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Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Series by busyreading_00
Haunting Silence/Kinnporsche Seriesby Laura Clover
And suddenly his silence made us realise, how much we need him A Kinnporsche Series Fan fiction
Oneshot collection LITA by little_bl_addict
Oneshot collection LITAby little_bl_addict
Oneshot collection 😀 These will be short stories with both the couples from love in the air. Ps. They have nothing to do with eachother. So enjoy and this and their wil...
TANKHUN Fanfic | Mind Over Matter by AprilsSmile
TANKHUN Fanfic | Mind Over Matterby A.S. Styles
"In a world full of ordinary, Be the Tankhun." A side story to Kinnporsche the novel. Because we can't get enough of Tankhun. Let me borrow the character of Ta...
A Marriage Contract •Kim x Macau• by MilkyReading
A Marriage Contract •Kim x Macau•by MilkyWattpad
He's rude and ruthless , he's a dick but yet , he still loves him He wasn't soft but the words always hits him hard , his heart was soft but the other one was a stone...
Our Love Story (TemTankhun) by Rona_hakzjsnsb
Our Love Story (TemTankhun)by Bubbles
This is Tankhun's side story in which include VegasPete ArmPol Kinnporsche and other couples in the series. So let me barrow the characters in the series. Tankhun is kn...
Shattered Soul / Kinnporsche Series by busyreading_00
Shattered Soul / Kinnporsche Seriesby Laura Clover
After a misunderstanding and argument with everyone kim left the mansion in midnight That night was most cruelest for him, Kinn and Chay is ready to Tear whole world apa...
GHOSTSHIP (kinnporsche)  by SnoffyJolly
GHOSTSHIP (kinnporsche) by my bias is.......
Just not main ship, otherwise anything is welcome.
Mend The Broken Heart by SnoffyJolly
Mend The Broken Heartby my bias is.......
Everyone has their favorite and so is mine too, let's welcome- 'TAWAN'.
Besties in trouble by little_bl_addict
Besties in troubleby little_bl_addict
Sky and Rain, two best friends, are dating the youngest members of the Theerapanyakul family not knowing what is in store for them. Sky and Rain meet their family in law...
Vegas x Kinnporsche by mhkarmy
Vegas x Kinnporscheby feels_good
what will happen when Porsche gets to know the secrets of kinn and vegas relationship as cousins?! How will Porsche, Kinn and Vegas relationship with each other turnes o...
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Say you won't let go by dirtymindedbitchhhh
Say you won't let goby joojaekyung's hoe
"Chu lete ho taar Jo dil ke Tumhi batao tumse milke Jaanu dil koi kyu na hare" "Tauba tumhare ye isahare Hum toh dewaane hain tumhare Raaj ye kese khol...
All I Need Is Love (Macau & Porschay) by BoltingSparrow
All I Need Is Love (Macau & Porsch...by BoltingSparrow
This is a fanfiction of Macau and Porschay. They are characters from Kinnporsche series. After the betrayal from Kim, it was tough for Porschay to move on. The person he...
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VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLETED) by lightlessboy
VegasPete: Elusive Target (COMPLET...by Darknessboy
First rule: trust no one. "Main and minor family never trusted each other, but this time it seems different, it feels like we have reached a breaking point..."
Under Circumstances ||A KinnPorsche: The Series Fanfic|| by at_ct123405
Under Circumstances ||A KinnPorsch...by at_ct123405
The Theerapanyakul brothers start talking about their father when Kim comes to visit one day. A bit of trauma was spilled out mostly from the oldest and youngest Theerap...
Façade | VegasPete by LewyNadgarstek
Façade | VegasPeteby Lewynadgarstek
My version of VegasPete reunion in KinnPorsche vip chapters. It's novel mixed with some part of the series. Pete chose Vegas over The Main Family and now they trying to...
tied My Heart♡Vegaspete Part 2 by Fat43tihah
tied My Heart♡Vegaspete Part 2by Fat43tihah
just part two for my first one-shot of vegaspete warning ⚠️ smut ahead
kinnporsche ff by Notab8sh
kinnporsche ffby Notab8sh
Welcome 🤗💀 This is a oneshot compilation of Kp couples;) Time x Tay Kinn x Porsche Vegas x Pete Kim x Porchay Tankhun x Macau x Venice (don't ask me about the last o...
Family Together by mintycake07
Family Togetherby mintycake07
Time changes and people evolve but then in the game of chess they suffered the fall cause they failed to see the real villain while fighting the stand in dummies. The em...
Promise  by Veta_lee
Promise by Veta_lee
"Demons were hunting him. They never left his head. Untill..." Warnings 🦈 ~ i do not own the characters, all rights are to the authors of kp ~ i do not encour...