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𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐎𝐎 ── NICKY NICHOLS by ellaspurnell
"You're stuck on me like a tattoo." ━ When one tattoo brings two inmates together ────────── ( oitnb ) ( oc x nicky ) ( ©ellaspurnell )
The Gay Bible//Orphan Black Edition {DISCONTINUED} by farting_rat
The Gay Bible//Orphan Black Editio...by 🕷
Hey guys thanks for checking this story out. I'm gonna all the memes and gifs of OB in here. I'm also gonna put a lot of cophine in here. I bet you're gonna die laughin...
Lesbian One Shots by frickestsick
Lesbian One Shotsby Maia
Lots of ships. Very gay. Please read and give feedback.
helena,  plot shop. by orphanblacksociety
helena, plot shop.by - ̗̀ sestras ̖́-
where you can find and request plots!
Coming Home by ThiliaEstel
Coming Homeby Benedicted
A fanfiction about a girl who was adopted by Benedict Cumberbatch after something happened to her which she is not really willing to talk about. Will he be able to give...
Random Fandom Oneshots by BluePunkRockRebel
Random Fandom Oneshotsby Nikita Gomez
So yeah I love writing pricefield and all but it's time to do something diffrent so I will be writing one shots for diffrent fandoms. Even though I am not in a lot of fa...
The 'Guest' Teacher by britishxmermaid
The 'Guest' Teacherby britishxmermaid
Cosima, a teacher. Delphine, almost a teacher. They learn to know each other cause Delphine is sent from her University to watch Cosima teaching. You're confused? Jus...
Orphans Beloved: "Prisoner..." by regertz
Orphans Beloved: "Prisoner..."by regertz
Orphan Black tale. One of my "Orphans Beloved" short tales and fragments...Pre S2, Alison (Allison for alt events:)) finds it's not nice to challenge Mother D...
tied by jordanjesnoewski
tiedby jordanjesnoewski
the moments leading up to cophines wedding. Forgive me for my punctuation is not that great
 I'll Never Leave You (Cophine Fanfic/One-shot) by Suburban_Girl
I'll Never Leave You (Cophine Fan...by Darla Lyle
When the gun had fired, the pain in my abdomen was agonizing. It would've been so easy to just slip away...
Cophine oneshots- loaded with fluff and angst.
Cophine // One Shot by senytarium
Cophine // One Shotby senytarium
Plusieurs one shot du couple Cosima et Delphine dans Orphan Black ! La plus part sont des réécritures de certaines scènes
Alone on Halloween (SoccerCop) by AbiWaltham
Alone on Halloween (SoccerCop)by AbiWaltham
Its been almost a two years since Beth died. Alison's left alone again.
Introducing The Sestras by PJatO98
Introducing The Sestrasby Gabby
Cosima is worried. Shay is suspicious. Delphine is missing. Krystal is confused. Clone Club is growing. Post S3 One-Shot
You let this happen. by indescribable_human
You let this happen.by theyahem
Delphine didn't mean for this to happen, but it happened anyway.
Doctor Delphine Cormier by BlueShines2
Doctor Delphine Cormierby BlueShines2
- Orphan Black AU - cross over: Orphan Who - Delphine & Cosima - set: Cosima and Delphine's first meeting - about: the Doctor meets Cosima - topics: Tardis, clones, frie...
OB fanfiction by OBfangirl
OB fanfictionby M. Yukimura
My clone oc's adventures with Clone Club
A Place Only We Know by alleykatt133
A Place Only We Knowby alleykatt133
Detective Beth Childs meets a suburban house wife, married with two kids, Alison Hendrix while working on a case. The thing is they look identical. Beth wants to know...
Walking like a shadow by sunshine_dare
Walking like a shadowby sunshine_dare
After the season 3 finale, Delphine lives and Cophine is back. All of the Clone Club go on vacations for one week. Cosima and Delphine are still damaged because all of t...
Project Heslor by YellowDragon123
Project Heslorby Yellow dragon
The year is 2003, twelve years before the events of Orphan Black. Another human cloning experiment was created by Dyad for the study of psychology known as project Heslo...