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My Bad Boy Is A Murderer [EDITING] by SimplyAmber96
My Bad Boy Is A Murderer [EDITING]by Amber
Derek Knight has always been Kingsbury's bad boy. But when he's arrested his freshman year of high school, for the murder of Thomas Harding, his reputation goes from bad...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
Blind Love (Edited) by dolphinflipper45
Blind Love (Edited)by dolphinflipper45
Landon Valentine has been blind since he was four years old. Since then, he's lived a life full of pain and isolation. All of his life, he's been longing for the kind of...
Forgetting FairyTail by Ale-ch
Forgetting FairyTailby Ale-ch
After FairyTail Disbands, Natsu leaves to train and to become stronger. Although, he did not realize who he left in tears. Lucy leaves Magnolia due to the painful memor...
The Mummy Returns by Gracie99523
The Mummy Returnsby Anna
Skylar Carnahan is back but so is Imhotep. She and her siblings will once more put their lifes in mortal danger to save the world when a new threat is discovered and is...
Luxiary World: The Long Lost Legendary Princess (ON-GOING) by Boyfriend_BestFriend
Luxiary World: The Long Lost Minhyun
Kathang isip lamang siya pero pag napanaginipan totoo siya. Dito natin makikita ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng protection, wisdom, serenity, strength, hope, love, vitality...
Stallison AU~ A Second Chance by StallisonWolf
Stallison AU~ A Second Chanceby Teen Wolf
When Allison Argent mysteriously returns from the dead, she goes knocking on Stiles Stilinski's door. As the two get to know each other more then they had before, Alliso...
Sold at first sight! | ✓ by catalystt
Sold at first sight! | ✓by Anna
Previously 'Who knew being auctioned off could be so eventful???'. This story follows the life of Sirena Beaux, a girl who has been rejected and tossed around like tras...
Dance your heart out (a one direction story) by purplepop23
Dance your heart out (a one purplepop23
Valerie Thompson was born to be a dancer. That was, until the not so accidental accident. That's when, homeless, her best friend in the world Danielle Peazer took her in...
returns ➴ letters spin off by troubhle
returns ➴ letters spin offby daisy
"i thought maybe it was my turn to write you letters." ➴ this is a spin off based on my other story "letters" so if you haven't already, go read that...
Hi, I'm Jessica....And My life Sucks by Livviy_Lu
Hi, I'm Jessica....And My life Livviy_Lu
Jessica, or Jess as she's known to her friends, is a care kid and always has been. When she gets moved to the Dumping Ground her life get's turned upside down...but in a...
Tracy Beaker Returns - The Untold Story of Tiffany by megisrad
Tracy Beaker Returns - The Meg
Left on the doorstep of Elmtree house when she was two, Tifffany grew up in care and it had left her bitter and dejected. A freak accident at Elmtree scarred her mentall...
Two Shades Of Love [boyxboy Sequel] by SkeneKidz
Two Shades Of Love [boyxboy Sequel]by Jen
A year has passed since Milo Jensen and JJ Hottie began to date. With Pat sent away for his mental problems, the couple is going good and strong. Then Gabe delivers the...
Bring me back to Naruto by AnaleahGreen
Bring me back to Narutoby AnaleahGreen
Sequel to Stuck in Naruto, all Headstrong. With Keira at an immense memory loss, she travels with a childhood friend, in search of her memories. Will her path finally in...
The Wild One by Izzy_Bel
The Wild Oneby Belle
Sky O'Donovan has been in and out of care homes all her life, but she finds her true home at Elm Tree house, otherwise known as the Dumping Ground. This is her story, fo...
The Secret Life of The American Teenager Returns by noneyourbeexwax18
The Secret Life of The American Daniel J Alvarez
Did Amy Juergens really leave her fiancé and son? Did she actually go to New York? This "show"/story picks up right where the original left off. No MAJOR time...
I Found by MsMiraMS
I Foundby Mira M. S.
❝I found love where it wasn't supposed to be - Right in front of me.❞ Being ignored and abandoned is one thing.. But getting cursed for the mistakes of another is an...
Tracy Beaker FanFic~ Liam O' Donavan by Bubbles_2k15
Tracy Beaker FanFic~ Liam O' X
Story of Donna Richardson moving into Elm Tree House. "Everyone has a profile in Elm Tree House" ~Gus Name: Donna Richardson Age:...
The Story of Emily and her friends and family 2 - Tracy Beaker Returns Fan Fic by Coolfooty9
The Story of Emily and her G
This is the sequel to my first, Emily, Liam and Harry are going on holiday bwith the dumping groud kids butw ith three new arrivals and Liam flirting with another girl c...
Just Us💍😖 by anthonytrujx
Just Us💍😖by Elle❤️
❤️love~ a strong feeling of affection. ✨like~ having the same characteristics or qualities as; similar to. Starring: Anthony Truj || Team 10 Y/N (Your Name) BOOK IS COMP...