...
Crystal Avengers by NatRogers13
Crystal Avengersby Charlie
ENDGAME SPOILERS!!!!! Lightning had found a different kind of chaos that can go past world's borders. The chaos is so powerful that it can enter into a different univers...
(Final Fantasy) Prophetic Entities by Lightning317
(Final Fantasy) Prophetic Entitiesby Lightning317
Emma, a quiet, orphaned seventeen year old girl raising a younger sister in Florida. Sasha, a low self-esteemed working class twenty year old girl struggling with high d...
My Journey of Art by xLovelyHarmonyx
My Journey of Artby Savannah
Hello! I am an artist from deviantArt and I just wanted people to see my artwork. ^^ The pictures go from when I first started out to the most recent because I want eve...
Shadow by Ria247
Shadowby Ria
I'm never alone because of the Shadow... This is is what I imagine, It's in front of us & beside us. But we can't see it or hear it. This is something that will keep us...
The Fire that Ignites Us {Underswap OC} by GLitCH_the_ViRuS
The Fire that Ignites Us {Underswa...by PRIDEFUL SIN
"It only takes a match to light a fire." For years, Faer has been a part of the Royal Guard, ever since the day that she bowed before the Queen of the undergro...
Gil Farron Meets The Apocalypse by Migzaurous
Gil Farron Meets The Apocalypseby Miguel Lazarte
Gil Farron, your typical teenage guy, wakes up on a normal day. But things aren't normal anymore. Everyone is gone. Monsters are on a rampage. Action-packed scenes and y...
Lightning and Vodka, a love story by anotherstupidname
Lightning and Vodka, a love storyby anotherstupidname
This is a simple, short story about Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy 13 and her true love, vodka <3
Blame by VioletRide
Blameby Pansexual™
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. That's what everyone has been told all their lives. In the case of Theo, the lemons are rotten and covered in salt. They s...
Final Fantasy: Better Than I Know Myself | Yazoo's story (2016-2017) by FantasyStories14
Final Fantasy: Better Than I Know...by ✨fαитαѕу✨
Through out Yazoo's story of love, loss, greif and even fear, he's finally come to realize that Serah Farron, is the only one that knows him-- better than he knows hims...
Switched Lines by NatRogers13
Switched Linesby Charlie
*Spoilers from the last two books in the World Line Series. Also Spoilers from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, Avengers Endgame, and 1-15 seasons of Supernatural* All Wo...
Prophetic Entities (Complete) by No_one_specific2017
Prophetic Entities (Complete)by Sportsball_2017
Emma. A quiet, orphaned seventeen-year-old girl raising a younger sister in Florida. Sasha. A low self-esteemed working class twenty-year-old girl struggling with high...
(Name) Farron by keyCollector
(Name) Farronby Hi! How are you?
Lightning had another sister, but she never told anyone, not even Serah. She feared that her 'unknown' sister will unleash the Gate, and if the Gate is opened, oh, hell...
Her (Eternal Love Trilogy #3) by symrapark
Her (Eternal Love Trilogy #3)by 𝓀𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓂𝒽𝒾𝓁𝒹
~ BOOK 3 OF ETERNAL LOVE TRILOGY ~ "We had already seen our souls" Start: June 6, 2020 End: September 3, 2020
When the World Beckons You by Prettystarz4ever
When the World Beckons Youby Starz
It's the beginning of the end for the Planet known as earth. The Eight Lights of Hope are nowhere to be seen. Finally, when four of the lights have fallen or gone into h...