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Harriet Potter in: The Mummy by AlyssaScott327
Harriet Potter in: The Mummyby Mushbear23
Harriet Potter and Luna are fed up with the Wizarding world. Harri, the new Dark Lady? You've got to be joking! And so they did something new, something terrifying. They...
Fate's a Funny Thing by afillingim96
Fate's a Funny Thingby April Fillingim
A part of Krista couldn't help but feel sorry for the mummy, "So he awakens after 3,000 years to find not only his wife's look alike but she just so happens to be p...
Forgotten Flower (Editing) by Cutenekoexplosion
Forgotten Flower (Editing)by Cutenekoexplosion
Lotus is a friend of Rick O'Connell, she's been doing her research, and while doing it trying to find him for the past three years until he suddenly shows up looking all...
Through the Sands of Time by Shadowshifter16
Through the Sands of Timeby Shelly Rose
Rose is a trained assassin returning to Cairo to visit her cousins Evy and Jonathan who had found a puzzle box containing the map to Hamunaptra. Soon they travel into th...
The Daughter Of the Moon by Hellosweetie12
The Daughter Of the Moonby Sunnie
This is the story of the High Priestess of Egypt, who was murdered in cold blood. left to die alone with a broken heart. Will she get her revenge in her new life? Or wil...
THE MUMMY : A MOTHER  by Arainafanficreader
THE MUMMY : A MOTHER by Arainafanficreader
jade is a quiet person he works at an small mesueum in Egypt and he also has a brother adopted Rick oconell jade has a very feminine body and can carry kids and he also...
The Mummy (Imhotep Love Story) by AkumaGaming
The Mummy (Imhotep Love Story)by AkumaGaming
[!!!!!QUICK NOTICE BEFORE DESCRIPTION!!!!!] So I don't want anyone to frame me of stealing, I forgot how to log into my my other Wattpad account which is 'KitsuAkumaGami...
His Princess by DeathFlower666
His Princessby DeathFlower666
This story is based of The Mummy:The Animated Series. What if instead of unearthing two artifacts, Evy found both the Manacle of Osiris and a crown belonging to an ancie...
Rick's Kryptonite by Gallagher8
Rick's Kryptoniteby Gallagher8
I am the adopted sister of Evelyn and Jonathan Carnahan. I never thought I'd be pulled into such a crazy adventure in the hot Egyptian sun. I had no idea that I'd fall i...
The Princess of the Medji?! by DanceOn1000
The Princess of the Medji?!by DanceOn4ever
Juliette is the twin sister of Jonathan and the big sister of Evy. In a cave in Hamunaptra, she discovers a statue that looks exactly like her and why does everyone keep...
The Mummies greatest treasure  by RavenclawJedi6601
The Mummies greatest treasure by Rei Lester
Imhotep had a secret he had fallen in love with Zahra, daughter of Nefertiti. They were expecting a child when she was Murdered by Anuk Sonamoon, but vowing revenge cost...
carnahan • the mummy by Terran_Ahlyee
carnahan • the mummyby Tea
carnahan | "Death, is only the beginning"
The Miscalculation by silverfire0
The Miscalculationby silverfire0
My name is Amara O'Connell. I wasn't born an O'Connell I was born a Potter. I have an older brother named James Potter Jr. When Voldemort came to attack the Potter's Ja...
Living the Legends by sammiemoosam
Living the Legendsby sammiemoosam
Ardeth/OC. Ruth is a 22-year-old translator currently living in Cairo, Egypt. She suddenly finds herself in the last place she ever wanted to be with her brother, her be...
Isis by GwenxBruce
Isisby Gwen Bruce
A few things Paige Woods shouldn't have done: One, ditched the tour group in Hamunaptra with Alex. Two, stared too long at glowing hieroglyphics. Three, read said hierog...
The Mummy (Imhotep Love Story) by KitsuAkumaGaming
The Mummy (Imhotep Love Story)by Guadalupe Nunez
Your the reincarnation of Imhotep friend and protector, he saved you when the two of you were children and have been friends since. You trained under the Medjai to prote...
The Mummy (Fanfiction)(ON HOLD) For now by azdcmd101
The Mummy (Fanfiction)(ON HOLD) Crazy person
Jonathan Carnahan had a daughter. Hard to believe but he was a good dad. His daughter goes on this big adventure where she finds friends and maybe a future husband but a...
His Lotus Bloom: The Return by dawnevening66
His Lotus Bloom: The Returnby dawnevening66
It has been 9 years since Jean, Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan have entered the City of the Dead. Jonathan has been gambling Seti's fortune that he found before leaving Hamu...
The Mummy - O'Connell's love story by thegirlwithepen
The Mummy - O'Connell's love storyby Thegirlwithepen
Sophie Carnahan is the sister of Jonathan and Evelyn Carnahan After the death of Sophie's parents, Sophie decides to continue with her fathers work and become an archaeo...