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The Medjai's Keeper by MetalYiFan
The Medjai's Keeperby Ruby Santana
After being adopted by a set of foreign parents from England, Aurelia and Rick O'Connell leave Egypt behind in hopes for a fresh start and away from Cairo. Or so Aureli...
The Mummy by Gracie99523
The Mummyby Anna
You've all heard of Evie and Jonathan Carnahan but have you heard of their older sister Skylar Carnahan? Follow her story as she fights an undead mummy and falls in love...
The Mummy: The Tomb Robbers' Secret by martykate1
The Mummy: The Tomb Robbers' Secretby Marty Kate
For many years rumors have persisted that there are caches of gold, precious stones, and unguents that tomb robbers had dropped or hidden in their haste to escape the gu...
The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1 by IndyMysteryRose
The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1by IndyMysteryRose
Kiya is the only princess of the Medjai and comes from the 12th tribe. Apart of a prophecy that says she destined to kill Imhotep with the help of Ardeth Bay, her protec...
The Mummy - (A Rick O'Connell Fanfic) by Niki_90
The Mummy - (A Rick O'Connell Niki_90
Lucinda Carnahan is the sister of Evelyn Carnahan and Jonathan Carnahan. When her idiot-of-a-brother steals a puzzle box, she takes off on an adventure to Hamunaptra wit...
Mummy Paradise  by Gracie99523
Mummy Paradise by Anna
Guess who's back and dealing with mummies once again? Seems like Skylar is drawn to mummies coming back to life and trying to take over the world. Join her once more as...
THE MUMMY by Maleficent282
THE MUMMYby Maleficent
I just watched the mummy again. I decided to make a story about it but adding the tomb raider to make it more fun. Kara Croft is Evelyn and Jonathan's older half-sister...
The Mummy Returns by Gracie99523
The Mummy Returnsby Anna
Skylar Carnahan is back but so is Imhotep. She and her siblings will once more put their lifes in mortal danger to save the world when a new threat is discovered and is...
The Mummy - O'Connell's love story by thegirlwithepen
The Mummy - O'Connell's love storyby Thegirlwithepen
Sophie Carnahan is the sister of Jonathan and Evelyn Carnahan After the death of Sophie's parents, Sophie decides to continue with her fathers work and become an archaeo...
The Mummy by AvyJC15
The Mummyby Avy JC
An English explorer called Annabella Carnahan and her younger sister Evelyn, who works as a librarian, become interested in starting an archaeological dig at the ancient...
The Mummy Returns by TashaAmy1803
The Mummy Returnsby Таshа Амеlia
Phoebe is back in a whole new adventure. Eight years on and still no sight of a future with her star crossed love Ardeth. Living with her brother sisters in law and neph...
The Mummy: Rise of Imhotep by BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
The Mummy: Rise of Imhotepby BrItTaNy1BaIlEy6
Zahra Khalilah was a hired bodyguard for the Americans during the trip to Hamunaptra. Little did she know that taking the simple job would lead to her fighting for her l...
The Mummy (Fanfiction)(ON HOLD) For now by azdcmd101
The Mummy (Fanfiction)(ON HOLD) Crazy person
Jonathan Carnahan had a daughter. Hard to believe but he was a good dad. His daughter goes on this big adventure where she finds friends and maybe a future husband but a...
Sister (Mummy Fanfiction) by MistySummerNights
Sister (Mummy Fanfiction)by MistySummerNights
Aaliyah is Rick's sister, but she's not the average Rick sister's stories you normally read, she is also Medjai, born into one of the tribes and left when she was 7 year...
The Mummy Returns by AvyJC15
The Mummy Returnsby Avy JC
Many years ago, in Ancient Egypt, the Scorpion King led a menacing army, but when he sold his soul to Anubis, he was erased from history. Now he is only a myth... or is...
The Guardian (Mummy Love Story) by Seraphis
The Guardian (Mummy Love Story)by Ashley
Being the middle child was never easy. Especially when you have a drunk and gambler for an older brother, and a book-loving, clumsy conservative for a younger sister...
The Mummy Returns - O'Connell's Love Story (On Hold) by thegirlwithepen
The Mummy Returns - O'Connell's Thegirlwithepen
Sophie and Rick are back! Now married and with a kid, together they go exploring as archaeologist living a normal life, but Sophie ask Rick to go on one more adventure...
Sanura by CharlotteLizzieFranc
Sanuraby Charlotte Lizzie Francis Dono...
Sanura was an egyptian Princess, sister of Nefetiri, daughter to Pharaoh Seti I. She placed the curse on Imotep after her father death left her and the kingdom in devest...
3000 Years and My love for You Still Burns by BeccaEdwards3
3000 Years and My love for You Becca Edwards
I do not own any Mummy characters I own my oc So 9 years later. Ardeth and Jess see eachother on major hollidays, meaning she goes to Egypt Christmas, Thanksgiving,an...
The Return [A Mummy Fanfiction] by MistySummerNights
The Return [A Mummy Fanfiction]by MistySummerNights
Aaliyah Massari returns in this next installment; right in time for the next arising of Imhotep. What lies in store for this Medjai girl and her brother? And will she fi...