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YAKUZA'S PRIDE & JOY  [Yandere x reader] by cryingforthemoon
YAKUZA'S PRIDE & JOY [Yandere x r...by cryingforthemoon
The world is dark and life is hard- People who are all on their own, fighting their way through the underground, leftovers & runaways, might know this the best. People l...
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The Mafia's Possession by Lilibeth_A
The Mafia's Possessionby Lilibeth_A
There's only two things Clarissa Fontanilla Alvaro wanted her whole life: to get away from her mother's unexplained hatred and to find her father. Now that she turned 18...
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Dead to me Dark!Italy by junadina
Dead to me Dark!Italyby junadina
Thinking that even the sweetest and calmest people can't be change or broken would be wrong, Italy was that sweet calm person true he would usually runaway from battle a...
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DARK SINS by Darkshadow13o11
DARK SINSby Tanvi Shastri
HOW MUCH SINFUL IS LIFE WHEN YOU END UP WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS DARK BROTHER.! Amira is daughter of one of the most dangerous and rich man alive and even with two extreme...
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No Puppet Strings Can Hold Me Down by AmeliaLovesSU
No Puppet Strings Can Hold Me Downby FrickinPidgeIsMe
Dipper Pines is still in Gravity Falls, living with his two Grunkles and his twin sister Mabel. Everything is back to normal, until a certain one-eyed dorito comes back...
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understudy - bwwm by esheknows
understudy - bwwmby — 𝔢 𝔰 𝔥 𝔢 —
"in which a famous actor becomes obsessed with an upcoming actress." bwwm || @esheknows interracial story with spontaneous updates
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thodi takraar thoda pyaar !!! by Barbieaprincess
thodi takraar thoda pyaar !!!by yashvi
Raya ff
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▐  KILL & LOVE▐  kth.kjn by saeyorim
▐ KILL & LOVE▐ kth.kjnby saeyorim
you were mine since i laid my eyes on you. || teahyung x jennie || SLOW UPDATES ALERT 🚨
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His Love by Amaira-jannat
His Loveby Amaira jannat
Anisa is a brave and confident girl...and according to her cousins "she is full of life"but things are not like they seems..she faces alots of problems and har...
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Ninja Apocalypse by Rom247
Ninja Apocalypseby rom
Lloyd Garmadon holds the coveted title of the most powerful Elemental Master in Ninjago. But even in times of peace he can't seem to catch a break. An imbalance in Lloy...
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Miss Fortune by serpantking
Miss Fortuneby The Serpantking
What would you do if every creature you had ever heard of wasn't just a creation of the human mind but was real and hiding among us? Now what would you do if you found o...
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HER SAVIOUR by Rainy0561
HER SAVIOURby Fariya Siddiqui
What happens when two persons with different personalities and background met and fall for eachother. Join Abhay and Naina on their journey.
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The Haunting Of Lakewood Manor by HarryNickelson
The Haunting Of Lakewood Manorby Harry Nickelson
Lakewood Manor stands alone, deserted, left to rot, whatever evil lives within that house does so in solitude. Or at least it did! Until the Kane family moved in, fresh...
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Hisakawa Himitsu No  by YooMiNeko-san
Hisakawa Himitsu No by HiSaKaWa moments🤗
comedy, fantasy, mystery, love triangle, paranormal
Possessed Or Blessing?  by montie_logan14
Possessed Or Blessing? by Rox
A friend or a demon? I don't know what to call her anymore. Or even if she is a she. I just know that it controls me. ! WARNING ! Swearing, abuse, gore?, drugs, alcohol...
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The Purchased Mistress by DSadie
The Purchased Mistressby DSadie
Paige has had a life that most adolescents could do without. Born into the slums with a drug dealing father and a stripper for a mother, she has seen more in her young l...
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NIGHTMARES are DREAMS too(Yandere male x reader) by Silv3rDIAmond
NIGHTMARES are DREAMS too(Yandere...by міиі
(Y/N), a girl who enjoys her dream land but it turns into something horrible called nightmares. A certain boy constantly appears in every nightmare. Why is that? What ha...
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Forgive me A kaito x len fanfiction by SmallStrawberryMilk
Forgive me A kaito x len fanfictionby SmallStrawberryMilk
After kaito tells len he wishes he was never made len does something unthinkable. Can kaito pull him out of it or has he lost len forever? (THIS WAS WRITTEN THREE OR FOU...
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Crush on Mr Bad boy by _mysterygirl14_
Crush on Mr Bad boyby Mystery Girl
COMPLETED WARNING: THIS WAS MY FIRST BOOK AND IT IS NOWHERE NEAR EDITED AT ALL. Mia Cole is your classic good girl never had an issue in high school but when Hunter Al...
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Dead By Daylight x reader one-shots {DISCONTINUED} by Warewolfcutie223
Dead By Daylight x reader one-shot...by Warewolfcutie223
The Dead By Daylight killers had fallen for you. This book contains your adventures with the killers! Enjoy! (This is only on-shots with you and the killers) REQUESTS OP...
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