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Some Undertale vore short stories by floof1232
Some Undertale vore short storiesby floof1232
U H- Just some late night bullshit?
Delicious Stories by TuberVore
Delicious Storiesby TuberVore
Stories, which will bring you joy, sadness, disbelief and mostly warmness, cause in the stomach can not be cold, right? Note: { You can send your request in our Private...
Bendy x Tiny OC reader [WARNING: VORE] by RaventheInkDragon
Bendy x Tiny OC reader [WARNING: Anonymous
This is going to be a book I wanted to write for a long time... Emily wasn't always tiny, something bizarre happened to her but that isn't what this story is about. Emil...
Vore Prompts and Concepts by Lovelycatreads
Vore Prompts and Conceptsby Lovelycatreads
I have a lot of ideas for vore stories, and very little time to write them all out. This will simply be a collection of summaries of ideas I may or may not write that y...
Comfort - Intruality Vore by Percimmon
Comfort - Intruality Voreby Perci
Patton can't stop thinking about his fight with Janus and an unlikely side offers them comfort in a unique way. tw: heavily detailed descriptions of vore Note: This take...
Random Vore Stories by poserb0y
Random Vore Storiesby poserb0y
this is slowly growing collection of vore stories that don't fit into any of my other collections. most of these will probably involve similar size vore and monstrous pr...
Frog and Snake by Lovelycatreads
Frog and Snakeby Lovelycatreads
Janus is tired of watching Patton be self-destructive. Wrote this immediately after svs 2. I'm very tired. Enjoy Warning: this story contains vore
Ball of Fear by NightmareJasmine
Ball of Fearby DJ
Bim is a little agitated with the borrower he's found, so he decides to give her a fright. @giant-bimtrimmer-and-his-pet-nj
I Care - Moceit Vore by Percimmon
I Care - Moceit Voreby Perci
One night, Janus is awoken to the sound of crying, and he knew he just needed to help. Ship: Pred!Janus x Prey!Patton tw: detailed vore
Cold Noodle by Lovelycatreads
Cold Noodleby Lovelycatreads
Warning: This is a vore story Janus wants a warm place to nap
Candy Bowl by Lovelycatreads
Candy Bowlby Lovelycatreads
This is a VORE story Remus eats the candy in Patton's room out of boredom. ******************************************************* This story contains: soft, safe g/t vo...
Intruality Anger Management Vore by CaramelFander
Intruality Anger Management Voreby Werther's Caramel
Patton gets angry and goes frog monster before eating Remus. TW Vore Slightly Unwilling prey
A New Friend - Logince Vore by Percimmon
A New Friend - Logince Voreby Perci
Roman, the ruler of a noble elf kingdom, is injured, though a certain human is curious enough to take him back to their lab and help him. Ship: Pred!Logan x Prey!Elf!Ro...
(Un)controlled testing by CaramelFander
(Un)controlled testingby Werther's Caramel
Original idea -> Logan works at a rescue center that specializes in cryptids and he's about to get up close research of several rescues. TW...
The tastiest squiddo (Pearlina vore story) by FanFicHub818
The tastiest squiddo (Pearlina FanFicHub818
Cover art not mine, found it on Google Images 18+ This story contains vore, smut, and piss poor writing, you have been warned. If you do not like this sort of stuff... t...
Curiosity and Its Answer - Intrulogical Vore by Percimmon
Curiosity and Its Answer - Perci
Some strange thoughts itch at Logan as he studies the digestive system, but one side in particular knows his answers to them and is willing to show them to him. Ship:...
Frog in his Throat by Lovelycatreads
Frog in his Throatby Lovelycatreads
This is a vore story I think the title says it all Story Contains: soft vore, safe vore, gt vore, unwilling prey, froggy Patton, pred Remus, prey Patton
Finding a Home - Moxiety Vore by Percimmon
Finding a Home - Moxiety Voreby Perci
Patton gets trapped in a snowstorm while finding a new place to live, but a certain human couldn't stand to see him die. Ship: Pred!Virgil x Prey!Patton tw: detailed vo...
The Giants little micro by bjthegachagiant
The Giants little microby bjthegachagiant
this is a story about a boy/girl named (y/n) and there big giant you'll know the rest once you start reading
M/f vore stories by carahopetaylor
M/f vore storiesby Cara Taylor
Here are stories that evolve a male preds and female prey from fandoms like sonic, overwatch, batim etc. Hope you guys have fun!