illicit affairs
By ithinkikindayaknow
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Nini Salazar-Roberts is perfect from head to toe. Perfect hair, grades, body, smile, personality, and practically everything else you could think of. She's been cheerleading for as long as she can remember and had been captain for two years. She's nothing short of amazing and quite possibly the nicest person you'll ever meet. And that's how she ends up getting to date Ej Caswell, Quarterback of the football team. Ej's everything you'd expect him to be. Tall, handsome, and the total package. Kind of. I mean, he's a nice guy... to his inner circle. But other than that, he can be a jerk. But that's besides the point in Nini's eyes. She's just happy to be in a relationship. Even if that includes dealing with Ej's step brother. A little while ago, Ricky's mother, Lynne, remarried to Todd Caswell. Ricky didn't mind the guy, but he didn't necessarily love him. And since Mike was gone a lot due to work, they decided that Ricky would stay with Lynne and live with the Caswell's. And that includes his two new step brother's, Ej and Elliot. Now Ricky and Ej couldn't be more different. Ricky goes to a prestigious private arts school and is an incredibly talented singer. He doesn't have the best grades around, but let's just leave it at he's passing. He's well known around the school and is a pretty normal person. But he's a little bit of a "rebel". He sneaks out most nights, drinks with his friends, and has dabbled in doing drugs before. But he's smart about it all, never going near things he can't trust. Ricky's never been one for relationships, well that was all until Nini had showed up with Ej. Nini and Ricky instantly felt a connection when they first saw each other, and they both knew the other one could recognize that. But they can't act on it, right? They wouldn't have an illicit affair, would they? tw: underage drinking tw: mentions of drug use tw: suggestive language

What to look foward to!

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illicit a...
by ithinkikindayaknow