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Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One Shots [COMPLETED] by Gay_Senpai
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One S...by Senpai
BOOK TWO IS HERE ^^ Check it out if you want something!! *I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters. All rights belong to Square Enix* *I do not own any of the media...
Final Fantasy One Shots/x readers/lemons/story by TaeTaeYk
Final Fantasy One Shots/x readers...by TaeTaeKookie
Ever wondered what it would be like to spend some time with your favourite Final Fantasy characters? Well here is your place to be! (Taking requests mainly from FFVII, F...
Final Fantasy XIII:The New World by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII:The New Worldby Charlie
After defeating Bhunivelsa. The group have come to the new world. Only to find out. That the events of the past, is restarting. The government is tracking them. And who...
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One Shots [BOOK TWO] [CLOSED] by Gay_Senpai
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts One S...by Senpai
It's here!! Please read the first part before making any requests!!
Final Fantasy Short Stories |  (2016-2017) by FantasyStories14
Final Fantasy Short Stories | (20...by ✨fαитαѕу✨
This is a book filled with short stories of Final Fantasy characters that just come to mind, so I won't always update. (Unless I'm on a roll with ideas. XD) From Final F...
Final Fantasy One-Shots by tsukkki-
Final Fantasy One-Shotsby Jess
A book of one-shots & drabbles for characters from the Final Fantasy franchise. *CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS*
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The King's Rose (On Going) by jnmrdglla
The King's Rose (On Going)by Jang D
They saw each other yet never really met. Noctis Lucis Caelum, a prince in the kingdom in Lucis, was about to announce his royal engagement to the Oracle, Lunafreya Nox...
Game of Insomnia | ✓ by pillowsonfire
Game of Insomnia | ✓by abel
[BOOK ONE] A Final Fantasy XV, VII and XIII Crossover °°°Noctis' childhood friend, the Healer, had died after she battled with a daemon that attacked them eleven years...
[DISCONTINUED] Final Fantasy Oneshots [Scenarios included] by RhedTigre623
[DISCONTINUED] Final Fantasy Onesh...by :D n O
[DISCONTINUED, REQUESTS CLOSED] Feel free to request anything from ANY Final Fantasy world. I mean it. ANY. Have fun and enjoy!! >>Characters do not belong to me...
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Fantasy XIII-2) ✓ by tsukkki-
Paradox | Noel Kreiss (Final Fanta...by Jess
Noel Kreiss x Reader | Final Fantasy XIII-2 ✓ COMPLETED + UNEDITED | 2018 After the fall of Cocoon had rendered much of the land infertile and uninhabitable, the existin...
The King And The Knight by CielLeonette
The King And The Knightby CielLeonette
Where in Lucis Kingdom, The Goddess Etro herself send the king to be, Noctis Lucis Caelum a one beautiful knight to help and guide him to win the war between the countri...
FINAL FANTASY XIII: Reminiscence Tracer Of The Memories by ff13fandom
[FFXIII ORIGINAL NOVEL] Written by Daisuke Watanabe. Aoede is a journalist who wants to uncover the truth about the "Another Life" . Follow her journey where s...
Just Focus (FFXIII) by Mrs_Strife
Just Focus (FFXIII)by FF Fanatic
Amarhi Raines was a young girl with a strange affinity for magic who happened to be in New Bodhum when the Pulse fal'Cie was discovered on Cocoon. With no way of contact...
A Soldier and A Prince by nikkori_writing
A Soldier and A Princeby にっこり
I'm going to tell you a story about A Prince who met a beautiful Soldier who helped him rescue his father from the dark lord himself. So, here's the question: Will the P...
Video Game One shots/Imagines/Smuts by Aussie_Otaku_15
Video Game One shots/Imagines/Smutsby Fangasm_Girl_1
A one shot book where I will take any one shot regarding video game characters from any video game franchise. Requests are highly advised. Smuts
Epoch | FFXIII/XV by SeventhSaga
Epoch | FFXIII/XVby ・ストライフ・
Noctis Lucis Caelum. The heir to the throne of the Lucis kingdom, and he takes his duty as heir very seriously and cares dearly for his kingdom, and those who lives in i...
Final Fantasy XIII: A New Beginning. by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII: A New Beginnin...by Charlie
The old world that was God's that ruled over humanity is now in the past. That means that the souls from the living and dead get reborn, and that means that some can get...
FFXIII: Silver Lining by ChocoboRacer702
FFXIII: Silver Liningby Choco Might
Maria Estheim, a 17-year-old silverette, loves her little brother, Hope, and would do anything to protect him. When their mother takes them to the fireworks display in B...
Final fantasy  ideas by Creedsz
Final fantasy ideasby Creedsz
ideas for final fantasy fanfics send me a link if you want to use any the. Those this ie more or less ago book for me to keep track of my ideas.