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Natewantstobattle X Reader  by Neveraverage
Natewantstobattle X Reader by Neveraverage
Its a one-shot book but yet i also do many part pieces. REQUESTS ARE OPEN
Concert Vibes || Natewantstobattle / Nathan Sharp by funkybinch
Concert Vibes || Lee
You're with your friends at a concert. They tell you that they are meeting up with people to have a group at said concert. you didn't realize that one of these friends w...
Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides  by ItsSepticeyeSam
Choices // Egos Ft. Sanders Sides by ItsSepticeyeSam
-- Then the closet slowly opened. He sat there, whimpering and paralysed. Fear consumed Mark and he tried to move, but found that he literally couldn't. He literally co...
NateWantsToBattle Imagines by lovethisfandom
NateWantsToBattle Imaginesby nightmares exist
Welcome to my NateWantsToBattle Imagines book! If you love Nate as much as I do, read my fanfic! 😊 (book cover was made by me 💙)
Forever Mangled - NatePat by Forever_In_A_Fantasy
Forever Mangled - NatePatby Elenora Enchanted
"Why are you doing this Nate?" "Nate's not here MatPat..." When Matt and Nate go to visit the real Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, they have no idea what'...
My Alpha's Song - Natepat A/B/O (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Alpha's Song - Natepat A/B/O ( Plugnuts
- Natepat Alpha/Beta/Omega Au - Nathan Smith's life is amazing. He has a great career in the music business, he's loved by many and is well fought over in the whole mate...
I Still love You - natewantstobattle X reader by emmasyoutubeparade
I Still love You - trashingthefandoms
After spending 4 years your college where everyone treated you like dirt, you reunite with your childhood friend/crush, Nathan Smith. As you gain a relationship with him...
Carousel ( A NateWantsToBattle Fanfic ) by GalacticxAuthor
Carousel ( A NateWantsToBattle fwuck
Stressed, anxious, and video game obsessed Jade Hope has returned to Windy Ridge Boarding school for her senior year, prepared to do her best and only focus on school, u...
Kidnapped (Markipler, Natewantstobattle, MatPat) by Danigirlwritings
Kidnapped (Markipler, Dani
Y/n was a normal shy girl who was obsessed with Markipler, Nathan Sharp, and MatPat from game theory. She always dreamed of meeting them and being a YouTuber herself...
Ņ̸̢͙̣̤̱͓̯̗̮̻̿͗̅̉͠A̴̧͕̳̯̫̻̙̼͚̱͍͎͓͌̀̇͊̀ͅŢ̷̲͕͎̟̹̯̝̈ͅEMARE & READER | I'm Sorry. by Horroryas
Ņ̸̢͙̣̤̱͓̯̗̮̻̿͗̅̉͠A̴̧͕̳̯̫̻̙̼͌̀̇͊̀ͅ Sour Candy
Natemare. His name could even describe this story... It has a horror tag for a reason... And so does the cover of the book. He prefers to come out in the dark... so bett...
Take Me Anywhere (Natewantstobattle X Reader) by Blulitaria75
Take Me Anywhere ( Blulitaria 75
(Y/N) is a 24 year old introvert who just moved to LA, and doesn't know anyone. Who will she meet in this new city? How will she meet them? *!!!STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING...
The Science Of Sound (Natepat Fanfic) by DaddyDeliciousness69
The Science Of Sound (Natepat Kinklord69
When the two curious men start feeling odd about each other, they wonder if the other feels the same. Warning: has language, fluff, smut, aND MOTHAFUCKIN' KINKS This sto...
For Me by DefinitelyNotNatural
For Meby Deni ☆
Natepat Alpha and Omega AU. Matt is an alpha and Nate is an omega. Boy omegas are really rare. It's an alpha's choice who he wants to mate but sometimes things become co...
I'm Your Worst Natemare (Natepat) by JessiJynx
I'm Your Worst Natemare (Natepat)by JessiJynx
Please note this work is old and not reflective of the authors current writing. This story has been left up because people continue to enjoy it despite its major flaws. ...
Songbird by MostlyAniMonster
Songbirdby Ani Johnson
Irie had spent years singing at her friend's bar, just wanting to help anyone who would listen. One night, a man offers to help her reach more people, improve her own s...
100 Giant/Tiny Prompts by twinsister27
100 Giant/Tiny Promptsby Jordan
I don't have tumblr. However, I do read some Giant/Tiny (G/T) stuff on there sometimes. I found a list of prompts and...well, why not? Characters will be YouTubers. You...
Derillo Highschool Story by DannyDaFairyBoi
Derillo Highschool Storyby Danny
Danny is a highschool student who has a little crush on the school's favorite basketball player Jorel Decker. Danny wants to confess his love in hopes his heart doesn't...
My Own Purgatory(NatePat) by RiToCantFly
My Own Purgatory(NatePat)by nO
Nate finds himself falling. Falling into the deep abyss of depression. Falling for the most wonderful, most beautiful boy in the world. Matt is falling. Falling for the...