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Porsche's love  by Sky7285
Porsche's love by Sky
They hated Porsche, he was left alone. Now they want him back but he gave up on them. He doesn't wanna look at them. They accused him cheating. May contain mature conte...
Unexpected-{K I N N×P O R S C H E} by Ella_VP
Unexpected-{K I N N×P O R S C H E}by Ella_VP
| BOOK ON HOLD | In this story where KINN falled in love with bartender PORSCHE who saved his life from KINN'S FATHER enemies. KINN who belonged to the mafia world wante...
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Series by busyreading_00
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Seriesby XOXO
And suddenly his silence made us realise, how much we need him A Kinnporsche Series Fan fiction
FAKE by SivSan1234
FAKEby SivSan
What will happen when the Trust is broken... Will they have a happy ending or will they drift apart from each other.... Will Love find its way? Porsche:- U MESSED WITH...
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Villain? or Victim?  by hihijihi123
Villain? or Victim? by hihijihi123
" Monsters aren't born, they're created. " . . *I'm a person who daydreams all the time, and so since the first time I saw KP I have been daydreaming about wha...
Fight For Love, Life, Respect  by chickoo17
Fight For Love, Life, Respect by chickoo17
What happens when after becoming the leader of minor family ? Porsche life becomes hell risky. What if he is pregnant? What will happen when Kinn kicks out Porsche for h...
5 TIMES PRAPAI INSISTS ON SKINSHIP...by tearingcoala1244
Just a story about Prapai being clingy with his parents. (And maybe with other people too) 🥇1 on Prapaisky *28/04/2023 🥈2 on PayuRain *28/04/2023 🥉3 on Vegas *5/05/20...
SHATTERED TRUST  by phenoix444
SHATTERED TRUST by phenoix444
It's just a imagination. If Porsche is shattered like a glass after the return of Tay tawan . Will he able to find his own happiness or will lose himself in world of pa...
Vegaspette fanfic CEO and His Personal Assistant (short story) by vegaspette
Vegaspette fanfic CEO and His Pers...by Sree💞
Pete, chubby and energetic teenager who give positive vibes and happy to all the people around him Vegas the CEO of big company in Thailand who is cold nature many afrai...
Happiness - MileApo ✔️ by rahaaai
Happiness - MileApo ✔️by rahaaai
To achieve Happiness, there is a lot of pain to face. Will that Happiness come your way? or Will that Happiness go away?
Those Teary Eyes!! I can't stand it. by Mida2103
Those Teary Eyes!! I can't stand i...by Dark Side
Kinn: I want divorce Porsche: please don't divorce me now. We can get divorce after prapai get well ========== Korn: If you get divorce he will have half of your proper...
control - vegaspete// biblebuild by syaaaateenz
control - vegaspete// biblebuildby syaaaa
Vegas born with mental illness. Together with his childhood trauma, he tend to lose control. Kinn and Porsche, as his cousin and step brother try to find something or so...
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Ti soleil ↠ Roman Reigns  by BriFlare
Ti soleil ↠ Roman Reigns by -BriFlare
Fahayra and Joe are the perfect power couple of: high school sweethearts, best friends, madly in love. Well, they used to be, anyway. Now, Fahayra is confused with Joe's...
His Greeny rose  by LuckyLucky201
His Greeny rose by Lucky Lucky
This is a fanfiction about Mileapo from kinnporsche as werewolves. Plz note that English is not my first language,i apologize priorly for any grammatical mistakes . Pro...
Our little Eclipse (Kimhan/Porchay, KimChay) by SunshineMoonlights27
Our little Eclipse (Kimhan/Porchay...by Stargazer
Chay, sweet little, innocent Porchay Kittisawasd, has his whole life turned 180 degrees when he heard the magic word, "You are pregnant". He is indeed screwed...
When June kissed December (Completed) by hazel_crescent
When June kissed December (Complet...by Anna
Who will covet a barren omega? Pete expected to spend a life doomed to loneliness, but he could not imagine that he would have to share it with someone who is so frighte...
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete) by justadevil
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete)by stella
Pete was appointed as The Chief of Bodyguard of Major Family replacing Chan. Meanwhile, Vegas try to break Pete in two because Pete wasn't captured when he sneaked in ba...
my destiny (vegaspete)  by best_thing
my destiny (vegaspete) by best_thing
"you successfully caught my attention Pete and I promise I will make you suffer" -vegas. what if kinn didn't send Pete to spy on Vegas but pete ruined Vegas...
CEO LOVE  by Mileapolove
Hey there loves this is my first fan fiction about mileapo hope you guys like it English is not my first language so plz try to understand and also this story contains...
This story highglights the KP 2nd couple, VegasPete. The story may include familiar scenes from the live action of the series but changes were also made. Also, this this...