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The Brightest Star (MoonDrop x  Y/N) by xepherundying
The Brightest Star (MoonDrop x Less Depresso More Espresso
You worked at the Pizza Plex before the major fire destroyed it and when it was reconstructed, you were excited for the opportunity to work as a new live-in daycare atte...
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- Shaymien  by michael_bricky
Spin the Bottle Truth or Dare- kittenglasses
Truth or dare shenanigans Shaymien Ongoing story Disclaimer/Warning: this fan content contains sexual situations between two people who are just friends in real life. I...
What's the fun in doing what you're told//Yuri!!! On ICE fanfiction by Princess-Divyasha
What's the fun in doing what you' Princess-Divyasha
Victor finally gets a break from the stress of every day life, unfortunately this break is terribly boring. (Let the smut commence 😉)
Izuku Midoriya: From The Bottom by Aberisten
Izuku Midoriya: From The Bottomby Geo
"This world is always, "Quirk this, Quirk that. " That needs to be fixed." Throughout history, more and more quirks are coming. and until then, the q...
Sip it Again, Kitten ㅣYoonKook by koyanoona
Sip it Again, Kitten ㅣYoonKookby koyanoona
Oxycodone. The wondrous sex drug. Become flushed with euphoria and grow a slave to the feeling of pleasure. End up begging for more. Nothing but a sex toy, darling Min Y...
You are Darkness by MissBlackRaven
You are Darknessby Raven Black
Illumi Zoldyck is a cold blooded killer, a hunter and someone's most precious being in the world. It starts colder than Illu's stare, but I promise you it'll be getting...
Destiny Women X Male Titan Reader by JoshuaSartin6
Destiny Women X Male Titan Readerby Vulcan
You're the one the strongest Titans to ever grace the Last City, not to mention probably one of the most powerful Guardians period. You've done a lot for everyone, and...
Peaches 'n Cream ⇝ m.joon by joomatic
Peaches 'n Cream ⇝ m.joonby J A E
"Say something that makes sense, my phone's at 30%" - "I think I found my alpha." started: 04/04/18 finished: -
Rose By Any Name by rahsindri
Rose By Any Nameby Rah Wulfankitt
You attend a concert and catch a rose, and your life is changed forever. Chan, Changbin, and Lee Know are running out of time to find you.
SEDUCED - NANAMI KENTO by csyarchives
SEDUCED - NANAMI KENTOby csy.archives
𓆩♡𓆪 The boys next door. (Y/N x Carl grimes x Ron Anderson the walking dead) by Hamilton_wife
𓆩♡𓆪 The boys next door. (Y/N x Queen of the fandoms
While having a crush on Carl for so long, Y/N decides to give a chance to Ron and ends up in love with both of the. 𓆩♡𓆪 Warning: eventual smut.
Wally AU's One Shot Collection by __Lucid_Dream__
Wally AU's One Shot Collectionby `*+moon+*`
A soon to be collection of one shots, all i need are requests and inspirations. (cover art by kiintie308)
my princess by plasticdreamlandd
my princessby fluer 🖤
Three years following Daemon Targaryen's win in the Stepstones- and his disappearance, Rhaenyra is called to the lands of Pentos to settle tensions between the Free City...
Undeniable| Shuri & RIRI Williams by mseaberry94
Undeniable| Shuri & RIRI Williamsby Shuriri4L
"You told me you didn't want a relationship! This wasn't serious!" She started getting angrier with her. "I didn't know that would make you leave."...
This Is Love: Shigaraki Tomura x Dabi by Llezboa
This Is Love: Shigaraki Tomura x monkey
• new members have joined the league of villians • smut will be included
A Mock Fairytale: Garou x Reader by qiteghost
A Mock Fairytale: Garou x Readerby QiteGhost
You're a hero who likes to live life on the edge. Even your love life isn't safe from your dark tastes. Garouxhero!read AU I like to write stories with the reader as a...
Uh Huh, Honey  by Hailey970860
Uh Huh, Honey by Hailey970860
Owner- @vividlyy (Twitter) This story is not mine Sanegiyu (SMUT WARNING)
Things That Happen in Matrimony by 4J1S41
Things That Happen in Matrimonyby AJISAI
"Hands... you came to realize how important they are to you. It breaks and creates, but above all, it loves." You and Kaedehara Kazuha have been happily marrie...
Hardcore Smut Oneshots 〞 by meowthys
Hardcore Smut Oneshots 〞by *rwei☂
𝙐.𝘼.𝙈: Unconventional attractive men ✔〞 ༊*·˚