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Destiny Untold by Estela_Tate
Destiny Untoldby Estela Tate
Amara Johansen is a wolf shifter who was raised a Nomad, her family never settling down with a pack. That all changes on the cusp of her twenty first birthday which mark...
Light the Fire (Jackson's Hollow #1) by aemeredith
Light the Fire (Jackson's Hollow #...by A.E. Meredith
"Were you following me?" "Not everything is about you." Jackson's Hollow is a tiny, middle-of-nowhere town in the middle of the Smoky Mountains, whic...
One Bite by still_just_me
One Biteby still_just_me
There's no such thing as fairy tales, only nightmares twisted into more pleasant versions to entertain children and lure them into false pretense. After seventeen years...
The Alpha King's Hunt by authormiakerr
The Alpha King's Huntby Mia
"Tell me why I should waste my time on a maid when I can have a princess tonight?" On every blood moon, twelve princesses from all over the world, belonging to...
The Scarlet Witch of Mystic Falls by Beyond_the_sass
The Scarlet Witch of Mystic Fallsby Beyond_the_sass
"I read about you once. A being capable of spontaneous creation. A Scarlet Witch. TAKE HER DOWN!!" What happens when a Scarlet witch is born in the universe of...
Alpha's Little Angel by Bts_stan98
Alpha's Little Angelby Bts_stan98
Jungkook is soon to be alpha. He is waiting for his mate to shower him with love and affection and claim him as his. He waited for his mate for many years. Will he found...
The Broken  (Book 1: Broken series) by Island-Apple
The Broken (Book 1: Broken series)by Island-apple
A/N: The name used to be Broken...Yet still holding on. Figured its time for a change. "Silo, tell me...did you claim her?" he looked guilty but didn't say an...
Spare Me Dear Alpha. by YoursTrulyAlphess
Spare Me Dear Alpha.by Sarah Kay
Iris Smith is a shy and timid girl she knew to live her life head down and never to get attention. Asher was made the way he is because of his past, he is domineering...
The Omega's Stand // SAMPLE by SadiePerez9
The Omega's Stand // SAMPLEby Sadie Perez
Being an Omega isn't an easy job. In fact it is one of the hardest jobs within a wolf pack and often a role that gets looked down on constantly. But it is a job that Chl...
The Monsters in My Heart by MeganDarragh99
The Monsters in My Heartby MeganDarragh99
The supernatural are real. Fiona is a high school student at an ordinary school, that is, until her parents make her go to a school full of supernatural monsters. Being...
Imprinted: A Jacob Black Fanfic by MuffalettaGrace
Imprinted: A Jacob Black Fanficby Muffaletta Grace
Margaret Skilling had no idea what she was getting into when she met the mysterious Jacob Black. But from the moment she met him her life was never the same.
MY ALPHA MATE. by 450Emma
MY ALPHA MATE.by Emma Bree
EVA SCARLET. I never thought I will ever meet my mate in one of the most embarrassing moments of my life but it is how my relationship started with my fated mate Liam kn...
The Extravaganza by Candyapples_
The Extravaganzaby Melissa
The world is separated into two, vampires and werewolves. For hundreds of years they have battled. From assassins to spies these monsters always find a way to one up the...
Trifecta: Ice [Complete] by NelleIvy
Trifecta: Ice [Complete]by Nelle Ivy
Elise is a werewolf living in an isolated town in the Canadian wilderness. Prompted by fear for those she loves, she sneaks out to an ongoing battle and ends up inadver...
His Unwanted Bodyguard by kohiiii
His Unwanted Bodyguardby kohiiii
Out of the one-in-a-million chances of finding somebody in the verge of dying, Altair Donovan, stumbled upon the odds. That night, his uneventful life took an unpreceden...
My wolf Bunny [ One Shot ] [ Complete ] by Little__Taegukki
My wolf Bunny [ One Shot ] [ Compl...by Little_Taegukki ♡
මේක ටිකක් වෙනස් කතාවක් taekook ship එකක් One Shot එකක් මේක මගේ පලවෙනි ship ff එක..... ships වලට අකමැති අය කියවන්න එපා ජීවිතේ කියන්නෙත් ගේම් එකක්......... ආදරේට වහල් වෙන...
THE MOON GODDESS MISTAKE.(Completed) by Ladybe02
THE MOON GODDESS MISTAKE.(Complete...by Egar marybeatrice
Not yet edited: Read at your own risk's.🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Everybody, Everystory ,Everymovie all says The moon goddess knows what's she's doing what best for her wolf children...
She Is Everything||Previously Named "My Storm" by itsFancee
She Is Everything||Previously Name...by Fancee
•PREVIOUSLY NAMED 'MY STORM'• Christopher is in turmoil and it's all boiling over. That's until he meet Zipporah. An average woman with a secret that could change the wo...
Mate of a Merman by nathansuko3
Mate of a Mermanby nathan suko
Nick is a werewolf, werewolves hate the ocean, but on his 18th birthday he's dragged on a fishing trip with his best friend carl. Although when his boat crashes he finds...
In The Den Of The Alpha King [BL] [on break] by MadzAndMe
In The Den Of The Alpha King [BL]...by ifyrtyg
He growled as I backed up into a corner, "why were you talking to him?" It was generally a question but he said it as a demand, I yelped when he pushed me agai...