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TF2 x Winged Child Reader - Monsters And Men by TessaZarraHeart
TF2 x Winged Child Reader - Tessa Heart
You were the result of a successful experiment. You were nothing more than a test to the people around you. Nothing more that a thing to expirement on. You were a creatu...
UnOrdinary x male reader by GASTLY42957
UnOrdinary x male readerby Rhogar
After spending some time on WEBTOON and reading a couple of UnOrdinary stories I decided to make my own. I don't own you I don't own UnOrdinary, Uru-Chan, I just really...
The Strongest of Us (Tf2 x Reader) by -OutbackSteakhouse-
The Strongest of Us (Tf2 x Reader)by Limeny Snocket
(Tf2 x Reader) DISCLAIMER: This book contains content that is for more mature audiences. MURDER, GORE, SEXUAL CONTEXT, STRONG LANUGUAGE, AND SUICIDE ATTEMPTS ARE MENTION...
TF2 One-Shots (Requests very much welcome)! by LeBoopOfDeath
TF2 One-Shots (Requests very MEEM
TF2 one-shots That's about it. Someone's please help me I'm out of ideas-
TF2 Oneshots & Imagines! by mamagushers
TF2 Oneshots & Imagines!by mama gush
A compiled book filled with fluffy oneshots and smutty imagines of your favorite mercenaries. Ranging from the loud Bostonian boy, to the quiet Aussie, we got 'em all. E...
When Life Gives You Mercs... by MysteryNinjaWarrior
When Life Gives You MysteryNinjaWarrior
After an incident involving the teleporters, the mercs at Teufort get transported into the Marvel universe and meet the Avengers. (This is in the Avengers Assemble uni...
Tf2 Engineer x Reader by Bluehooded
Tf2 Engineer x Readerby BlueHooded/Tophatter
As a assistant to the Medic it is your duty to heal or help others in their needs and services. Being in a team where there are actually girls that want to fight for one...
To Love The Insane (Medic x Reader) by PartedDynamics
To Love The Insane (Medic x Reader)by PartedDynamics
As a new mercanary, you get along with everyone, but there is one who you can't understand and therefore avoid-Medic. What are you supposed to do when the downright odd...
TF2 x Haphephobic Reader - The Fears That Control Us by TessaZarraHeart
TF2 x Haphephobic Reader - The Tessa Heart
Haphephobia, the fear of touch. It is a very uncommon fear to have. While some see it as strange it's something you've lived with since you were a kid. You would soon le...
Tf2 x Reader 《oneshots》 by Iamnotbrave
Tf2 x Reader 《oneshots》by Iamnotbrave
just a regular tf2 x reader oneshots
Tf2 smuts  by QweryWolf
Tf2 smuts by Brisias Madsen
This is about Tf2 smuts, and don't ask why
TF2 Father/Brother Scenarios [Discontinue] by KhaoticKris
TF2 Father/Brother Scenarios [ KhaoticKris
First story here, and I hope you enjoy this! Ideas are welcome! You are the daughter or little sister to these deadly mercs, how will your life be? Well found out by rea...
TF2 x child!reader by KumaTheMouse
TF2 x child!readerby Franny
Meet a young girl names (y/n) and how she met her strange family made of her Dad and papa,brothers,aunt and uncles, and last her toy husky and imaginary friend biscuit...
Overwatch Fortress by NativeJoker13
Overwatch Fortressby Raven
When the Engineer and Medic try to test out a new freezing weapon it malfunctions and ends up freezing the entire Red Team. Overwatch finds out that Arizona has been fee...
☁️ 🌻 TF2 Imagines! 🌻 ☁️ by sniper_simp_luv
☁️ 🌻 TF2 Imagines! 🌻 ☁️by sniper simp
🌻 Just some cute imagines because I'm bored and tired. T e e h e e . 🌻
Tf2 Oneshots by AyItsYaBoi
Tf2 Oneshotsby AyItsYaBoi
One-shots, Smut, and fluff galore! Just request. Tf2 is owned by Valve, not I
Whats an Avenger? (Tf2 Crossover)  by BigLonelyTiger
Whats an Avenger? (Tf2 Crossover) by ꌚꁹꂑꉣꌚꁹꂑꉣ
On a ceasefire day, something went wrong with the teleporter and it exploded, the explosion effected everyone in the base... they're not in Tfort anymore that's for sure...
TF2 One-shots by svobodovajitka
TF2 One-shotsby svobodova.jitka
So I have been reading some TF2 fanfics (Team Fortress 2) and I decided to try to write some one-shots. Enjoy! P.S. - I'm not very good with accents,so I deeply apologiz...
TF2 × Reader (Oneshots) { Requests - CLOSED } by RedSpyOnBase
TF2 × Reader (Oneshots) { i am crabby
The list of characters i can write: Spy (Laurent - not his offical name) Medic (Joseph - not his offical name) Engineer (Dell) Sniper (Mundy) Scout (Jeremy) Soldier (...
TF2 Imagines 🗿 by Not_a_writerTM
TF2 Imagines 🗿by Abby’s flowers
NO ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE :) Hello everyone! I'm writing this book because I have nothing else to do and I've become obsessed with TF2 I've never really written a book...