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The adventure starts by Milicaorevi7
The adventure startsby Milica Đorđević
* The 1st book of The Elemental Tales trilogy. * Valerie is your average teenage girl who moved from New York to Paris when she was fourteen with her parents. Her fiftee...
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Doll House by RosearayLyday
Doll Houseby Rosearay Lyday
a man who has been building tiny homes his whole life has now sacrafised his life to live in them.
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YAKUZA'S PRIDE & JOY  [Yandere x reader] by cryingforthemoon
YAKUZA'S PRIDE & JOY [Yandere x r...by cryingforthemoon
The world is dark and life is hard- People who are all on their own, fighting their way through the underground, leftovers & runaways, might know this the best. People l...
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Awakening Glenn Est by JacksyJones
Awakening Glenn Estby Hopefully_icfine
It is 2012, the time where stories about creepypasta has grown quite popular and has taken interest to all ages who can bare to read such crypt stories. Four teenagers h...
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Villafuerte's Obsession by LyreJessareyGianan
Villafuerte's Obsessionby Lyre Jessarey Gianan
Villafuerte's Obsession is a trilogy starring a family stroke at a bad timing. Lara is a simple girl who wishes to fulfill her dreams but then at a blink of an eye, ever...
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Little White Pages → Tom Riddle by slitherisms
Little White Pages → Tom Riddleby ⤬ ┊ᴛᴀʏᴛᴀʏ ! ┊⤬
❝He'll break you, and yet you'll love him anyway.❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ( female oc x diary tom ) ( Chamber of Secrets AU ) @slitherisms // 2019
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He came back by Mdayana04
He came backby Dayana
After six years, I got the call; I thought that they did not remember me specifically him. It has been six years of growth learning and experiences; I am not the same gi...
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understudy - bwwm by esheknows
understudy - bwwmby — 𝔢 𝔰 𝔥 𝔢 —
"in which a famous actor becomes obsessed with an upcoming actress." bwwm || @esheknows interracial story with spontaneous updates
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Fortuity by ThetalesofMary
Fortuityby Mary Elizabeth
"I've just been so lonely," he whispered, his hands still held me against the wall, preventing me from moving an inch. "And then I found you." His ha...
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Vengeance Love by relatedstory1
Vengeance Loveby relatedstory1
This story is based on a girl trying to get a revenge from a bad boy of college . She usually don't get attracted that easily . What will happen if the bad boy and the g...
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Dreams by karolight7
Dreamsby ReX COrvUs
Grace Chapel has been haunted with wickedly realistic nightmares since her mother died of a heart attack, leaving her 8 year old sister Lilly in her care. When Lilly's d...
Bone Colored Blades by IEatBabiesTM
Bone Colored Bladesby BuenosDiasFuckBoy
Life has and probably will always suck for Shayne. Then he decides allowing a demon to posses him is okay. (Working on a cover!)
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Hisakawa Himitsu No  by YooMiNeko-san
Hisakawa Himitsu No by HiSaKaWa moments🤗
comedy, fantasy, mystery, love triangle, paranormal
The Dragon Statue by keys_to_hearts
The Dragon Statueby Bright Star
The students lives are normal until one gets an unexpected package, that package changes their lives forever. The package is dangerous, don't let it stick or you will r...
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The Haunting Of Lakewood Manor by HarryNickelson
The Haunting Of Lakewood Manorby Harry Nickelson
Lakewood Manor stands alone, deserted, left to rot, whatever evil lives within that house does so in solitude. Or at least it did! Until the Kane family moved in, fresh...
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Miss Fortune by serpantking
Miss Fortuneby The Serpantking
What would you do if every creature you had ever heard of wasn't just a creation of the human mind but was real and hiding among us? Now what would you do if you found o...
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HER SAVIOUR by Rainy0561
HER SAVIOURby Fariya Siddiqui
What happens when two persons with different personalities and background met and fall for eachother. Join Abhay and Naina on their journey.
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hellbound by Imaginarykitten15
hellboundby imaginary kitten
Alex's life was never easy. his family was a nightmare. his species, or 'hybrid' species was judged by all who saw him but other hybrids, and even they disliked him. his...
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Forced in marriage|| Wattys 2019 by BarbieChrisLam
Forced in marriage|| Wattys 2019by B Lamar
Evie Harrison is a top student on her senior year of college. She is the heir of a wealthy family. Despite her wealth she neither mean nor arrogant . On the contrary she...
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Book 1: Possession Of A Billionaire [ Season 1 of (Billionaire) Series ] by CENTREPUELLA
Book 1: Possession Of A Billionair...by CENTREPUELLA
Book 1: Possession Of A Billionaire [ Season 1 of (Billionaire) Series ] (TagLish) My life is full of shit! My life is a mess! but, it'll been a part of my past now, unt...
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