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The Rulebook by DominicWilliams896
The Rulebookby Slade9974
A lucky protagonist stumbles across a magic book that lets them rewrite the rules.
Food Fantasy Oneshots. by witchysenpai
Food Fantasy Oneshots.by witchysenpai
Let's put the "Fantasy" in "Food Fantasy". (character X reader) Sometimes sweet, (🎀) sometimes lewd,(😉) sometimes lemon (😈) Let me know what you'd...
Wincest (Family x Reader) by DioTheInvader
Wincest (Family x Reader)by D I O
After a long battle from Iran, Y/N finally gets his short break. and lastly he will spend it with his family, by family I say his siblings not wife and children. althoug...
Flirty Girls X Male OC/ Lewd Girl by NoEmTied
Flirty Girls X Male OC/ Lewd Girlby NoEmTied
Lot of lewd language beware A story bout a 'retired' highschool gangster meeting a bunch of flirty girls
Boku no Wheelchair boi υωυ by SweetCandyActor
Boku no Wheelchair boi υωυby SweetCandy
That Wheelchair boi was jumped one day in the street and is now blind and needs a wheelchair. Then they can proceed to be scarred or have a nice tuna sub moment.
Catnip Catra [SPOP AU]  by Furanshisu-kun
Catnip Catra [SPOP AU] by EDGEJRx
An au where they saved Catra so late and she began to act all weird like she was on Catnip. Aka high. Maybe it was too late now, the chip is stuck in her nerves permanen...
From The Shadows[RWBY Fic]  by YoSeBuHaRo
From The Shadows[RWBY Fic] by YoSeBuHaRo
Betrayal. Pain. Sadness. These are what Yin felt when he found out that the love of his life slept with another man. Rage. Furry. Anger. These are what Yin felt when he...
A Gamer in Kuoh[DxD Fic]  by YoSeBuHaRo
A Gamer in Kuoh[DxD Fic] by YoSeBuHaRo
A kid from Earth wakes up to find himself stuck in the body of a fictional teenage boy with an ability that turns his life into a video game and foreknowledge of events...
You are Darkness by MissBlackRaven
You are Darknessby Raven Black
Illumi Zoldyck is a cold blooded killer, a hunter and someone's most precious being in the world. It starts colder than Illu's stare, but I promise you it'll be getting...
We Stand Broken Together Redux (Furry Harem x Male Reader)(On Hold!) by BetterBeWothIt
We Stand Broken Together Redux (Fu...by Redcrow 360
Warning there will be Lemons in this story. You are a human who survived the destruction of your home planet Earth and your races numbers have dwindled to a fraction of...
My parents (somewhat lewd) Instagram  by TodoBakusChild
My parents (somewhat lewd) Instagr...by TodoBakusChild
Its gay its my parents its a story
Len x Kaito Oneshots by Sock69
Len x Kaito Oneshotsby Sock
I'm bored. These are either lemons or just fluff. Enjoy! (I dont own the art work. If you know who drew it feel free to tell me so I can add it)
the story of bubble and mike by INKTALECHICKENLOVER
the story of bubble and mikeby freshchicken
EEEEEEEHHH this is adorable bruh
Seven Hours - (Ryujin × Chaeryeong) by CarlosDeGuzman4
Seven Hours - (Ryujin × Chaeryeong)by CarlosDeGuzman (joshy bends)
Ryujin falls inlove with her own bestfriend and started to have sexual feelings for her, It's wrong but she loves it ♡
Uzui X Reader Lemon by Weetrash
Uzui X Reader Lemonby Weebtrashcan
Okay yall, this one is little bit more intense than the others. Im probably going to be making more parts to it soon though so stay tuned. I had a fun time making this o...
Loving...Stalking: Yoonbum x Reader (Female) by AmeMame
Loving...Stalking: Yoonbum x Reade...by AmeMame
(MATURE CONTENT!! THIS HAS A SLIGHT LIME AND A VERY OBVIOUS LEMON SEX SCENE) Yoon Bum has had his eye on a girl at his university for months. One day, they run into each...
Same Tests, Different Scientist by G0lden_Muggy
Same Tests, Different Scientistby -Really kinky shit-
This was another rp I did with someone on Discord named Toffee. Great person!
The Elite Teacher by YoSeBuHaRo
The Elite Teacherby YoSeBuHaRo
With Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, an institution established by the government for training Japan's best students, where many elites come from, thi...
So Much Milk by G0lden_Muggy
So Much Milkby -Really kinky shit-
Another story with MT but the tables get turned around on him ÒwÓ These MT stories are sorta becoming a series now that I think about it.
Succubus Seduction by Sinismicc
Succubus Seductionby Sin
"You see, your beauty is a lot in this world, you could be such a pretty little doll." He spoke, his breathing picking up whilst his hand slithered to the coll...