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Avatar Korra by N0l30DY
Avatar Korraby Nobody
It's kinda like Harry Potter but (then again it isn't) in avatar style. Hufflepuf is Air Slytherin is Earth Ravenclaw is water Gryffindor is fire It is about avatar Korr...
That Girl by JayJay920046
That Girlby P.Troubles930
A new girl comes to Republic High and changes Asami's friend group for the good (*Disclaimer* I do not own these characters they are from Legend of Korra)
spider-man but w/ LOK by Bigbrainboi420
spider-man but w/ LOKby Bigbrainboi420
the fan art is pretty much the only reason i wanted to make this story...so basically it's the same concept as the other spider man movies but with LOK characters. art b...
Homeless 1-19 by doctorcola12
Homeless 1-19by doctorcola12
This is not my story but I am going to be sharing it with you folks this is a Korra Asami story when Asami is kick out of here house because he love for women and Hiro n...
The New Kid (A Korrasami Fanfic Modern AU) by Airtempleavatar
The New Kid (A Korrasami Fanfic Mo...by Korra avatar
Asami Sato, Bolin, and Mako are three friends, wishing for someone different to come along. When they meet and befriend the new student at school, something tells them t...
Opposite Attractions - KorrAsami Fanfiction  by NataliaBrown_
Opposite Attractions - KorrAsami F...by Natalia Brown
Korra and Asami are best friends ever since middle school. Then in high school, both girls face various life-changing events in their lives. Will these events affect the...
The Princess and The Servant  by Airtempleavatar
The Princess and The Servant by Korra avatar
Asami is a princess. Not an average princess. She is the princess of Encanta, a magical realm. She has everything from a loving family to magical powers to amazing best...
I'd Die For You by RyotaSensei
I'd Die For Youby Ryota Sensei
THIS IS A SHORT STORY Mako and Korra are back together. Yet Asami tries to figure out her feelings. People still hate the Avatar. Why?
The Legend Of Korrasami by nozonozomee
The Legend Of Korrasamiby Kristelle 💧
Prologue: Asami Sato was just a loyal friend. A friend who promised to never leave the avatar's side. After Korra and Mako's break up, she never felt awkwardness with h...
Korrasami: a new beginning  by purduegv12
Korrasami: a new beginning by purduegv12
Asami and the rest of team avatar find out that Hiroshi is working with Amon. Asami is sad and angry so she stays with korra at air temple island, over time asami starts...
Korrasami Drabbles: Deal With It by Chvrrlx
Korrasami Drabbles: Deal With Itby Alex
Drabbles and pieces that pour from my very active imagination. Perhaps one shots or more shots! Some stories might eventually be written in full. Rating can vary, there...
Stressed Out by BaileyJohnson162
Stressed Outby Bailey Johnson
Korra is a musician who has a habit of going to Taco Bell rather frequently. One of the cashiers catches her eye and now she can't stay away.
Asamis lunch break by Princeyoghurt
Asamis lunch breakby Princeyoghurt
korrasami; what more is there to say? smut!!!!!!!!!!
The CEO & The Avatar by Sofi_Droit
The CEO & The Avatarby Sofi_Droit
Asami Sato is a CEO of the most prosperous company in Republic City- "Future Industries". She had to work hard after her father, Hiroshi Sato, got arrested for...
Korrasami : An Uncommon Relationship by AlldeRage
Korrasami : An Uncommon Relationsh...by AlldeRage
The story is set after Book 4 of LoK. Korra and Asami have been in the Spirit World for six months now and feel that they're ready to come back and rejoin with their fri...
Conflict Resolution by Chvrrlx
Conflict Resolutionby Alex
Korra enjoys being a radio show host, especially since she gets to help people find balance in their lives with her advice. What they don't know is that her personal lif...
From the Inside by justkiddin304
From the Insideby justkiddin304
this is a korrasami about korra being a werewolf and Asami being a hunter. This is a true love story about how two halves will always come together in the end.
Guilty Until Proven Avatar by pleasedontslipaway
Guilty Until Proven Avatarby pleasedontslipaway
Taking place after Legend of Korra: Ruin of the Empire, this story is about Korra and Asami, the two most powerful women in Republic City. After the empire's fall, new p...
An Act of Kindness by doctorcola12
An Act of Kindnessby doctorcola12
This is another homeless story but this time it asami finding Korra homeless and does what ever she needs to do to help her. Now this will be a shorter then my other:(...
TLOK Kyalin Oneshots NEW by PinkRathian
TLOK Kyalin Oneshots NEWby PinkRathian
Primarily Kyalin Oneshots of different ratings 😏, you can find some Suvira in here too. Cute fluff to angst, it's all the Kyalin you could want! "I wish I had two...