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Beast To Prince by PupPupPop
Beast To Princeby PupPupPop
Jayne Hughes owns a pet-shop and is known around her neighborhood to tame any animal. One day she gets a strange customer that asks her to tame his pet, she agrees to hi...
The Professor's Slave by fanatic145
The Professor's Slaveby fanatic145
Elaine, a student in Charles's biology class, is blackmailed into being his wedgie and BDSM slave for the rest of the semester. She has no choice but to give in but will...
The idol's hybrids  by hope1299
The idol's hybrids by kk.slays
Jimin tries to take of horny bunny hybrid and kinky tiger hybrid while trying balance his career as a idol. (5/12/20)#9 in vminkook
Oh no, Neko! by tieRD7
Oh no, Neko!by Heya
Shoto Todoroki was pretty young when he got hit by a neko quirk. It's stuck with him his whole life, basically turning him into a human cat. He does a lot of cat things...
The Lost Desire  by Ddlb_writer
The Lost Desire by ~ Anastasia ~
*NOT SEXUAL* In this world you can only be one of 8 things, a little, Dom, maschocist, sadist, owner, pet, slave, or master As of recently there have been a major lack...
Bound to the Twin Hybrids by loveandpeace130
Bound to the Twin Hybridsby Bluelotus.kaylah
A broken werewolf girl in a broken werewolf society Learned at a young age life will try to break you down... but will you let is become your greatest weakness or streng...
Arya's Pleasure  by Sarahopstan
Arya's Pleasure by Sarahopstan
#6 in owner In a world where the Enlightened had taken over, where humans are no more than commodities to be sold and bought, Isaac is used goods. A human that is no lo...
Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Marino Story by HP4lyfe2020
Atypical Heiress: The Penelope Mar...by Ashleigh Yates
Meet Penelope Marino. At 26 years old, she's the youngest CFO in the history of the company; She's also the daughter of the CEO and owner. There's more to her than being...
Is it Love or not?? (BrightWin) by CherryMay0325
Is it Love or not?? (BrightWin)by Cherry May
Unicode** အမြဲတမ်းပျော်ပျော်နေတတ်ပြီး ဘာမှသိပ်မတွေးတတ်ဘဲ ပေါ့ပေါ့ပါးပါးနေတတ်တဲ့ ကောင်လေးနဲ့ အရာရာကို လေးလေးနက်နက်တွေးတတ်ပြီး ခံစားချက်တိုင်းကို ဂရုစိုက်တဲ့ ကောင်လေး ထို...
Night Changes h.s. au by Harrys_Hoodlum
Night Changes h.s. auby Valerie Lovelace
Highest Ranking: #1 in fan fiction When Mia Colorlodge waits for her mom to pick her up after voice lessons, she does not expect a curly haired stranger to turn up and t...
Real Creator [Miraculous Ladybug x Fairy Tail] by Scarlet_Rairlight
Real Creator [Miraculous Ladybug x...by Scarlet Flaire
She owns it they didn't know She returns they are confuse She wants them back but They refuse.... Not knowing she's the creator of it
Ex-BBF series# 1: My RP Ex-Boybestfriend is the SSG President by Skyblueee10
Ex-BBF series# 1: My RP Ex-Boybest...by Skyblueee10
Reign Sachie Dixon a makulit girl with a serious type twin. Kian Salvacion a SSG President and son of the owner of SALVACION UNIVERSITY.
ဤဌာနေလေညှာကသည်းလွန်း၍ (ဤဌာေနေလညွာကသည္းလြန္း၍) by DoeymyDoe
ဤဌာနေလေညှာကသည်းလွန်း၍ (ဤဌာေနေလညွာက...by DoeymyDoe
ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်လိမ့်မည်ဟု ယုံကြည်ပါသည်။ ဖတ်ကြည့်ပေးပါနော်❤️
Jikook ↦ little kitty by Makuzno
Jikook ↦ little kittyby 🧡🎃 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙪𝙯𝙣𝙤 🎃🧡
Jungkook found a small, clumsy and short cat on the pet shop. He was a hybrid and his name was Park Jimin. Park Jimin is a clumsy, soft and sensitive cat. Jungkook regre...
Bunny by hope1299
Bunnyby kk.slays
You not just a pet to me!you are more than!you are like my best friend,lover,and soulmate!all wrapped up in one!why can't you understand that!!?~taehyung Taehyung adopte...
beginners guide to bdsm by phanisdaddys
beginners guide to bdsmby littlewolf
no its not all '50 shades' bdsm is quite difrent in many ways and hear is everything you NEED to know about this life. without further ado...FREE THE KINKS!
Bitchass dog  by 94JJAEBUM
Bitchass dog by 𝘚.
Hyunjin x Jeongin FanFiction, where a twenty year old guy called Jeongin gets evicted. He finds himself wondering around a park then bumps into a dog, which terrifies hi...
The Married Neighbor by lustrus
The Married Neighborby lustrus
Temptation ~ the desire to do something, particularly something immoral or unwise. Hera Digallo a gifted Architect that shifted into a new city and a new home for a new...