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Anti x child reader (Completed) by booped_snoot
Anti x child reader (Completed)by Anti
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
The Chat by AstronomicalWings
The Chatby AstronomicalWings
When Darkiplier makes a chat so he can easily communicate with all of the other egos, It doesn't exactly go as planned (NOW WITH ACTUAL PLOT, WHAAAAAT?!)
Dark Sides: Anti-Virus by b01101101c
Dark Sides: Anti-Virusby thnks fr th mmrs
What happens when the dark sides that once ruined your life came back? Would you run? Would you fight? No matter what, there's sacrifice.
Revenge - Antisepticeye x Reader by itsandreabelle
Revenge - Antisepticeye x Readerby itsandreabelle
Anti is here. And he won't rest until you do as he says. Ỉ̸͓̜̬͖̼ͭ͆ͮ̄͒'̡͖͓̭ͦ̒ͫͧ̿̋ͯ̈̕͜ͅm̘͍̺̪̰̲͐ͣ̂͛ͩ͂ ̑̂̎ͮͦ̾͋̔͏̦̩̝̭ͅc̩̣̭̩͔͖̪̅̉ͅȏ͍͑̒̄ͅm̵̶̞̘͙̪̭͉̪̪͇ͧ́̑̀̈iͨ͑̈̇ͣ͋̿͏̡̺͖͎̙̩͡...
Stuck in here (Jacksepticeye Egos) by ThePalaceOfVibes
Stuck in here (Jacksepticeye Egos)by ThePalaceOfVibes
Anti is held by some kind of f*cked up cult, being tortured as if he's going through hell and back. He manages to escape and get back to the septic egos, only to face so...
Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader] by keenequeen
Filthy [Antisepticeye X Reader]by keenequeen
(Y/N) stumbles out of a bar one night to be greeted with a smooth talking Irishman. Little did she know he would be her worst nightmare. HIGHEST RANK: #5 in tag "yo...
Tempted (Antisepticeye x Reader) by YourBestNightmare15
Tempted (Antisepticeye x Reader)by YourBestNightmare15
You're a girl who lives by yourself in an apartment. you have a job to survive, but life gets pretty dull. In order to escape from your boring life alone, you decided to...
DON'T TREAD ON ME by Antibrody
DON'T TREAD ON MEby Antibrody
Living in a house with...Five other people is like being depressed, horny and high all at once. I mean- if you think about it...Really think about it. You can guess who...
Ego Stories by 10th-no-name-person
Ego Storiesby 10th-no-name-person
Mostly Jacksepticeye and Markiplier Ego one shots. You're free to send in some prompt requests!
2020 Vision | Unus Annus by Redpensblackink
2020 Vision | Unus Annusby RpBi
Rumor has it, 2020 would be the year where everything that could go wrong, would go wrong. Kind of ironic, this year seemed so hopeful, full of vision and preparation f...
Shock collar (Danti) by blueflamespirit1
Shock collar (Danti)by blueflamespirit
yaoi (boyxboy) smut don't like. don't read
Septiceye/Iplier/The Sides One-Shots by Hey_Gays_Its_Clo
Septiceye/Iplier/The Sides 𝓁𝒾𝓉𝓉𝓁𝑒 𝓁𝒾𝒶
•Markiplier & egos •Jacksepticeye & egos •Thomas Sanders & Sander Sides I try not to do Septiplier so I can respect Mark and Jack. WARNING: Some blood, gore, angst, and...
The Dark Sides And Me (Darkiplier x Antisepticeye x Reader) by WildStoriesTameMinds
The Dark Sides And Me ( Wild Trash Rat
It was dark and ominous. The wall you pressed yourself upon was cool and dank. A rancid smell reached your nostrils, making you gag. It was the stench of death. Somethin...
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x Reader by the_bluepencil
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x the_bluepencil
{COMPLETED} This Reader is basically the same as the first book (Darkiplier x Reader) I wrote. Same general world, but the story itself will be original. The events in...
No One Cares || Danti ✔️  by CarmenKB
No One Cares || Danti ✔️ by 𝟑
"Hey. Listen to me, I'm here. I care. Talk to me." Cover Art: Gratooney -°^°- on Redbubble
The Breaking Point by King_Antisepticeye
The Breaking Pointby Antisepticeye
⚠️WARNING FOR MATURE AUDIENCE⚠️ ⚠️deals with abuse⚠️ ⚠️ torture⚠️ ⚠️depression⚠️ ⚠️SMUT⚠️ Anti and dark had always been very ...strange demons. Never really being in th...
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙ by KittyBleh
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙby Robin
Chained Puppet by graphic-hawk
Chained Puppetby graphic-hawk
He doesn't remember much. He remembers waking up in a hospital, his head hurt and he was afraid. He can't remember his name or how he got there. Who were these people in...
Glitched Past by sand3r-sid3s-fan
Glitched Pastby BB
We all know antisepticeye. He's the demon that posses Sean and his egos, but every villain has a motive and a backstory. What would his backstory be? Characters are own...