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Papá's Girl by JFarley
Papá's Girlby JFarley
Half Italian and half redneck, Isabella Rosa Dixon is the daughter of that mouthy old redneck Merle Dixon. She hasn't seen her father since before the world went to shi...
Love In Hell (D.D.) by Gerlithequeen
Love In Hell (D.D.)by Gerli
Kendall Grimes. " Look around us! We're in the middle of the f*cking apocalypse! No one cares that your feelings got hurt!" - Kendall Grimes I don't own TWD...
Cowgirls Don't Cry by roansNropes
Cowgirls Don't Cryby Wild Flower Child🌻
#1 in Cowgirl #1 in Rodeo #1 in Cowboy Luke Anderson is a good ol' country boy, but also a professional bull rider. His life is devoted to the PBR lifestyle, but he a...
That Redneck (Daryl Dixon love story from The walking dead/TWD) by luckycharms2013
That Redneck (Daryl Dixon love Abbey
One infection causes the society to crumble like a cookie. No military, no economy, no leaders, nothing. No one is coming to save you, no one is there to help. Everyda...
The redneck and officer girl (TWD) by shantmas14
The redneck and officer girl (TWD)by shantmas14
When sheriff Rick Grimes and officer Blaze Addison( best friends) both get shot and go into comas and wake up in the zombie apocalypse what happens? Does Rick find Lori...
Tails For A Hillbilly Queer In A Land Of Rich Kids by ArsenicGrey
Tails For A Hillbilly Queer In A Grey
Real true stories from my actual life! This might seem like a boring thing to read, but I can assure you it's quite the opposite. Alot of batshit insane stuff happens ar...
Upchurch love by countrypride74
Upchurch loveby Sam
Madison Aldean little sister to Jason Aldean is a rising star on the country music charts. She has a career, family and friends. She is fine being single but her family...
Summer Love-A Ryan Upchurch Fanfic by countrygirl2300
Summer Love-A Ryan Upchurch Fanficby countrygirl2300
This story is about the country singer/rapper Ryan Upchurch falling in love with a redneck girl named Cassidy. _________________Cassidy Jordan was just a redneck from a...
You dont know the Dixons (daryl dixon love story) by ChairhandlerCORL
You dont know the Dixons (daryl ChairhandlerCORL
Beans Clerk, was a girl who had an inseparable bond with the Dixon brothers, especially Daryl Dixon, she herself didn't had the best of lives but not compared to there's...
Sing 2 Fanfiction: Not Just Some Redneck! by JoBoTheGreat789
Sing 2 Fanfiction: Not Just Some Joseph Melton
Buster, Clay, and the rest of the crew have been back home at the New Moom Theater for a year, traveling to The Majestic once in a while to perform 'Out of This World'...
Don't Count Me Out [Daryl Dixon] by beautifulpurple22
Don't Count Me Out [Daryl Dixon]by Queen Of Wolves
"Don't count me out I know I'm big girl And you are afraid to claim me Don't count me out Fuck your perfect world Nah, I'll never be that picture baby But I, lie wh...
My New Family (Upcurch Story) by XIdobelieveinfairies
My New Family (Upcurch Story)by Typing Fairy
River Emma is a 16 year old girl whose parents dropped her off in the middle of no where only to be found by Ryan Upchurch
Boys by BraydenJohnson
Boysby FieryHellhound
Hey, my name is Connor Stewarts. I'm 17 years old and am in my junior year of high school. This is the story of how I met the four most amazing people in the world. Tobi...
You Don't Know Her Like I Do by MarissaM617
You Don't Know Her Like I Doby Marissa Miller
This is a Brantley Gilbert fan fiction. Based around obviously BG, for those of you that love BG like me, know his song 'You Don't Know Here Like I Do', through out this...
The Birds and the Bees || Luke Bryan by 69TwerkingWithMahone
The Birds and the Bees || Luke Shannon Mahone
Sometimes ignorance is bliss however, Erin Matthews may have been better off knowing the dangers of unprotected sex before she found found herself pregnant by a guy she...
Upchurch the Redneck  by bess_cow_24
Upchurch the Redneck by bess_cow_24
This is kind of a fan fiction book about Upchurch
The Beauty and the Redneck by DeadlyKitten7
The Beauty and the Redneckby DeadlyKitten7
Diana Moore was just a normal young woman: beautiful, with an average build, a pretty face and a sweet personality. She always did what was expected of her and never fai...
South park next generation: Alien inasion  by Devincroc050
South park next generation: Devincroc050
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and their other friends have grown up and started their own families. But unfortunately, their Normal adult lives are put on hold when the alien vis...