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The Biggest Puppy by YporquenoCom
The Biggest Puppyby Ana_Cecy P.
Kace is somewhat popular around campus. One day the principal asks him to give a tour to the newest student, Ria. But when Ria visits his house she finds a collar and le...
Little Pup by Hate_You__Love_You
Little Pupby Catie
A rouge omega. Not something you hear often, and when you do the chances of them making it are slim, but what happens with this little no-named omega runs from her pack...
Our love story <(Thiam)> by Bangtan_Banshee
Our love story by Bangtan_Banshee12
"Theo I think im falling for you" Where Theo and Liam are best friends and in a Scott's mccalls pack What happens when the pack start realising sexual tension...
My Unwanted Mate by TrasheGrl
My Unwanted Mateby Liyah
BxB --------- Calvin Frey never liked the idea of Mates. Now more so than ever. He's in for a surprise, or two. *This is a spin-off from My Mate*
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Princess's Pet by AgeregressionKitten
Princess's Petby Kitten is little
Vivian Casanova has come from a long line of dominants. Everyone expects her to follow in her ancestors foot steps when she goes to her classification test...only she do...
I'm Not A Puppy by JoeyCross
I'm Not A Puppyby Mr. Leafy Vegetable
"Sometimes following your heart, means losing your mind." I was always a small wolf. Really small. People often called me fox because I was so small. I under...
Puppy Camp by SubPuppy
Puppy Campby Little One 🍼
#1 in Leash #1 in Dogfood #1 in Petfood #1 in Petspace #1 in Pupplay Jade Winters has an interest in puppyplay, the act of becoming a pet, usually in a sexual manner. Wh...
My Love, My Mate *Completed* by fraternalbooklovers
My Love, My Mate *Completed*by •_•
Ingrid has always wanted a dog. She thinks they are the cutest things in the whole world with their velvety ears and teddy bear eyes. How can someone not want one. For I...
Inheritance - PJM by CrystalNight136
Inheritance - PJMby CrystalNight136
What happens when you gain ownership of not just your brother's house..but also his hybrid. Hybrid AU Jimin ff. #2 hybrid 9-20-2020 #2 btshybrid 9-1-2020 #5 cat 6-27-20...
Beast And Mates- [Gay]  by BbANDLOVRr
Beast And Mates- [Gay] by BbANDLOVRr
Picture used in the cover isn't mine. Book 2- Can be read as a stand alone. Not a sequel of book 1. It's another character's story .... The supernatural world hides m...
He, Shadow || PCY by takoyaki_sukki
He, Shadow || PCYby thesan
BOOK 01 [WEREWOLF GENRE] Park Chanyeol fanfiction {COMPLETED} "This is not a normal werewolf love story that I want to experience" I said "Too bad. Becaus...
A New Dream: A Spencer Reid Fanfic by TessDowning
A New Dream: A Spencer Reid Fanficby Matthew G Gubler❤️
Corinne Jennings had always dreamed of becoming a pediatrician but after a life changing experience her ideas have changed. When she starts a new job she feels a connect...
A Buddy Companion  (1) by BoosCorner
A Buddy Companion (1)by Boo's Corner
This story is about Bucky Barnes and his other best friend Ramona. One day while walking to get home during one of the rainiest, coldest night in Brooklyn. Bucky Barnes...
hybrid | k. seungmin by SEUNGMINNIE-
hybrid | k. seungminby SEUNGMINNIE-
on a rainy day after work you find a hybrid all alone. - stray kids seungmin x reader
Bet (jikook) by jeonjungkookfan7
Bet (jikook)by jjk
park jimin is at the top of school and is an alpha, he is the most disobedient student in the school but somehow has amazing grades so hasn't been kicked out and he lose...
TRUE LOVE • minsung ✔️ by hanthasquirrel
TRUE LOVE • minsung ✔️by -.+
-rewriting- No matters how big could a fight be; Nothing compares with the finding of true love; because once you do your heart is complete. It is never too late, neithe...
Puppy Eyes by MindYourBusiness01
Puppy Eyesby Blue
A puppy hybrid Namjoon fanfic featuring the rest of bangtan too. Fluffy and maybe some angst. NO smut. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
I'm Here (Supergirl AU) by RinkuWolfe207
I'm Here (Supergirl AU)by RinkuWolfe207
When Kara Danvers was changed into a Golden Retriever puppy, the first thing she did was panic but she was eventually found by Lena Luthor, whose heart was won over by h...
Puppy \\ seungjin  by ddeuks
Puppy \\ seungjin by 𝐀𝐇𝐍
"Hey! Give me my puppy back!" "No! What if you aren't his real owner?" ✎﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ ⤍started ;; 13 / 08 / 2020 ⤍ finished ;; 17 / 09 / 2020 - cursin...
Punishment // 1-shots by MyThoughtsWillKillMe
Punishment // 1-shotsby MTWKM
Just some naughty boys getting what they deserve. Not really smut*