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MEANT TO BE ONE by sun_shine_123
Dr. Drishti Chatterjee, a doctor by profession who is really a sweet and fun-loving girl. She is a surgeon and lives in Kolkata with her parents. Rakshit Shergill, a ru...
It Is Good to be Bad | Khaiza Faye by bangtanedsone
It Is Good to be Bad | Khaiza Fayeby 엘라
Queen of the Queens [Pt.2] Khaiza Faye Lee | Side Story. She raised by her grandparents. Former Student of Far Eastern Academy in TFMQs The Strong Independent Woman. T...
The Last  Game I Ended by Stupid_jane
The Last Game I Endedby BryxStupida
Love is always a game it is whether you win or you lose. But in Calixa Sapphire Solasco Takashi's place she got losed on the last game she played. She got this motto in...
My FAKE Boyfriend by Kay_Turner15
My FAKE Boyfriendby Kay_Turner15
My Fake Boyfriend. Sienna is the loner girl that nobody notices and when Elijah the popular guy in school dose take a notice to he it surprises her. When he asked her t...
My Silent Mate by SophieBeveridge9
My Silent Mateby Sophie
Sitting alone under the night sky so black, Nobody knows what she's holding back, Pulling her sleeves past the black and blue, Once these bruises fade they'll come...
We're Perfectly Stranger by marxbagona
We're Perfectly Strangerby Marx
Most of the time I'm friendly but not in Stranger.. Once my parents told me "don't talk to stranger" but what if the stranger that you didn't even know...
The Alphas hybrid by GabryelRogers
The Alphas hybridby Gabryel Rogers
Sakura Aiko has spent her life running. Her parents where killed when she was 16. They where killed because they had Sakura. Her mother is a lycan and her father is a...
The Hand of the Wicked by Burr876767
The Hand of the Wickedby Burr876767
Blythe Rostingham was the best of her age, and she was in search of one thing and one thing alone. Little did she know that it was right under her nose the whole time. H...
An orphan girl Ellie finds herself with some unfamiliar friendly people who take care of her as her sister but not one of them means her anything what he means her is a...
Getting to know your feelings (Valiente love story/Ferdinand fanfic) by SandraChudziak
Getting to know your feelings ( Sandra Chudziak
When Stella was little she grew up with her brother Ferdinand at Casa del Toro together with their father - Raf. When their father doesn't come back from the bullfight i...
From where it all started✔✔ by misstalwar2003
From where it all started✔✔by Kriti
She met him and fell for him He loved her but she left him Will they meet? How? Life is unpredictable, they believed they will never meet again, but what The has in stor...
Flipped by XcHocolateXluver
Flippedby Caroline Frias
Logan's going to California for a doctorate in Music. Megan decides to get over him. 7 years later they meet again, she got over him, even planning to get married. Logan...
The real reason why by armiyaa
The real reason whyby armiyaa
After Naira made up with her family everything was great her and karthik got married and had a beautiful baby boy named Laksh but after the birth of their child Karthik...
Strawberries and Cigarettes by ForeverIsEvil
Strawberries and Cigarettesby My Boo
He said that I taste like strawberries. I said that he's addictive like cigarette. But what if the strawberry that you're eating is already gone and the cigarette you ar...
Spell Binder by graygirl
Spell Binderby graygirl
In the land of Damerel, there lived two races. One was the High Magus, the other was the Wizards. For millenia they lived peacefully together, but jealously reigned as i...
Ten Dates by BookWormSami
Ten Datesby Samantha Parker
Kate's had a bad year, she's been cheated on, refused divorce and to top it all off, she's just discovered she has cancer. With no insurance and little wages she must be...
I Am... NHL Player one shots by jordansthename
I Am... NHL Player one shotsby Jordan
One shots of any NHL player you want! All you have to do is just comment what player you want :)
Short Stories by Pikachick15
Short Storiesby Elaine Wang
These short stories are rather made by me, or from a folktale; if you have suggestions, please tell me in the comments! (PS: I only used the cover.)