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Angel(Kings MC #1) by JesseGainley
Angel(Kings MC #1)by Jesse Gainley
(in the stage of re-writing) My name is Alice Scott. I have a crazy stalker. I can't see my parents because of it. I dont want to put them in danger. I move every time h...
Dove (The Kings MC #2)(ON HOLD) by JesseGainley
Dove (The Kings MC #2)(ON HOLD)by Jesse Gainley
My name is Luna wallis. I thought I had the best parents in the world that was until we left my childhood town. The only boy who ever made me feel safe was my childhood...
Penetrate into the chronicles: Mrs. Shenhao, I lack virtue and go crazy (MTL) by KiseonYi
Penetrate into the chronicles: Mrs...by Sofia Rein
穿进年代文:神豪老太我缺德发疯 Author: Xuan Gu/ 玄骨 Story not mine. Saving it here for convenience. Ongoing. Update when chapters are available. Latest Chapter 270 Site: https://www.69s...
My Biker Saviour( Angels of the Dark MC #1) by 54Heidi45
My Biker Saviour( Angels of the Da...by Heidi
23-year-old Lilly is living a real-life nightmare and 28-year-old Jace 'ripper' is the resident psychopath enforcer of the angels of the dark MC and brings nightmares to...
My Lucky Lady  [Yandere CEO X Female Reader] by Trillaxi
My Lucky Lady [Yandere CEO X Fema...by Trillaxi
- Currently On Hold - When love turns into an obsession, the terror spreads but, when that obsession turns into need, anything can happen. He needed her for everything...
On The Devil's Bed by DaniDeviant
On The Devil's Bedby Danielle
After being away from the small town of Charming for nearly a decade, a milestone birthday in the family brings Danielle back to Charming and into the world of SAMCRO.
Until the End (Just a Nurse Sequel) by anonyreader20
Until the End (Just a Nurse Sequel)by anonyreader20
"Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks Within his bending sickle's compass come; Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even...
Happy Lowman's Old Lady And Son (Sons of Anarchy) by winterflower14000
Happy Lowman's Old Lady And Son (S...by Babygirl💖
"I didn't pick this life, this life picked me." Rosalie Ranae Lowman is the Old Lady of Happy Lowman, and they have a 15 year old son together named Remington...
A Wise Woman (Hells Angels MC #2) by ms_misschief
A Wise Woman (Hells Angels MC #2)by ms_misschief
Sophia is originally from France. She was born there, but she and her family had to move because her father had received a well-paid job offer. She was 8 at the time and...
Poems by Slaying_myself
Poemsby Slaying_myself
Here are some poems I have written (Mostly at like 3am) So enjoy :) (Mostly vent poems so warning)
The Old Lady Next Door by JeffMScott
The Old Lady Next Doorby TALES FROM BEYOND!
Five year old Billy has to start over making friends after his family moves him into a new neighborhood, in a new city. Luckily for Billy, someone has their eye on getti...
{B L} The Days When Pheromones Were Occupied by School Grass (MTL) by KiseonYi
{B L} The Days When Pheromones Wer...by Sofia Rein
《信息素被校草佔領的日子》 Author: The lynx that beckons fortune / 招財的猞猁 As a beautiful and soft Omega with sweet pheromones, Yang Nianshu was liked by the whole class as soon as he...
The Degradation by AfterAllImAnIdol
The Degradationby Claud/Author/Idol
"Hello? Can you hear me?" But the old woman was deaf, and could not hear her.
smarty by futurebabi
smartyby futurebabi
"You're hot." "One, I am way too old for you. Two, I have a wife." "Is your wife hot too?" -a 17 year old whorė involved with the Italian m...
Scat by rosycherries
Scatby callιope
In which all of the women in the world turn into fairies and they have to keep it a secret from men. It all started with Lizzy and Tabby... And a crazy old women who wan...
Ethel and Gladys' Fun Winter Time Staycation w/ a Paralyzed Bad Boy by MaxHendricks
Ethel and Gladys' Fun Winter Time...by Max Hendricks
When Ace Rodham, leather jacketed bad boy, gets pushed off of a cliff in the middle of winter, he finds himself paralyzed in the winter woods. Luckily, elderly lesbians...
Vision by shreee_
Visionby s h r e e
where zara gives akemi her vision back
SMILE :} by Rhoda5644
SMILE :}by Rhoda5644
I walk into this tunnel thinking it's a joke but found something unexpected.
Deborahs Disasters by emmaemmaemmaemmaemma
Deborahs Disastersby emmaemmaemmaemmaemma
Deborah, 68, has many adventures. Many of which are disastrous. I will try to post every Friday but I will probably get off schedule.