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My rejected Assassin  by Littlest_Mikealson15
My rejected Assassin by Little wolf
Hayley BloodFallen is a shy and awkward girl. Or so people thought. She goes to an all werewolf school, everyone mistreats her when her pack isn't looking. She is from...
Alpha's powerful mate by Arielle_Nyx
Alpha's powerful mateby ~Arielle~
Atria Delima. Doesn't know her parents. Abused because she's a rouge. A demigod, witch, vampire, siren, and a werewolf. Rejected and run away from her pack. Engulfed by...
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His Gifted Luna by lucky_charm11
His Gifted Lunaby 🐝 Bee 🐝
My name is Gemma and I'm the white wolf. My life has been really, really shitty. At 3, the pack I stayed at was attacked, I lost my mother, was kidnapped and abused by...
Rejected With The Alpha's Babies by indiaJ06
Rejected With The Alpha's Babiesby indiasanders
Lol sorry guys I forgot to change my description from when I revamped this story. My name is Nevaeh. I have never wronged anyone. So what the hell did I do to deserve a...
My Second Chance Mate{COMPLETED} by thatgirlkawai
My Second Chance Mate{COMPLETED}by 🦋
Zara Lux has a hard life. Being secretly abused by her brother and the rest of the school, being left by their father when they were only young, she's always thought abo...
Mommy's Little Princess by dela-is-stelliform
Mommy's Little Princessby Delancey Ross
With her single mother being the Beta's slut after her father dies in battle, Rhiannon Botello is left on her own to raise her younger sister, Vienne. And with her mothe...
Abuse, Rejection And Love  by LunaLelo
Abuse, Rejection And Love by luna lelo
I looked at his cold expressionless handsom face and said I lenarya jenkins reject you alpha zues Helmsmith as my mate. ########$$$$$$$$$####### Meet lenarya jenkins co...
His Chance by SnowyRiver2
His Chanceby SnowyRiver2
Landon planned everything out for his future mate before he even knew her, she was all he would talk about. But when he does meet her, she breaks his heart by rejecting...
Rejected, Abused Supernatural Queen by alphaqueen111
Rejected, Abused Supernatural Queenby Lycan/Hybrid Queen
Elle Jackson was abducted from her mother who is the moon goddess and her father who is Lucifer the devil king. She was abducted when she was three days old. Later, her...
The rightful Luna by TURTUREL
The rightful Lunaby FABER
* She took a few steps and was about to pass by her mate towards the door, when suddenly he was pulled by her sister. 'Pathetic. All of you.' She looked at her sister li...
Doesn't It by Zelaya_lit_Me
Doesn't Itby Ifonlydreamswerereal
✨UN-ED-IT-ED✨ Imagine watching your parents die, feeling their connection you always have together snap, see the light disappear from their eyes Imagine your only family...
Rejected mate| Jungkook FF by Diamondgirl3
Rejected mate| Jungkook FFby Dani
Book cover not mine,credits to Aaru250. Kim hyerim was a weak werewolf. She always loved the idea of having a mate but when her sixteen birthday comes and finds her mate...
I'm The Queen by luna_of_all_lycan
I'm The Queenby J_Roseanndra
"So you were just using me. Did you even want me.Why didn't you just reject me like what the other do"Ena please in the name of the moon goddess don't cry. &qu...
I Am The Alpha Queen✔ by coolchickwerewolf
I Am The Alpha Queen✔by Beesy
*Unedited* and I wrote this when I was young and dumb There are two words that can describe this book .......... rejection and love. Isabella is rejected by her mate. Sh...
We Are Destined Together (Rejected Mate Story) by edzmalla
We Are Destined Together ( edzmalla
I JAMES COLTON ,REJECT YOU HEATHER JACKSON AS A MATE !?!?!?" he smirked then left i left there shocked i saw that everyone in the school was watching our scene ear...
Alpha Kyan by CookieDoughIsBae06
Alpha Kyanby crystalqueen999
Kassandra Williams has a few more days left until she turns 18, the age where you can find your mate. When her dad announces she and her twin brother Ethan has a Ball to...
The Hybrid by WYLD_ROSE
The Hybridby R O S E ♡
Book 1 of The Alpha Series. Highest Rank: #2 in Werewolf. He growled darkly, making me uneasy at the sound. A weak whimper escaped my lips when he slammed his hands on t...
Rejected Lovers by WYLD_ROSE
Rejected Loversby R O S E ♡
Atticus and Olivia have a past...and share the same fate. But as they're trying to move on from the cruel cards they've been dealt with in life a presence with evil inte...
His Queen's Wrecked Life ✔️ {Sequel Being Written} by mysticmetallicgirl
His Queen's Wrecked Life ✔️ { Clairey
A small mistake by a puny Alpha can change someone's life.. especially The Lost Princess's. Eva knows she wasn't born to be a normal pack wolf- she was born to be a qu...
Alphas daughter by abs722
Alphas daughterby Abby
Aria is a alphas daughter who's is rejected then turns up pregnant with her mates child or children. This is not a classic book about rejection and being pregnant so ple...