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Smosh Boarding School by Claraandthedoctor
Smosh Boarding Schoolby Claraandthedoctor
Basically an AU fiction revolving around the people of Smosh! Particularly focusing on Shartney;) Courtney just got accepting into the most prestigious boarding school...
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My Giant Angel (Adopted By Wes From Smosh) by ratlover601
My Giant Angel (Adopted By Wes 🌙 Moon 🌙
A young girl named Ashley has stayed in the orphanage ever since she was a baby. Her fidgeting and separation anxiety has become a problem. When Wes's fiance broke up w...
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Smosh Boys Preferences😁 Please leave suggestions for next chapters in coments It will be nice😃
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Falling slowly ... by Srishti21srivastava
Falling slowly Srishti21srivastava
Damien haas with reader. Y/n is punished to work for Smosh when she tries to stand up against her boss. This becomes more of a gift. But what happens when your and Damie...
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Smosh Imagines, Ships, and Preferences by Kathryn_Ruth
Smosh Imagines, Ships, and Kathryn
REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!!!! I tried writing these years ago and it didn't work out, but NOW I'm back to write!! I will not be doing smuts (SORRY) because my little soul isn...
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Shaylivia -- One Shots by PepperoniPlayboi
Shaylivia -- One Shotsby PepperoniPlayboi
One shots based on Shayne and Olivia.
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Need a hand? Shayne Topp x reader by Egibson42197
Need a hand? Shayne Topp x readerby E.G.
A tumble at the gym brings your attention to a handsome guy that comes to help. Would the embarrassment take over or something else?
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Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader| by beesinu
Bunk Buddies |Shayne Topp x Reader|by shib
[smosh summer games: camp setting] - "Bottom bunk?" "Yeah, I'm not down to climb a ladder every morning." "Shit, you're right!" He took a l...
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Cafe Girl (Shayne Topp) by IchaelBecca
Cafe Girl (Shayne Topp)by Rebecca Cartwright
Becca was new to LA. She was running from her past, well an ex-boyfriend to be precise, and she was hoping it would never catch up to her. Her Uncle Pete gave her a job...
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Shayne x Courtney  by ACTION-WOLF
Shayne x Courtney by ActionWolf
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Wes the Baby(Smosh Ageplay) by RockNRow23
Wes the Baby(Smosh Ageplay)by HarryeStyles
Everyone loved Wes cause he was always happy. But even though Wes was happy all the time he still was in ageplay and everyone knows it. This makes them love Wes even mor...
Smosh Winter Games: Murder Mystery by ChristineFurtado
Smosh Winter Games: Murder Mysteryby ClicketBones
What happens when the Smosh cast gathers for Winter Games but when the power goes out it becomes much more than a competition. Based on the Smosh Cast Murder mystery Ch...
You're here with me now (Shourtney fan fic) by Laneyhoohoo
You're here with me now ( justaregularshipper
This is my first fan fic so please don't judge. I except constructive criticism. Also other ships will happen in this video but it is mainly based off of Shourtney. Love...
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sweet {smosh x reader} by melhoos
sweet {smosh x reader}by melissa 💕
sweet (adj) ↠ pleasing in general; delightful - A/N: (your a girl so sorry to the guys lol) (Y/N) is roommates with her long time best friend Courtney Miller, who works...
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Co-workers With Benefits  by dylan_is_lame
Co-workers With Benefits by Dylan :)
Shayne and Courtney's relationship and how it has developed over the years. Adding some angst for fun even though there's zero evidence of tension within the squad. I l...
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A Wrench in the Gears [Damien Haas] by GeneralEyes
A Wrench in the Gears [Damien Haas]by amy
A single wrench in the gears changes it all for the two of them, and no one wanted to be stuck inside an elevator after all. That seemed to be the situation for Damien H...
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The Yearbook Photo: Damien Haas X reader by Egibson42197
The Yearbook Photo: Damien Haas E.G.
You move to Los Angeles, California after a life changing event, and make a wish upon a star. Upon packing you find an old yearbook with a picture that sticks out to you...
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The Girls Cabin (Courtney x reader) by friedravioli
The Girls Cabin (Courtney x reader)by friedravioli
Hey! This is my second story. This story is a Courtney Miller x reader. This story is a wlw, so all first person pronouns will be she/her.
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Year of You by babyinthesky
Year of Youby Flood💛
(Not a Y/N because I prefer having names) At seven years old, Shayne and Damien adopt you. Moving from London to LA, meeting the smosh crew, and many more interesting si...
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and then there were six by petrichor_plots
and then there were sixby emmeline vance
smosh au // ian hecox and anthony padilla were rejects, outcasts, failures. together, they moved to the big city a hundred miles from their shitty hometown. they find th...
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