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Sugar by ktk446
Sugarby Hi
"Hey, sugar." C O V E R B Y // @daisiesxflowers
  • romance
  • possessive
  • love
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Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Truly by AlmostPsycho
Alpha Ryan ~ Yours Trulyby AlmostPsycho
He was very angry. He was looking at me like he wants to either rape me or punch my face. "I can expla- " He cuts me off. "You have been very very bad kit...
  • newadult
  • alphamate
  • darkfantasy
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His Human Mate | English Version | Completed by the-Duowriters
His Human Mate | English Version | Lerissa B.
"What's your name, Beautiful?" I asked her while I traced my hand down her cheek. "N-Nova." She stammered while staring at her shoes in fear. &qu...
  • werewolf
  • luna
  • humanmate
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Mated To Morpheus by rottencranberry
Mated To Morpheusby kittayyy
There once was a werewolf who was half God, the Moon Goddess's son. His name was Morpheus, he was the same werewolf who had led the wolves into battle, he was the leader...
  • love
  • mated
  • mates
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In Luna's eyes by caffeinatedbeauty
In Luna's eyesby caffeinatedbeauty
A horrific car accident would end Alaska's life as she knew it. Her brothers, her newly appointed guardians, would try to help her pick up the pieces after they moved to...
  • friendship
  • strongfemalelead
  • werewolves
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My Two Mates And I by writersvibez
My Two Mates And Iby 🦄
Landon Thompson is the alpha of one of the largest werewolf packs in the United States. Caiden Williams is the alpha of his rival pack. These two alphas share one thing...
  • alpha
  • teenfiction
  • newadult
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With Eyes to See by xXBrokenRecordsXx
With Eyes to Seeby Bernie R.
Book #1 in the Human Mate Series "Excuse me sirs, but I think one of you dropped something." She spoke, her eyes not entirely fixed on them. Her voice was ang...
  • wattys2019
  • pack
  • human
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The Demon King by rosi696969
The Demon Kingby rosi696969
Centuries ago we were dominated by The Demon King. He killed everyone who despised him and refused to bow down to him. Every human gave up hope on ever feeling free agai...
  • mate
  • fantasy
  • sweet
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The Alpha's Breeder ✔️ COMPLETE by Taytay91
The Alpha's Breeder ✔️ COMPLETEby Tay
After being kidnapped by a group of vengeful werewolves, Emira finds herself in one hell of a situation. Her true soul mate is a Cardinal Alpha who is hell-bent on keepi...
  • beta
  • mate
  • generalfiction
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My Mate Ran Me Over by LovelyYoongz
My Mate Ran Me Overby Scenery
Laura runs over a wolf who wasn't the average wolf... **kinda cheesy** **Profanity and mature content**
  • humanmate
  • mate
  • human
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Xander by Ho_Lee_Fuc
Xanderby l a n t e y
- "I will find her, or I will die trying." - he wears the smell of death and blood like a perfume there is fire in his eyes and ice in his veins but you love h...
  • possessive
  • mates
  • humor
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Safe Haven | ✓ by cloudedwithstories
Safe Haven | ✓by GRACE
Haven Brooks had it all in San Diego. A boisterous best friend, a big house, and a blossoming romance with tall, blonde, and handsome Sam. But when her non-existent moth...
  • bonded
  • teenfiction
  • alpha
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The Alpha wants me (completed) by SarahlovesNiallH
The Alpha wants me (completed)by Sarah
A world where humans despise werewolves not because they know them personally but because their fear of them. Stella Morgan is just a regular 20 year old woman working h...
  • mate
  • fierce
  • innocent
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The Alpha Who Saved Me {Complete} by kittycat_14
The Alpha Who Saved Me {Complete}by kittycat_14
Carly is just a normal teenage girl who's suffered the loss of her father at age thirteen. With a mother that's gone all the time and a brother who hates her, Carly coul...
  • abuse
  • mate
  • werewolf
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The Alpha and the Mistake by jilguera
The Alpha and the Mistakeby Taylor Lowe
Brooks' life was never the same after her father died. When her mother remarried, she thought the worst was over, but it was only beginning. Her stepdad is a werewolf...
  • paranormal
  • supernatural
  • rescue
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My Stripper Mate by Chrissy_Chris15
My Stripper Mateby Crystal
Isabelle Winters is a struggling 19 year old. After her parent's death she barely can make ends meet. Add not being able to keep a steady job, you can call her desperate...
  • rouge
  • vampire
  • mate
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The Human Mate by shorty_10313
The Human Mateby Amber McClain
Rochelle has moved multiple times after her mother's passing due to her father's suffering of his loss. After finding a new job in the city of Black Forest, Colorado, Ro...
  • highschool
  • fiction
  • humanmate
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My Little Love (Discontinued) by rottencranberry
My Little Love (Discontinued)by kittayyy
In the world of werewolves, there was a human girl named Amoret. Amoret has been locked away in her home since she was a small baby, shielded from the outside world her...
  • marked
  • pack
  • luna
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To Love A King by alicenicholsons
To Love A Kingby i be the witch of the wood
  • wattys2017
  • alpha
  • queen
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New World Order by wattfan18
New World Orderby wattfan18
What if the human government was over turn the supposedly mythical creatures known as lycans? What if these lycans were something out of this world? Literally!? Katherin...
  • humans
  • worldtakeover
  • lycan
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