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Don't Tell Ron by EthanWalker2000
Don't Tell Ronby
*SMUT SMUT SMUT SO MUCH SMUT* Harry x Hermione smut. Who would ever know what happens in the common room at night? FYI: the only reason I've set this during Order of the...
talk dirty » zhengkun by iseeyong
talk dirty » zhengkunby wes
❝You like that , don't you baby boy? You like begging for daddy's cock? Such a cock slut for me aren't you?❞ ❝Yes daddy. I'm a cock slut for you. Please daddy.. Fuck me...
Nosebleed Shorts by newwmoon_
Nosebleed Shortsby Life is Hard, Eat Pancakes
Story for my friends. All the stories are mature oneshots/short stories, so read at your own risk. There are boyxboy stories, boyxgirl stories, and while I haven't gott...
Silence by Nellblazer
Silenceby Nell
You're a cop in the Hell's Kitchen Precinct. You go to the library to get away from everyone when you've had a bad day at work. You notice a muscular stranger has taken...
CHROMA | drarry by verdilac
CHROMA | drarryby 𝐦𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐚
(ONGOING) Draco is a Metamorphmagi and his hair colour changes based on his moods without will, and he's been hiding his power away in the dark. Could Harry convince him...
Neutral Grounds [lemon] RusFra// by _Internal_Screaming_
Neutral Grounds [lemon] RusFra//by _Internal_Screaming_
(Historical PWP, smut warning.) The year is 1807, the battle of Friedland defeated completely the Russian army. Napoléon came out victorious. Now came the treaties o...
The Meeting Room [lemon] FrUs// by _Internal_Screaming_
The Meeting Room [lemon] FrUs//by _Internal_Screaming_
Alfred had enough of his boyfriend's constant flirting right before his eyes with other nations. But Francis couldn't help it, he was 'the nation of love' after all. N...
His. by AL_C_Hope
#8 αвℓε
Written for last kinktober on AO3 pure fucking porn so don't interact if your a minor please
Evanstan Oneshots by bucharest-
Evanstan Oneshotsby ty
a series of (predominantly smutty) oneshots starring evenstan.
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Just A Little Taste [18+] by OtterPrincess11
Just A Little Taste [18+]by Eve
A PWP story about Kongpob and Arhit. One morning things started off different than usual. I don't own any of the characters. I just have an imagination that runs wild w...
BruDick | 「oneshots」 by seidraikiri
BruDick | 「oneshots」by 「captain」
❝I know I'm your favorite.❞ 》》 Bruce Wayne X Dick Grayson/ Batman x Robin/NightWing Humor. Romance. PWP. Angst. Death Slight Clark Kent x Dick Grayson Jealousy.
Pornstar In The Making by Wryter52
Pornstar In The Makingby Lies Are Sweet As Truth
Making a porno is easy. Fuck-then you're done. The hard part is trying to find the right partner(s).
There's No Place I'd Rather Be - Larry Stylinson A/B/O Smut by GrindOnMeLarry
There's No Place I'd Rather Be - Rei
Harry comes home early in rut, that's basically it, shameless PWP
Kidnapped  by Shouta_baby
Kidnapped by Fucking titties
Aizawa get kidnapped by Hizashi and now he is Hizashi's slave until he escapes but that will obviously never happenÒwÓ
Soulmate - Markson Oneshots by Aziine
Soulmate - Markson Oneshotsby 𝘻𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘳𝘺
I decided to write some Markson oneshots because that's my shit. There's gonna be a lot of fluff, a lot of smut, and a whole mess of angst. This is different from what I...
Vox x Alastor Oneshots by Riddle_Me_Thiss
Vox x Alastor Oneshotsby 💙𝙿𝚒𝚗𝚣𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊❤️
This book consists of a bunch of oneshots of purely Vox x Alastor. It's likely it'll be mainly or all smut, so if you don't like that, you probably shouldn't read this.
Gay Smut Oneshots ;-; by obliviowo
Gay Smut Oneshots ;-;by 🍃🕊 josian 🕊🍃
Requests open. Fandoms I am in and know: -Noragami -No. 6 -Percy Jackson -Harry Potter -Sword Art Online -Attack On Titan -My Chemical Romance ;) -Yuri!!! On Ice...
Bad Kisser | YOONMIN by jikookplease
Bad Kisser | YOONMINby laurine
where Jimin is a bad kisser and Yoongi teaches him
Jealousy [ChanBaek] by parkugs
Jealousy [ChanBaek]by Parku~
"ChanYeol se vuelve loco cuando se siente desplazado de su propia banda por un dulce chico de voz perfecta." Autora: Parku. Pareja principal: ChanBaek. Estado:...
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