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The New Editor - Damien Haas Fanfiction by alibongo330
The New Editor - Damien Haas alibongo330
Ali has just moved from the UK to work in the US, but with a strike of luck, ends up getting a one off job with the cast of Smosh, meaning she could meet her idols. Thin...
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messages • noah grossman by ashleyyyyx
messages • noah grossmanby ashley 💗
*one new message*
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Everything Changes | A Damien Haas Fan-fiction by REDReader082300
Everything Changes | A Damien REDReader082300
Samantha Topp and her older brother Shayne had always been close. Even as kids they were practically inseparable, mostly because they were into some of the same things...
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the mystery girl | COMPLETE by unspokenchichi
the mystery girl | COMPLETEby unspokenchichi
Meet Alexis Evans, seventeen years old and a senior in high school.... sort of. Her life hasn't always been easy, but it was always something new with her. When she ste...
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Reunited (Damien Haas x Reader) by SlickBox3
Reunited (Damien Haas x Reader)by SlickBox3
Damien Haas. He was your only best friend ever since Middle School. When you graduated High School, you had moved away and said goodbye for good. At least you thought so...
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Smosh prefences by Laughing_Max_06
Smosh prefencesby Max River
As a gay boy who loves Smosh these prefences will be gender neutral and will include everyone who is/has been on camera multiple times. It will include Anthony Boze C...
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𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐇  ━━ T. HOLLAND by dubrevh
𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐇 ━━ T. HOLLANDby 𝐠𝐢𝐠𝐢 ⍟⃝
𝐅𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐇 | ❝Because no matter where you run, you just end up running into yourself.❞ social media / tom holland ...
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Those Words - Smosh Fanfiction by xxfspirxx
Those Words - Smosh Fanfictionby xxfspirxx
As a Smosh games member life is going pretty well. You work alongside many amazing people. There is a new person joining and you don't know how to take it all in. H...
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I Got You by SputnikAC
I Got Youby May-Lee
Courtney has always been resilient and independent. But can she handle what life is about to throw at her?
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Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader} by peanutz2003
Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader}by peanut
Highest Accomplishment: # 1 IN SMOSH (TYSM) #1 in Wes, #1 in smoshgames * * * You've been living in California for a while, but you were just fired from your job. Thankf...
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chatty//smosh groupchat au by petrichor_plots
chatty//smosh groupchat auby emmeline vance
just some crazy kids starting a crazy group chat with crazy friendships. chaos shall ensue. - - !! this is a work of fiction and my imagination, purely for shiggles !! ...
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Damien Haas imagines by flames_to_ashes
Damien Haas imaginesby Allyson Bitner
Just a Damien Haas imagines. Just cute mabey devious situations with Damien Haas from Smosh games. There are seriously not enough of these.
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Smosh Imagines by NeverEndingWr1ter
Smosh Imaginesby clay
A collection of imagines about the whole Smosh crew. These are only one-shots. This includes Ian and Anthony, the Smosh Games crew, and the Smosh main channel fam. I'll...
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Weird|| Completed by kookcized
Weird|| Completedby JP
Who knew that the boy who found everything weird would find a girl who wasn't. Noah Grossman Fanfiction Book 1 of the Wierd Series #1 courtneymiller 7/29/18 #1 noahgross...
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Daylight [COMPLETE] by lrooot
Daylight [COMPLETE]by lrooot
Alex King is an associate producer for Mythical in Los Angeles... and a freelance editor, and a barista. Her days are packed. On one such busy day, her path crosses with...
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Darkiplier X Markiplier by Ethaniplier19
Darkiplier X Markiplierby Ethan
I'm a confusing person.... expect confusing chapters :))))
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sent [smosh squad groupchat au] by lemonadeleaves
sent [smosh squad groupchat au]by kel ♡
what happens when some idiot teenagers decide to make a cursed group chat? only time will tell started: october 23, 2019 - DISCLAIMERS: - i do not own smosh or anyone em...
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Smosh Smut One-Shots (Slow Updates) by IzzyBoza
Smosh Smut One-Shots (Slow Updates)by Bella
This is a "x reader" book Requests closed, sorry!
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A New Home (Damien Haas x Reader) by MaeBelle3
A New Home (Damien Haas x Reader)by MaeBelle
Part two to Smosh Winter Games 2018! Make sure to read that first! 💕 ~~ You've been working at Smosh Games for two months now, as well as dating Damien. The only people...
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Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Reader) by Booperdooperbooper2
Just A Fangirl (Damien Haas x Dis bitch 👏
Oh no, I've gone and started yet another story. But there are NOT enough Damien stories around here! The title pretty much says it all, right? Prepare for some fluff! (N...
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