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Daya by Silkwritings
Dayaby Eliza
Younger Sister of a soon to be football star Daya Price is a sophomore who spends her time listening to music from the golden age of hip hop and collecting black icon te...
Adult Bakugo X reader! by bnhafannn
Adult Bakugo X reader!by bnhafannn
Adult Bakugo and Adult Y/n broke up and haven't seen eachother in over 3 years... will seeing eachother after all this time pull the heart strings or feel nothing.
New To This by Silkwritings
New To Thisby Eliza
Sequel to Daya It's the summer before junior year for Daya and senior for Ziyah. Updates Wednesday's and Friday's
Broken And Betrayed by Edinamabasi
Broken And Betrayedby Edinamabasi
When all of Camp Half-Blood, and most of all Annabeth, turn their backs on Percy and shun him for something he hasn't done, he and his half brother leave for Olympus. W...
The Arranged Bride ( Under Edit) by ___maatiii____
The Arranged Bride ( Under Edit)by maatii
Previously known as Married to Mr. Jerk Highest ranks :- #1 in Mother #61 in Romance #1 in Jerk ...
Cream Puffs and Courtship by ThatMatchie
Cream Puffs and Courtshipby Madeline Ella
"Do I know you?" She asked. "I think everyone here does." He said with a chuckle. ~~~ Orphaned and left to raise her younger sister, Evelyn feels l...
✎ | Insatiable Crimes  by maevesmania
✎ | Insatiable Crimes by »𝐌
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐀𝐅𝐈𝐀 𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐄𝐍 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐁 𝐁𝐎𝐒𝐒 ❛They call you the temptress of the night. A woman trained to kill; a weapon equipped to destroy. A murderer h...
Can you Keep A Secret? || Billy Hargrove by ScoopsAhoy-
Can you Keep A Secret? || Billy 🦋 ashton jade 🦋
Elaine Harrington was not a jerk. And she was not stuck up. And she was definitely not her brother. One common denominator they did share was their popularity. Everyone...
Bnha x Male reader oneshots by KIDDOSMOMMA
Bnha x Male reader oneshotsby Momma
I am a mother of anyone who reads this, everyone is welcome here 😌 Unless you like Gabi Braun. Then "Get that bread, get that head, then leave." 💅
I Dare You by AsherMars
I Dare Youby Asher Mars
"Reject me." His eyes lightened a little, with surprise and he pulled away from me slightly. "Reject me Will, I dare you." Cleo grew up under the imp...
Mutualism : Draco X Reader by CandiedPenmanship
Mutualism : Draco X Readerby just another author
You go to Hogwarts and bump into someone strange. You can't quite figure him out. But he's already got you figured out.
Daddies Little Rosie (Ab/dl Dd/lg) by littleonerosies
Daddies Little Rosie (Ab/dl Dd/lg)by Rosé B
Who knew that bumping into two brothers could change everything. Seth and Eathan went and got there everyday morning coffee at a local cafe. But this day was unusual the...
Aizawa x Reader: My Goddess by lightninglaze
Aizawa x Reader: My Goddessby lightning laze
A female lead character. My first story ever. Like ever. It's just been stuck in my head, so I'm going to try and write it.... After graduating from UA at the top of he...
His Silver Hand (Book Two of The Kings Series) by HFPerez
His Silver Hand (Book Two of The Heaven Faith
AVAILABLE AT HINOVEL. SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY. #1 CHEF OUT OF 1.33K STORIES #19 NEW AUTHOR OUT OF 1.93K STORIES She is the epitome of joy. Bubbly, adorable, and innocently...
Katsuki Bakugo X Reader by ammikabaaaby
Katsuki Bakugo X Readerby ammikabaaaby
This fanfiction/romance story is about a biracial, African and Filipina American, exchange student named Ren (xReader; YOU) who tries to navigate through her new lift as...
She's Mistreated|| K. Bakugo x Reader  by DekuandKacchan99
She's Mistreated|| K. Bakugo x DekuandKacchan99
Y/N is the daughter of the villain Dabi, and is determined to move past her father's expectations. She runs away from her abusive father, and finds herself in Musutafu...
မုန်းတာထက်ပိုရျ်  (မုန္းတာထက္ပိုရ်္) Unicode+Zawgyi by Yi0611
မုန်းတာထက်ပိုရျ် (မုန္းတာထက္ပိုရ် Yi
"အခုကစၿပီး မင္းဘဝ မင္းလြတ္လပ္ခြင့္ေတြအကုန္လုံးက ငါ့လက္ထဲမွာဘဲ" "ဘာလို႔အဲ့ဒါကြၽန္မျဖစ္ေနရတာလဲ" "မင္းမိုလို႔ကို မင္းျဖစ္ေနတာ" "ကြၽန္မရွင...
Red Oppz by klondikebratt
Red Oppzby 🦋
"Two guns up I don't give a fuck I'm a big dog lil' nigga you a pup Pull up on ya spot walk up on it shoot it up"
My Boy Bestfriend(UNDER MAJOR EDITING⌫) by Jynxenix
My Boy Bestfriend(UNDER MAJOR jeyn xenix