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His Little Theorist by SuperGirlyGamer125
His Little Theoristby Gamer or Cat
You are the daughter of MatPat and Steph, but here's the thing. You don't even know it. The doctor said you had died, but little did they know, you were at a local orpha...
NateWantsToBattle Imagines by IceWing1014
NateWantsToBattle Imaginesby Professional Fangirl
Hello! Here's my NWTB imagine book! Requests highly appreciated, feel free to comment and enjoy! :3
Delicious Stories by TuberVore
Delicious Storiesby TuberVore
Stories, which will bring you joy, sadness, disbelief and mostly warmness, cause in the stomach can not be cold, right? Note: { You can send your request in our Private...
I Can See Through You (NatePat) by SomeBitchNamedBlue
I Can See Through You (NatePat)by Purple
Nathan Smith is moving into a new neighborhood for a fresh start. He wants an escape from everything. But in comes a man named Matthew Patrick. Despite Matthew randomly...
Supernatural by SuperGirlyGamer125
Supernaturalby Gamer or Cat
"Scratches on the walls," "sulfur in the air," Y/N, Gwen, AJ, and Nate need to find the spirit of Noah Walker, but something sinister is waiting for...
Long time, No see... || A Natewantstobattle x Reader ((DISCONTINUED)) by memmahbean
Long time, No see... || A Natewant...by ✨memmerz✨
DISCONTINUED DISCONTINUED DISCONTINUED Since kindergarten, Y/N and Nate were best friends. They did practically everything together. They've been with each other throug...
I Still love You - natewantstobattle X reader by emmasyoutubeparade
I Still love You - natewantstobatt...by trashingthefandoms
After spending 4 years your college where everyone treated you like dirt, you reunite with your childhood friend/crush, Nathan Smith. As you gain a relationship with him...
Battle Brothers by bikibi
Battle Brothersby bikibi
This is a story about how Nate met his egos Natemare and Phantom. This is sorta a prequel to Egos meet the sides.
Take Me Anywhere (Natewantstobattle X Reader) by Blulitaria75
Take Me Anywhere (Natewantstobattl...by Blulitaria 75
(Y/N) is a 24 year old introvert who just moved to LA, and doesn't know anyone. Who will she meet in this new city? How will she meet them? *!!!STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING...
NateWantsToBattle One-Shots | By Nicciplier by justyourcrutchx
NateWantsToBattle One-Shots | By N...by nicc
An alternate universe where Nate is mesmerized by your, and only your, broken eyes.
Carnophobia || Natepat fanfiction by midgetackerman
Carnophobia || Natepat fanfictionby Meme Ruler
Carnophobia is the fear of meat which to Nate is hell as the male come from a family of cannibals. These cannibals have been genetically modified to work differently fr...
Obsesion (an ego fan fiction) by DarkAngelwantstobtl
Obsesion (an ego fan fiction)by DarkAngelwantstobtl
Nathan woke up tided up, gagged and blindfolded.... he has no memory of how or why he is here but all he knows is that there's other people in the room with him...
YouTuber Imagines by xXItsKodaWolfXx
YouTuber Imaginesby Koda
Suggestions welcome and much needed! Created by: KodaWolf
Kicking and Screaming Now You've Lost Your Time by quinistired
Kicking and Screaming Now You've L...by quin
You take the night shift at Fazbear Fright, thinking it's all easy peasy. Hell, the guy before you even showed you the ropes. But when the guy on the phone mentioned the...
Youtube Ego Rp by asexualvampire
Youtube Ego Rpby that's gay
I'm not the best at rping, but I'll try my best! This book will include JSE egos, Mark egos, and some NWTB egos
Phantom's Girlfriend (Natewantstobattle x reader) by Danigirlwritings
Phantom's Girlfriend (Natewantstob...by Dani
After being single for centuries Phantom has finally the love of his life. A 22 year old by the name of Y/N. What will their new life entail?
Natewantstobattle x brother reader by slendergirl0
Natewantstobattle x brother readerby slendergirl0
Nathan sharp is desperate to be loved and his eyes fell on his younger brother
Book of Randomness by IdkAnimeDragon
Book of Randomnessby Kyoka Lycan
Exactly what the title says! I made an announcement explaining this book, and basically, I will make scenarios whenever I feel creative and can't fit them into an alread...
Challenges by CakezWantsToBattle
Challengesby Ariel Rose
These are challenges I do.