The Queen of Persia by LizMack
The Queen of Persiaby Liz
A King forced to banish his wife. A peasant girl striving to live a peaceful life in the chaos that is Susa. One chance for these two unlikely souls to be united. As a...
  • jew
  • ancient
  • king
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The Boss Lady's Man by CaitlynRachelC
The Boss Lady's Manby Caitlyn Coker
"Look, Toni. Not everyone who comes into your life is there just to use you. Some people are there because they really do care about you" Erik's calmed voice o...
  • campsite
  • change
  • boss
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Satanic Bible, Why Satanism Is Good by Jayvuur
Satanic Bible, Why Satanism Is Goodby dad
-Don't read if you do not support Satanism in any way, Or if your easily triggered- I will Talk about Satanism and tell you everything you need to know, I will help you...
  • spiritual
  • satanism
  • satanic
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The Bible (The original) by SaltyPlum
The Bible (The original)by TwinkJoonie
The Bible by woowoo :) Your fellow favorite nun, will make a new Bible, dedicated to namjoon, his pureness has inspired me e to write it. SO NO SINNING IN THIS HOLY SER...
  • jin
  • bottomnamjoon
  • namjin
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everlasting // a walk with God by violaeades
everlasting // a walk with Godby mariah
pieces taken out of my Bible study journal --- encouraging Bible verses, devotions, and quotes to help me and all of you fix our eyes on the One that made us and saved u...
  • christian
  • love
  • godly
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There Must Be Something More by reflectionofwisdom
There Must Be Something Moreby Reflection of Wisdom 💡
Charlie Borlock thought he had everything. That is, until new country girl Meredith Caraway arrived. She says she has a God who can do far more than what he has, and she...
  • inspirational
  • holyspirit
  • school
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Her Frozen Knight by tawni_writes
Her Frozen Knightby Tawni Suchy
BOOK TWO OF THE BROKEN SERIES He was her strength. She was his weakness. He stole her heart. She was his heart. He needed to learn how to forgive himself. She needed to...
  • spiritual
  • cold
  • fiction
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The 5sos Bible by drearyluke
The 5sos Bibleby m.
Just 5sos junk basically. Warning: Might lead to death, crying, asthma attack, or even more death Have a nice life :) thank you guys so much, ugh ily Achievements: >...
  • luke
  • funny
  • clifford
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ANGELS DYING by hyungwoes
poor creature, you should never have fallen for the girl. © 2018 hyungwoes
  • angel
  • bible
  • poetry
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BREATHE ✔ [Completed] by Osaro_Oghadeva
BREATHE ✔ [Completed]by Osaro_Oghadeva
Meet Isi, a Nigerian who was transferred to Brazil by her employer. She is strong, courageous and religious. Then there's Adrian, a Brazilian business mogul, a woma...
  • wattys2017romance
  • romance
  • prayer
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Devotions; Everyday with Him by ZiaZay
Devotions; Everyday with Himby ZiaZay
This is the other 165 chapters to Devotions; Defeating the Destroyer. You do not need to have read the other book but I am going publish a 200 word devotional about God...
  • faith
  • christian
  • love
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The Emo Quartet Church of Trash by The_Criminal_N2
The Emo Quartet Church of Trashby Emo Dad®
  • mychemicalromance
  • emo
  • patd
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The Satanic Bible by slpnWitpiercedKellic
The Satanic Bibleby slpnWitpiercedKellic
Called "The Black Pope" by many of his followers, Anton LaVey began the road to High Priesthood of the Church of Satan when he was only 16 years old and an or...
  • religion
  • truth
  • satan
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365 Bible Verses for the Year by theotherideas
365 Bible Verses for the Yearby Nicki
➵ a collection of 365 Bible verses for you and me [#2 in Bible Verses - May 2018] [#33 in Jesus - May 2018] [Reached #339 in Spiritual (Feb. 2017)]
  • year
  • christianity
  • bibleverses
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bangtanholywater's bible quotes to help cleanse your sins. by bangtanholywater
bangtanholywater's bible quotes bangtanholywater
made because why the heaven not
  • namjesus
  • bangtan
  • nunjoon
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Jesus Saves Daily Devotions by catyloveswriting
Jesus Saves Daily Devotionsby Caty Lyle
A daily devotional to help you learn more and grow closer to Jesus our King!
  • holyspirit
  • jesuschrist
  • bible
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Proverbs by GvJevitha
Proverbsby GvJevitha
Proverbs in the bible is full of treasure. This book will highlight important proverbs which helps us to renew. Let's go deep in to the word of god.
  • bibleverse
  • hope
  • truth
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Bible Verses & Inspiration for Girls by jilnysoto
Bible Verses & Inspiration for j i l n y 💛
Short quotes, bible verses, and simple advice for girls ❤
  • jesus
  • god
  • bible
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Genesis by ShadieTree
Genesisby Lara
Camden is struggling with his faith. Ever since he was old enough to understand it, he was committed himself to a life of loving God and abiding by all of his rules. T...
  • love
  • gay
  • fiction
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Loving Him {Christian Romance} - Complete by Viviana_Alvarez22
Loving Him {Christian Romance} - Viviana Alvarez
Cover made by @emmy_dee go check her out :) Angelica is a Twenty - One year old girl, she is a Christian and likes to help people. she stand's up for what is right and...
  • forbiddinlove
  • canada
  • washington
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