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Otis's Odyssey: A Man's Journey in a Woman's World' by RoniSarker
Otis's Odyssey: A Man's Journey in...by Roni Sarker
A world where the male/female ratio is skewed at 1:25. In this dystopian world, societal norms have been completely reversed. Women now hold all the power, and men are l...
Midoriya's luck by godsflames56
Midoriya's luckby Rockstar deku
Just a shit ton of sex and lemon scenes.
A Special Incubus (Male reader x RWBY) [On Hiatus] by Sherherazade
A Special Incubus (Male reader x R...by Sherherazade
Y/N L/N. A boy inexperienced in the ways of normal socialisation, living on a mountain for his entire life. Ever since his parents died, he had no one close to him, asid...
Lewd crossdressing fantasies  by Alexis662568
Lewd crossdressing fantasies by Alexis662568
One of my fantasies while being home alon
Bedtime stories by notsocreamy
Bedtime storiesby notsocreamy
Includes short stories about shrek, donkeys, dolphins and much more.
Monster High wet sleepover  by Monsterhighlewd
Monster High wet sleepover by Monsterhighlewd
Monster girls have some naughty and wet fun at a sleepover.
The lewd girl next door by shiro_no1
The lewd girl next doorby shiro best
A short erotic packed story of a first encounter with the girl next door
Lustful Nights by DanteLaSean
Lustful Nightsby Comic.Geek
Nathanial's New Secretary Has Many Secrets
The Lamia's Food GL by Cookie4Yuri
The Lamia's Food GLby Cookie
During the night a monster has been attacking Emily's village. No one seems to see or hear it until it's to late, disappearing without a trace. What makes things worse...
MineSmut by TwistedFanatsy
MineSmutby Bart Simpson
As Steve spawns into a new world. Something doesn't seem right. All the mobs have been replaced with lustful woman who want him. He plans to do it all. ;)
omotale one-shots by WingedWhiteTIGER
omotale one-shotsby Angel
this is full of omotale stories I write please excuse my Shity spelling and grammar this is NSFW I do take requests some fontcest
You are Darkness by MissBlackRaven
You are Darknessby Raven Black
Illumi Zoldyck is a cold blooded killer, a hunter and someone's most precious being in the world. It starts colder than Illu's stare, but I promise you it'll be getting...
Prisoner (Negan x Reader) by ciannajdm
Prisoner (Negan x Reader)by cianna
You've been with Rick's group for a while now. You were one of the people who killed some of Negan's soldiers and he had heard many things about you because of it. Now t...
Draculaura and the Wolfs by Monsterhighlewd
Draculaura and the Wolfsby Monsterhighlewd
Draculaura is bored at Clawdeens house and she comes earlier home than she expected.
◇Worse for the better◇ by Strrraw
◇Worse for the better◇by Nicky
Au where Madeleine has turned to the dark side, and recruits Espresso to join him. Espresso has no idea what to expect when Madeleine tells him he wants to betray the Co...
Flash and Steel (Male Reader x Black Clover) by chancegunnett
Flash and Steel (Male Reader x Bla...by Who-Else-But-Discord
My second magnum opus! Now with more snarky banter Purchase Premium for the easy price of $69.69 a year and receive absolutely nothing, except the ability to say Nice...
Materialization Effect (crossover harem x male reader) by itsRadiantz
Materialization Effect (crossover...by Radiantz
Y/N's closest friend finds a notebook with the title Materialization Effect. It claims to bring anyone who is dead or fictional into real life by materializing them. Alt...
Castle Dimitrescu  by Futa-D
Castle Dimitrescu by Futa-D
Welcome to my castle! I only bite if I like you~
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Ownership by Novxcxine
Ownershipby Novxcxine
Pure smut and lewdness. An old fanfic/roleplay I co-wrote with a friend. Enjoy <33