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"Pillow Buddy" ✔ by Cjessie1230
"Pillow Buddy" ✔by 𝐂𝐣𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐞𝟏𝟐𝟑𝟎
❝Your heartbeat is like a lullaby❞ he mumbled 𝘚𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵'𝘴 𝘩𝘰𝘸 𝘩𝘦 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘣𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘵 I grabbed the duvet that was tossed at the side of the bed and I put i...
Cousin Miguel  by Bobbylein
Cousin Miguel by Bobbylein
After everything that has happened with Boyd, Derek can't stand living in the loft. When he is offered to live with the Stilinski family he doesn't know if this is going...
2am Knows All Secrets [Kiribaku] by unbreakable-red-riot
2am Knows All Secrets [Kiribaku]by Unbreakable Red Riot
... It wasn't that he was annoyed. Okay, maybe he was a little annoyed, but that was because a certain explosive punk decided to test the flammability of his sheets at 2...
Kacchan can't know! by ForeverFanfictionB1
Kacchan can't know!by Orangeyougladididntputmyname
Midoriya thinks Bakugou will be disgusted if he finds out he's a little. Putting off little space has unforeseen side affects on Izuku's mental health though, and Bakugo...
Bambina by Hal3Storm
Bambinaby Hal3Storm
Cute little 4yr old Daliah was just sitting on the street when a man went up to her What happens when that man turns out to be her father? What happens when she finds ou...
Supernatural Sister Imagines by omnisimmunduspirtus
Supernatural Sister Imaginesby Nunya Business Bitch
Most of these will be in an age range from newborn to around fifteen, because I like imagines that feature a baby Winchester sister with the boys, so yeah. Enjoy. I will...
Catching Charlie by poppy0402
Catching Charlieby ~Poppy~
Charlie; a little girl who desperately needed catching. Leo, Oscar and Atlas; her three older brothers who awaited with open arms. ~ Five year old Charlie's life gets tu...
The Lonely Rabbit and Broken Thief by Braveytehcat
The Lonely Rabbit and Broken Thiefby Braveytehcat
It was the first time in his life being completely alone. Before, he had his brother, but, now, he was with someone else. He had no idea what to do by himself. He didn't...
Emotional Support Omega by Wattsup-yan
Emotional Support Omegaby Wattsup-yan
Older au Izuku is not a hero,but instead works for an organization to help alphas, mainly over worked heros who need relaxed. One of those hero alphas, is Todoroki Shoto...
Cuddly Midori by erisofnyx
Cuddly Midoriby Eris of Chaos
Midoriya is a very tactile person, hugging, hanging, sleeping one everyone. Alt. Midoriya is UA's resident cryptid, always appearing and disappearing at will to get his...
•Unknown Love• by Addie_Sad
•Unknown Love•by drained bread..
Ranboo travels to the UK to spend time with his friends and make more content. But during that period of time, his ever growing love towards a close friend grows more. ...
Little Bite Luna by Thegirlwhowrites_23
Little Bite Lunaby Krissy
She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. 4'11 height but a 6'7ft attitude. She might be small, but she sure is feisty. But...
Billie Eilish Imagines (MAKE REQUESTS! I COMPLETE ALL REQUESTS WITHIN 24 HOURS! by Billieismyavocado
Billie Eilish Imagines (MAKE Billieismyavocado
Billie Eilish imagines, preferences etc! Please feel free to make requests!! I do all requests except smut ❤️ and I do two updates per day or more.
Marco by NiqueMkw
Marcoby Monique Mkwanazi
Amara Park : Independent small bakery owner. She is obsessed with watching movies and TV shows. She can't go a day without some chicken nuggets. She's mixed and love her...
The Stolen Relationship ( A HTF Story) by Isaacthe_creator
The Stolen Relationship ( A HTF Isaac, The Creator
Set in the town filled with cute woodland creatures. A mint green bear named Mintly goes through an adventure of love, break up and forgiveness. He first had a huge crus...
To Be A Dad (Irondad and Spiderson) by Fan_Of_everything_45
To Be A Dad (Irondad and Spiderson)by FAAANNN
UNDER EDITING Tony is handed nine-month-old Peter Stark and tries his hardest to change to be a good dad and make good home for his son.
Touch by xplr-sturniolo
Touchby Greyson
Sam doesn't like being touched by anyone. He doesn't even let his own family hug him. No body other than himself knows why. What happens if he opens up to someone?
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TOUCH | A.R by hotcamaless
TOUCH | A.Rby Indie 🦈
This is an AGE REGRESSION STORY COMPLETELY NONSEXUAL |. | When will I feel this As vivid as it truly is? Fall in love in a single touch And fall apart when it hurts t...
Couple imagines 😍 by cuddless_x
Couple imagines 😍by ✌🏼💍
Cute relationships, relationship goals, and more 🔥
Mommy Spanking stories (F/m) by Robin-Rikert
Mommy Spanking stories (F/m)by Robin-Rikert
A collection of F/m spanking stories featuring cute boys getting their bottoms blistered by their sexy adopted/step mommies