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Milkyway road by kattykat55
Milkyway roadby kattykat55
A girl named Adrian's parents Megan and Steven malis (mahl ihs) died when she was 4 yrs old from to much smoke by a fire. 6 years later 10 yr old Adrian Malis that live...
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another secret by foxy212121
another secretby foxy212121
the old order of the stone had way more secrets than the command block and so did some one in the new order of the stone but who (this univers is one where jess is a wom...
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Nr.304 by HappyFoxlove
Nr.304by Jenny Saatvedt
This is the second book in the series of "haunted numbers" as I call it. You must have read the first book "Nr.14" to understand most of this book. ~...
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When You Came You Changed My Life by undercoverwriter14
When You Came You Changed My Lifeby undercoverwriter14
Scarlet McGee has always loved horses and she has always been a happy cowgirl that lived in Austin, Texas. She has awesome friends and amazing parents. If you looked at...
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What do you see in me? by Thegrimreaper0666
What do you see in me?by Thegrimreaper0666
This is a story about a guy named Trevor and his crush on Jasmin and he has to go though the struggles of high school and the competition and have the courage to ask her...
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Poems for life. by Seacrets_Too_Be_Told
Poems for Liala
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Wouldn't You Like To Know  by ipurplebunny
Wouldn't You Like To Know by ipurple bunny
"Jeez dude chill. I was only kidding." °°° This story has some cute and, or funny moments, but the general theme is dark. However this is the most tame out of...
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the questions book by LillyLionLove16
the questions bookby LillyLionLove16
this book will have many questions in for you to as your friends, family, boyfriend or gilfriends, ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends. his book will have a question for eve...
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Sisters Before Misters by 00sesa00
Sisters Before Mistersby Sesah
Two girls (Abby Winter and Chris Montez) are just about the same and are best friends. When Abby gets a new boyfriend their friendship gets all messed up, Christina has...
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Romancing Vendetta by ImmortalWings
Romancing Vendettaby ImmortalWings
Esmeralda Morretti and Daniel Esposito were predestined to be arch-enemies till death, even before they were born. They have enough in common to make them family, but on...
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Dream Come True (One Direction Fan Fiction) by Insha2xox
Dream Come True (One Direction Insha2xox
Isabella Young is your average 17 year old and she has a big sister, Rachel Young who is 19. They are just living life like the normal people they are until their parent...
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Adopted By Stampy Cat by RunYouCleverBoy2
Adopted By Stampy Catby RunYouCleverBoy2
Nareator: Once apon a...... Me: NO!!!!!!
The Riverdale Twist  by Jorja81
The Riverdale Twist by Jorja81
there's been a mysterious death in my small home town, what would happen if I walk alone?
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Proloug by Nekohime
Prolougby Nekohime
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secrets by pinkinthesky
secretsby Cassie Cassanova
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Aphs old friends by Ami-255
Aphs old friendsby ____ami__
aph yes yes ahhhhhhh Katelyn aph what wrong with you is Travis annoying you or is I- aph no no no I just got a letter from old friends Katelyn ok don't...
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little did i know by JadaFinch
little did i knowby Jada Finch
the main character finds an abandoned camp and goes there often. it was known as the lost place because 20 years ago it disappeared. the main character trys to discover...
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No boys allowed by cheergirl67483
No boys allowedby cheergirl67483
You know how boys have sea rest well we have some wired ones boys stay out
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