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Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim Love Story) by KatherineIn
Learning My Roots (Hope Estheim KatherineIn
Bella Lauren had just moved to Cocoon from a different world. What will happen to her? Who will she meet? What will she learn about the world her mother grew up in? Fina...
Final Fantasy XIII:The New World by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII:The New Worldby Charlie
After defeating Bhunivelsa. The group have come to the new world. Only to find out. That the events of the past, is restarting. The government is tracking them. And who...
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Crystal Avengers by NatRogers13
Crystal Avengersby Charlie
ENDGAME SPOILERS!!!!! Lightning had found a different kind of chaos that can go past world's borders. The chaos is so powerful that it can enter into a different univers...
Switched Lines by NatRogers13
Switched Linesby Charlie
*Spoilers from the last two books in the World Line Series. Also Spoilers from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, Avengers Endgame, and 1-15 seasons of Supernatural* All Wo...
Final Fantasy XIII: A New Beginning. by NatRogers13
Final Fantasy XIII: A New Charlie
The old world that was God's that ruled over humanity is now in the past. That means that the souls from the living and dead get reborn, and that means that some can get...
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero -Promise- by AKBoy58
Final Fantasy XIII: Episode AKBoy58
A series of light novels written by Jun Eishima, depicting the thirteen days leading up to the events of Final Fantasy XIII. The first part of the series, titled "...
Final fantasy  ideas by Creedsz
Final fantasy ideasby Creedsz
ideas for final fantasy fanfics send me a link if you want to use any the. Those this ie more or less ago book for me to keep track of my ideas.
Lightning Returns Remake by NatRogers13
Lightning Returns Remakeby Charlie
With the world of Nova Crystalia, or used to be known as Gran Pulse. Is now going to end, with only 13 days until the end. Lightning is now the Savior of Souls, meaning...
FFXIII alt ending by NatRogers13
FFXIII alt endingby Charlie
Vanille encountered someone from the past. The person was saying "Don't go". Vanille presumed the girl was talking about their focus. But...can the whole group...
FFXIII: Silver Lining by ChocoboRacer702
FFXIII: Silver Liningby Choco Might
Maria Estheim, a 17-year-old silverette, loves her little brother, Hope, and would do anything to protect him. When their mother takes them to the fireworks display in B...
She's Our Light by NamiDiz
She's Our Lightby Nami
Before Lightnning, Snow, Sazh, Fang, Vanille, and Hope became l'Cie they were all enjoying the fireworks that were said to be 'wish granting fireworks'. After becoming l...
Vanille und weg by Vanillenstern
Vanille und wegby Vanillestern
Lina ist ein ein sehr schnell aufbrausendes aber nettes Mädchen.Sie lebt mit ihren Eltern und ihrem Bruder Mike zusammen in Hamburg an der Elbe .Sie führt ein ganz norma...
Sunflower by xxRoomofAngelsxx
Sunflowerby Vanessa ( = ^ . ^ = )
AU where Hope is in high school and Vanille is the new girl. Summary: It's almost the end of the school year and Vanille has moved to Bodhum with her adoptive mother, Fa...
Final Fantasy Dissidia: Arcashic Records by Level5FreezerBurn
Final Fantasy Dissidia: Arcashic Raiju Clarkson
When Xerex Anders, a teenage boy gets thrown into a world of Dissidia with inexplicable dangers to find pieces of the Arcashic Record. On the way, he meets its inhabitan...
...Ne plus être... by Roi_Peliero
...Ne plus ê Roi Péliero
. ø . ø ø...
Cowboys and Angels by sleepover_2_2
Cowboys and Angelsby S
"Sometimes, in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale."