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1:24 am//poetry by collapsingxstars
1:24 am//poetryby ella.claire
Exploring the depths of my oh-so complicated brain / poetry / quotes
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Mask of Celibacy by Carolyn_Hill
Mask of Celibacyby Carolyn Hill
[Now a featured story] High school senior Jess Smith meets Ace of Spades, an online friend who helps her question her mask of celibacy and recognize her true asexuality...
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You Knew. by Ms_Reverie
You MsReverie
"You should've. You could've." Things you are bound to say the moment you are reminded by the fact that time will never stop running; the world will never stop...
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C.A.K.E by KiaraBreedlove
C.A.K.Eby Breedlove
Casper and Arden are drawn to each other at first touch. She gets all of his jokes. He brings out the fire in her. In a word, they're perfect for each other. There's on...
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Sheer Cold - Yumi x Reader by MasterMatt007
Sheer Cold - Yumi x Readerby NexusEX
Y/N has been labeled in the ninja world, the Mad Dog for his ferocious strikes and unpredictability during missions. The grandfather of a legendary ninja that has rival...
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Final Fantasy XV 💖Crystal Heart by FenniceCastielle
Final Fantasy XV 💖Crystal Heartby YawningToucan7
Square Enix owns FFXV-I only added my own original character.---- The brotherhood has stumbled upon the most valuable treasure of all, eyes empty, a prisoner of the un...
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Underneath Different Stars [ON HOLD] by Writing_Fool_1000
Underneath Different Stars [ON Madeline Jane
ACOTAR fanfic told from the point of view from a character named Asteria, Rhysand's sister. (This is assuming she somehow survived). Asteria always knew she was dangero...
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Book 1~ Original Poetry by SomEBodYOncETolDME1
Book 1~ Original Poetryby ilovemydarkstrangeson
This is just a book of poems that I wrote, some are thought provoking, others are inspirational. So there is a lot of variety whether its topic or style for all types of...
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Complications With Love. by ramone12345
Complications With ninja 2.0
As time goes by part of me always thought a crush is just a crush and I could easily get over it, I could easily get over her. I guess not. Since I was 15 there was this...
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"Why?" (The Promised Neverland Fanfiction) by Anime_Ra1n_Deer1776
"Why?" (The Promised Neverland Kou-kun Kawaii
Summary: In which Ray blames himself for the deaths of the orphans. He continues to live but still asks "Why." This is my first time writing a Fanfiction on a...
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Macbeth: a novel by persephone7913
Macbeth: a novelby persephone7913
It can be difficult to read straight dialogue and understand what actions are taking place. Here is my interpretation of the story of Macbeth, a thane whose ambition fig...
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I Wish Sunsets Would Last Longer by luxuryhoney
I Wish Sunsets Would Last Longerby luxuryhoney
"What do you want me to do?" It was quiet. The wind didn't sing and the streets were dead. Trees had stopped talking and all that was left to be heard was the...
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A Spiteful Memoir by Lightrous
A Spiteful Memoirby Lightrous
A collection of impromptu poems, filled with enough spite and regret to drown the world.
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Should I stay?: A Lee Felix story by Jisungie_bear18
Should I stay?: A Lee Felix storyby JasminBarella
Kim Eun is a recent High School graduate with help from her best friend Mark Lee and the oh so charming Lee Felix can she find purpose in Seoul, or will she do as planne...
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Unspoken Words by yoursrebelliously
Unspoken Wordsby S.B
I'm writing this in hopes of saving myself from the hurricane inside my head
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Free Falling (Book 1) by YesseniaGL
Free Falling (Book 1)by Vexatious
Wendy lives in a world where most are unaware of metahumans, people with extraordinary abilities. The government knows and has kept it a secret. Not all have the same le...
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My Hero Academia OC Story: The Slave Hero and The Villain Master. by nanotrapspidercard
My Hero Academia OC Story: The nanotrapspidercard
"I'd rather live as a villain then die as a slave to this world of hero's! Your free to write your own destiny!" Those were the words that changed Asu Dorei's...
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Complex of the Unsophisticated Human Mind by LynxesL
Complex of the Unsophisticated LynxesL
Probably not the best way to garner interest in this story of stories, but it's just about me ranting my emotions and curious thoughts of the world in story/poem form. I...
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I Like You by 1SweetBlossom
I Like Youby SweetBlossom
Caroline has unlocked and pushed the door open to an adventure with one simple phrase, "I like you." There she's done it. She has finally told her crush that s...
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Everything I Could Never Want by freedom-coffee
Everything I Could Never Wantby Kristen Dumon
For as long as the Mercer line has ruled, they have been cursed with assassinations, plague, and scandal. The line is close to eradication. King Andres Mercer III has fa...
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