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Finding His Place by Demons-run72
Finding His Placeby Demons-run72
Harry potter is abused but there might be someone who can do something.
Hey You - Phlint AU (BOOK ONE) by Dreaming0fLarry
Hey You - Phlint AU (BOOK ONE)by Evie
"Feel like falling in love?" "Yes." (Cover by Fireyfoxes)
Avengers One Shots by LovableCutieRaven
Avengers One Shotsby LovableCutieRaven
Avengers One Shots Fluff, Angst, Smut, etc. Romance, Family, Solo, etc.
The Journal of Clinton Francis Barton by lolkayleighaf
The Journal of Clinton Francis kayleigh !!
Imagine the events of CA:TWS never happened, S.H.I.E.L.D. never fell, and HYDRA never took over. Imagine Phil Coulson never took over as Director and he kept to himself...
Blonde and Brunette by wintercaptain
Blonde and Brunetteby Bucky Bear
Steve Rogers is a beacon of hope for America, for the world, the ideal man, a soldier looking for peace in troubled times. Tony Stark is the opposite. Ever since the ev...
One-shots by That_Gay_Chika
One-shotsby Sarah Buttler
Okay, this is a collection of one-shots. I do not own any of the characters and they all belong to their rightful owners. Thank you.
A New Start by gayavengers
A New Startby gayavengers
Clint Barton has gotten on SHIELD's radar in a bad way. Agent Coulson was sent to either kill the archer, or bring him in. The agent chose to bring him in. This is the s...
Back to School by marvellover24
Back to Schoolby The Stage of One Direction
Rachel Quinn. A supposedly normal middle school girl. Living with her widow mother, traveling many places, all Rachel wishes is to be able to have a proper home. When he...
Super Husbands Life by Cangellygaming
Super Husbands Lifeby Cangellygaming
one-shots on stony I take requests so send them in.
In Fair New York, Where We Lay Our Scene - Avengers Fanfiction by CrimesOfADeadpool
In Fair New York, Where We Lay Jamie
Tony and Steve have adopted a cute little boy named Peter. Phil and Clint have adopted a troublesome mutant named Wade. Wade can't help that he's fallen for his childhoo...
In the Sea, Beneath the Stars by hawk3y3
In the Sea, Beneath the Starsby hawk3y3
Clint/Coulson Mermaid AU. (Merman!Clint and Sailor!Coulson) - When the 'SRR Lola' of the SHIELD fleet is attacked by the deadly Kraken Loki, Captain Phil Coulson decides...