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Only His by LiaAurora29
Only Hisby Laura
Lucca was the underboss of Massimo family. He had darkness embedded in him. He was a cruel devil perfectly shaped to rule the underworld. Bella, a paramedic who only...
✓ 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄, 𝘦. 𝘣𝘶𝘤𝘬𝘭𝘦𝘺 by honeyslytherin
❝be careful when you play with fire, because you're bound to get burned❞ «season 1 and 2 of 911» «published: august 13, 2020» «completed: october 20, 2020»
flames   ━   chicago fire by winchessta
flames ━ chicago fireby 𝕿
𝐅𝐋𝐀𝐌𝐄𝐒 | monica casey didn't imagine that she would fall in love with one of her brothers closest friends. she also didn't think that she would be able to call...
In Flames // 9-1-1 Fox (seasons 1-4) by akila47
In Flames // 9-1-1 Fox (seasons akila47
"Keep your confessions Cause babe I'm no saint We're playing with fire" - In Flames, Digital Daggers Mariana Ramirez doesn't let people into her life. At twent...
Inferno Part 2 by Lucigurl13
Inferno Part 2by Lucigurl13
This is the 5th book in my Embers' series. Please, Please, Please do not start with this book. Please start in the following order: Embers, Extinguished, Cinders, Infern...
Inferno by Lucigurl13
Infernoby Lucigurl13
This is the 4th book in the Embers' series. If you have not yet read, please read Embers, Extinguished, and Cinders before coming back to this one! Follow Ellie and Tayl...
explosion (jay halstead / one chicago) by written_by_maya
explosion (jay halstead / one Maya 🥀❤️
Moving from Madrid to Chicago and starting as a paramedic at firehouse 51, all Liz Severide wants is two things: leave her old life behind and stay away from love. Unfo...
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg)  by CaramelCreamCoffee
Heartbreaks Heal (Larry Mpreg) by CaramelCreamCoffee
Louis has been a paramedic for five years now ... seen and experienced things you'd never believe. Yet not once has he ever been thrown into a situation he couldn't hand...
Hearts on Fire  (Book 5: Creek-Harbor) by XxMiss_SummerxX
Hearts on Fire (Book 5: Nicole_Lisa ♥
(stated-30/10/19) Amazing & beautiful covers made by the very talented @demonologies Emma Anderson needed a fresh start away from her old life, being a widow single moth...
Embers by Lucigurl13
Embersby Lucigurl13
Ellie's first day as a paramedic at Firehouse 20, and already she has noticed the handsome Lieutenant Preston. Can the rules she set for herself keep her from falling in...
If You Met Me First  by sing4trouble
If You Met Me First by sing4trouble
Shelby found herself standing infront of Firehouse 51. She was running from her past, from her father, and from her ex. She came to Chicago to start new. To start over...
My Rescuer | vk✓ by BabygirlNura
My Rescuer | vk✓by ❥ n u r a ❥
Firefighter Jeongguk and Paramedic Taehyung knew their jobscope as First Responders officers are highly risk, which could put both at deadly situation. But, when trouble...
Extinguished  by Lucigurl13
Extinguished by Lucigurl13
This is a sequel to my story, Embers. If you haven't read that one, check it out first! This story is completed! Follow Ellie Freeman and Lieutenant Taylor Preston as t...
Medical OneShots by Nobody483
Medical OneShotsby 🙃
I'm not a med student or anything so sorry if it's inaccurate. Some of them might be celebs/TV show/movie characters if I can't think of names XD I will take requests bu...
Sometimes... by Dawsey_story
#16 Dawsey_story
It's a Dawsey story. It plays one year after Gabby left Chicago. Sylvie and Matt are dating. What happens if Gabby comes back? What will change? What stays? Will Matt st...
Success Is the Best Revenge {Book 1} **Watty Awards 2012** by itsKristen
Success Is the Best Revenge { itsKristen
Seventeen year old Alea Peters has the perfect boyfriend. But a prom night gone wrong tears them apart forever. What happens when the girl her boyfriend left her for com...
Chicago Med Imagines (requests Open)  by I-MustNotTellLies
Chicago Med Imagines (requests Multi fandom
Have your favourite doctor or nurse look after you! Send me requests if you wish!
This Is My Life (9-1-1 Fanfic) by Breezy_Briii
This Is My Life (9-1-1 Fanfic)by Bri
Camilla Laken is a 21 year old first responder, to be specific a paramedic.
Brace Yourselves by Writingafterdark
Brace Yourselvesby Writingafterdark
After Dawson leaving, Matt was in complete shambles. Sylvie goes to check on him and finds a huge surprise.