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Chasing Uncertainty (VEGASPETE) by justadevil
Chasing Uncertainty (VEGASPETE)by stella
Pete is Major Family's Head of Bodyguard, but he has another job behind that title. That would be Major Family's personal manwhore. Until, Vegas was one of the client...
My Family by Chocolate-new_0316
My Familyby Chocolate-new_0316
One more chance to love my all he asks for....
Changing End by Regen303
Changing Endby Regen
I fell into a lake and when I opened my eyes again, People were calling me Pete. I am Build not Pete. And it dawned on me that I had entered The Novel 'KinnPorche' that...
រឿង លោកប្ដីកំណាច😈🔞 by SaNin4
រឿង លោកប្ដីកំណាច😈🔞by bible build
No new, still YOU  by Baibenswife
No new, still YOU by Princess
Writing VegasPete throughout my imagination, making them endgame and making their happy ending because the realworld so cruel to them. ? Vegas and Pete is a bestfriend f...
Fall again [VegasPeteVenice Omegaverse AU] by hazel_crescent
Fall again [VegasPeteVenice Anna
Young relationship with "inconvenient" consequences, a breakup of fifteen years and a desperate teenage alpha on a bike, in whose face and character someone wi...
Mi Cielo: A BibleBuild FanFiction by ArsieClaire
Mi Cielo: A BibleBuild FanFictionby ArsieClaire
Short Story of BibleBuild🖤💙
MY CUTE KITTY (VEGASPETE)  by twinklinghoneybee
MY CUTE KITTY (VEGASPETE) by twinklinghoneybee
|| Vegaspete || A Love tale of a human (Vegas) and his mysterious cat (Pete) who got the power of shapeshifting when its owner turned 23. ◎fluff ◎ Mprag ◎multyuniverse �...
Mafiosa | vegaspete by -etxereal
Mafiosa | vegaspeteby ―misa.
→pete a secretary/head bodyguard, works for vegas the ceo/mafia but the world is oblivious that they are already married. ©-etxereal 2023
LOSING YOU - VEGASPETE [ ManxMan)]  by BiBu013
LOSING YOU - VEGASPETE [ ManxMan)] by BiBu013
This story is what I imagine after the confrontation between the minor and major family. ---------------------------------------------------- I regretted the chance I di...
Wegath by jren1234
Wegathby BBB
Vegas is a cop in anti-drug unit and it's been more than 2 years since Vegas has been searching for his missing husband Pete.. But one day during his missions he heard a...
NOT A SECRET by Builuve4444
NOT A SECRETby Builuve4444
One shot where BibleBuild shared a room before KPWT In Phuket What would probably happen? Note📢: This one-shot may continue into a long story Warning: Explicit Content...
dear heart by geeseofafeather
dear heartby cinnamon rolls
When Pete meets Vegas, the residential playboy, he finds himself falling for him when he knows his shouldn't. When Vegas meets Pete, his newly assigned tutor, he realiz...
boyxboy/ ManXmaN Completed ANOTHER BIBLE BUILD FANFICTION JUST FOR YOU... "I wear clothes that I like... -BUI -------------------------------------------- ⬇️...
My Crush 💙💙🖤🖤 by Faitleo
My Crush 💙💙🖤🖤by BBB💙💙🖤🖤
បំណុលស្នេហ៍ by immayata
បំណុលស្នេហ៍by immayata
Vegas kornwin Teerakpanhakun Pete Pongsakorn Saengtam បំណុលទ្រព្យសងដោយទ្រព្យ បំណុលជីវិតសងដោយជីវិត
Forget Me Not by buildurnub_1
Forget Me Notby Nub Nueng
ការចាកចេញរបស់មនុស្សម្នាក់នោះនាថ្ងៃនោះធ្វើឱ្យជីវិតរបស់ខ្ញុំផ្លាស់ប្ដូរ... Started : 10062023 Writer : Tawann
War Of Love... by SamVBiuBB
War Of Sam.V
Vegaspete This is the story after the confrontation between main family & minor family, but in a totally contrary perspective. This story has a different path than the o...
Untold Truth by Vp_Bubbles_Bbb
Untold Truthby Nandani
What if there's much more about Vegas pete that they themselves don't know What would happen when they found the untold truth, the hidden secrets and the hurtful past w...