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The Android Support Hero by ZS960040775ZS
The Android Support Heroby chickennuggets
Three faced love [PJM series]™  by bts_kinryyy_baee
Three faced love [PJM series]™ by bts_kinryyy_baee
If I write a story description, I am reavealing the whole story....
Bepannah Pyaar❤ by _pokemonlover_
Bepannah Pyaar❤by 🖤Khushi🖤
A ff on preeran Aur nhi likh paungi cause i also dont know mai kya likhne waali hu..
Dark Secret by PoizonIvyy
Dark Secretby ʀᴇᴅ ʀᴏsᴇ
Academy that have a lot of secret. Sa lugar na ito, dito mo malalaman lahat nang sekreto at dito din mismo sa loob nang academy na ito malalaman ang kinatatago mong sek...
UNTOLD SECRETS: Feature your messages, anonymously by mimi551990
UNTOLD SECRETS: Feature your mimi551990
Dearest, This episode will be featured on my Youtube channel. Are you in love, secretly to someone? Crush, maybe? Do you wish to tell him/her..? Are you in pain, broke...
It Is Good to be Bad (TFMQs Book II of 2) by bangtanedsone
It Is Good to be Bad (TFMQs Book か た りな Katrina
Queen of the Queens [Pt.2] Khaiza Faye Lee | Side Story. She raised by her grandparents. Former Student of Far Eastern Academy in TFMQs The Strong Independent Woman. T...
The Alphas hybrid by GabryelRogers
The Alphas hybridby Gabryel Rogers
Sakura Aiko has spent her life running. Her parents where killed when she was 16. They where killed because they had Sakura. Her mother is a lycan and her father is a...
The Girls (Coming Soon) by Shanza36
The Girls (Coming Soon)by ShanzaNaveed
A group of four girls' friendship got in the test when they get in love with a boy.
The Price Of Love by Janella15
The Price Of Loveby I c h a y y y
A woman who is afraid to fall in love ... a woman who is afraid to be hurt, afraid to play again. but in an unexpected circumstance a man will change his outlook...
The Hand of the Wicked by Burr876767
The Hand of the Wickedby Burr876767
Blythe Rostingham was the best of her age, and she was in search of one thing and one thing alone. Little did she know that it was right under her nose the whole time. H...
Forever with You by LadyBreakers
Forever with Youby R. A. R
May forever nga ba talaga? Ano ang uunahin mo ? ang pangarap o ang pagmamahal?
After the picket fence by BellatrixSnow
After the picket fenceby BellatrixSnow
Is 'happily ever after' more than just a closing line for children's story books?
Strawberries and Cigarettes by ForeverIsEvil
Strawberries and Cigarettesby My Boo
He said that I taste like strawberries. I said that he's addictive like cigarette. But what if the strawberry that you're eating is already gone and the cigarette you ar...
Hanggang dito na lang (One shot) by fury-gracia
Hanggang dito na lang (One shot)by JA
Love will never leave you. But person can. Love is immortality, you'll die but love would not.
Love letter. by petitepink
Love orleander
This is a love letter inspired by a Spotify playlist i made based on my relationship. Thus, this poems are written based on each songs lyrics. ♡
Through the Clouds by RaneGal
Through the Cloudsby Margarette Carandang
This story is based on a true story. It is all about the love that you thought would be forever happy. The love that you thought it wouldn't last. The love that you thou...
Random stuff I wrote by AwesomeAxolotl
Random stuff I wroteby AwesomeAxolotl
Random stuff I wrote, may contain spoilers for my book The Bright Moon.
Mirror by SabriR523
Mirrorby SabriR523
What do you see in a mirror?