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My Record Store Romance by elizabethrami
My Record Store Romanceby Elizabeth
After an almost accident between Hailey and a stranger leaves her summer, and car, in ruins, she is left with no transportation and one ultimatum: to get a job and pay o...
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Bullet // [harry styles] by turntan-
Bullet // [harry styles]by han
To most it's just the town CD shop, to them, it's everything. 90's AU. slow updates
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Secondhand Girlfriend by planomania
Secondhand Girlfriendby Emma Jean
"Curiosity kills the cat, darling, but I guess I'm already dead." Love, who has time for it? Certainly not Kieran Lane. Being a seventeen year old male, you ar...
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Record boy// Markhyuck by lcvethemccn
Record boy// Markhyuckby lcvethemccn
Mark worked in a music store, and Donghyuck liked Michael Jackson.
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Havin' A Good Time! ◇ Steven Hyde×oc by fatedramblings
Havin' A Good Time! ◇ Steven Hyde× isabella
Lexi Quinn needs to get out more... atleast according to her mom. But Lexi is very comfortable in her room blasting David Bowie and Meat Loaf thank you very much. A tri...
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Cracked Vinyl by _POP_SICLE_
Cracked Vinylby _POP_SICLE_
Short Poem About A Record Store
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Vinyls & Walkmans (gxg story) by littlebbychicken
Vinyls & Walkmans (gxg story)by littlebbychicken
A gay love story set in 80's New York City about an angry, heartbroken girl and a shy, sunshine of a girl who find each other in the turbulent times of the LGBT+ movemen...
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record store; gilinsky by ogwilk
record store; gilinskyby OGOC
❝i met him at the record store.❞
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Empire Records by calmedkiddos
Empire Recordsby Clementine Kramer
Just like the coming-of-age movie from 1995, this story takes place at the infamous Empire Records. It's 2019, 24 years after Corey Mason and AJ went off to college. Aft...
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The Vinyl Bandit by adjacentangles
The Vinyl Banditby grace
PENNY LANE JACKSON , the pessimist and realist, has worked at her parent's record store, Iris, for as long as she can remember. Now at the age of 21, and with two dead p...
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What happens in the record store stays in the record store by Guitarlove04
What happens in the record store Guitarlove04
Well what happens in the record store stays in the record store, Jade was worried and lonely until she met Jon a spontaneous, handsome and sweet guy. They work in the ma...
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Pulchritudinous by kuailehannah62
Pulchritudinousby kuailehannah62
Sometimes, you wish your thoughts would just leave...
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disappear s.m by destinymendes
disappear s.mby des
the record store was a peaceful place no one ever went to. but i did. i went in there every week. to clear my mind and listen to ed sheeran of course. until a young brow...
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the new arrival by paintedviolet
the new arrivalby paintedviolet
(This is actually my story for my English narrative writing assessment, just tweaked to make it officially a fanfiction. I do hope you like it!) A record store down the...
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Behind Blue Eyes by Scrivoio
Behind Blue Eyesby Scrivoio
"Christ," I say, putting my kickstand down and getting out of the seat. "I almost killed you, buddy." I take my helmet off before I approach him (Her...
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That '80s Show by roqueofspades
That '80s Showby Batman
A That '70s Show fanfiction. I have kept all limits canon-- there will be no more sexual content, offensive dialogue, ect. than in the show. Just one new character, and...
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Favorite Books on Wattpad by NinjaFightingGirls
Favorite Books on Wattpadby Three Besties
A list of some of my favorite books on Wattpad, if you have any suggestions of books I should read, leave them in the comments below.
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RECORD STORE,               finn wolfhard. by wntrsoIdier
finn wolfhard. ≡ "what's his deal?" "who fucking cares?" _____________________ finn wolfhard x female oc finn wolfhard au started; 3.3.18 completed;...
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