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 Destiny[Mako] by Rayeccccc
Destiny[Mako]by Rayeccccc
Destiny. We all have one, whether we like it or not. Some carry the weight of the world, some travel down a dark path and some... fight against it. And that's exactly w...
Heat by Chvrrlx
Heatby Alex
Korrasami and SMUT
To Feel Free-Korra X Fem!Reader by HuntressStories
To Feel Free-Korra X Fem!Readerby Bri Marie
Korra's only childhood friend(Y/N) is found after two years when she moves to Republic City for her airbending training. (Y/N), although a non-bender has studied techniq...
moonchild ☽ mako [lok] by YellowHoodies
moonchild ☽ mako [lok]by a (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃
« moonchild, don't cry. when the moon rise, it's your time. moonchild, you shine. when the moon rise, it's your time. » -r...
the avatar's big sister [lok] by rwajahat
the avatar's big sister [lok]by ღ rida ღ
❝destiny is a funny thing. you never know how things are going to work out, but if you keep an open mind and an open heart, i promise you will find your own destiny some...
Master of Peace [Bolin] by SarcasticSisters
Master of Peace [Bolin]by Brooke and Tiana
[Currently going through a re-writing process] {Formerly known as "Extra Airbender"} Nini is the eldest daughter of Master Tenzin and Granddaughter of Avatar A...
Dragonfire | Mako by -hellsqueen
Dragonfire | Makoby 𝕺𝖑𝖌𝖆
The Fire Nation has been in a period of peace for years. Benevolent leaders have risen, rulers who care more about the people than their own interests, and the country h...
The Last Hope : sokka x reader x zuko by addyandsaph
The Last Hope : sokka x reader x z...by addy & saph whattt
this is a sokka x reader and i guess a love triangle with zuko too <3 ------- the avatar roku died 100 years ago, leaving no one in his succession. no one knew where...
The Legend Of Korrasami by nozonozomee
The Legend Of Korrasamiby Kristelle 💧
Prologue: Asami Sato was just a loyal friend. A friend who promised to never leave the avatar's side. After Korra and Mako's break up, she never felt awkwardness with h...
Thunder Roars || LOK Mako x OC by kookrill
Thunder Roars || LOK Mako x OCby kookrill
Lei, granddaughter of the late Azula, has been trained as a firebender since she was a little girl and was taught by her great uncle, Lord Zuko. With exceeding skills, L...
The Dual Bender by goldendragon225
The Dual Benderby goldendragon225
Korra x Male Reader. There is a prophecy that came to be whilst the first Avatar, Wan was traveling the globe learning new elements. That one day a brother and sister wo...
In the backseat  by poisoned_flower
In the backseat by Poisoned flower
Korra and Asami have some fun in the backseat of a Sato mobile. (M rated)
Fire Meets Fire (Mako x Reader) by sassypantlover
Fire Meets Fire (Mako x Reader)by sassypantlover
(Y/N) never imagined that she would be allowed to leave the Fire Nation to see the world. She CERTAINLY never imagined that it would lead her to Republic City, where she...
Book 1 "A Promise" by gbow1999
Book 1 "A Promise"by Gbow1999
170 AG the year of change for two friends. It is finally time for the Avatar, Master of all four elements, to learn airbending. But before she can learn airbending she...
Korrasami Three-shot by dakotaisgay
Korrasami Three-shotby dakota.
again this is not my story, all rights go to the writer from fanfiction.net
The Anti Avatar Korra X Male Reader The Legend Of Korra Fanfic by Masterofstories456
The Anti Avatar Korra X Male Reade...by The king of bastards
Y/N Beifong was the son of Lin Beifong and F/N L/N who left Y/N at the age of 5 after finding out he wasn't gonna be the next avatar but he still was able to bend two el...
Petrichor (Bolin x Reader) by enbyenvy
Petrichor (Bolin x Reader)by Del
It all started when Pabu ran from Bolin, trying to avoid a bath. Bolin runs you over, makeing you spill hot tea from The Sapphire Lemur all over yourself, and Bolin. (T...
Avatar:Legends Of Korra by 0ptical1llusion
Avatar:Legends Of Korraby Optical Illusion
This is an Asami or Korra X Reader Toph Beifong, the legendary and most powerful earthbender in the world, being the first one to bend metal. Well that legend is now 86...
The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFic by FlavaIsMe
The Story Of Naomi - LOK FanFicby Flava
*Old Work* "Well, my family have a lot of great benders. Aang, Tenzin, Katara, Kya even my dad was a great firebender with an earthbender mom... I can't understand...