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Tics - An Antisepticeye story by EgoNation
Tics - An Antisepticeye storyby JBM simp :>
In the first chapter is probably everything you need to know.
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x Reader by the_bluepencil
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x the_bluepencil
{COMPLETED} This Reader is basically the same as the first book (Darkiplier x Reader) I wrote. Same general world, but the story itself will be original. The events in...
Raising Anti by PrevailedPrince
Raising Antiby Roman Relyea
Anti get's turned into a kid by a backfired spell causing him to regress fully. Will the Septics be able to put aside who Anti is to care for the now struggling child or...
Stuck in here (Jacksepticeye Egos) by ThePalaceOfVibes
Stuck in here (Jacksepticeye Egos)by ThePalaceOfVibes
Anti is held by some kind of f*cked up cult, being tortured as if he's going through hell and back. He manages to escape and get back to the septic egos, only to face so...
Revenge - Antisepticeye x Reader by itsandreabelle
Revenge - Antisepticeye x Readerby itsandreabelle
Anti is here. And he won't rest until you do as he says. Ỉ̸͓̜̬͖̼ͭ͆ͮ̄͒'̡͖͓̭ͦ̒ͫͧ̿̋ͯ̈̕͜ͅm̘͍̺̪̰̲͐ͣ̂͛ͩ͂ ̑̂̎ͮͦ̾͋̔͏̦̩̝̭ͅc̩̣̭̩͔͖̪̅̉ͅȏ͍͑̒̄ͅm̵̶̞̘͙̪̭͉̪̪͇ͧ́̑̀̈iͨ͑̈̇ͣ͋̿͏̡̺͖͎̙̩͡...
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙ by KittyBleh
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙby Robin
Forever Mine by VoileSurLaMer
Forever Mineby The Wordsmith
"I'm not here to steal money." He moved closer to me, leaving no room for me to run. He put his hands on either side of my head and I felt like I was in a cage...
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, Natemare, etc.) by Junebug227
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Junebug227
{COMPLETED} The air is thick and cold. You're sitting up in a hard chair. A headache forms as you slowly blink your eyes open. It doesn't take more than two seconds for...
One-Shot/Smut (Septiplier, Antiseptiplier, Anti X Jack, Mark X Dark) by Fan-Fiction_Queen
One-Shot/Smut (Septiplier, ⚔️Sam ⚔️
*Give me request, plz.* *Septiplier *Antiseptiplier/Dani *Anti X Jack *Dark X Mark
Burn by emmaiscaffeinated
Burnby Emma Gray
*Antisepticeye x Reader x Darkiplier* *UNDER EDITING* if you have read the story before, there might be some new details or chapters I'll add as I edit to expand. Dark h...
Play Time (Anti x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
Play Time (Anti x Reader)by the_angel_that_wrote
You go to Ireland for a couple of days to help a fellow Youtuber, and friend, out with doing something for the lead up to Halloween. He said the character's name was Ant...
His Cell Mate || Danti [FINISHED] by ArchWrites
His Cell Mate || Danti [FINISHED]by A·W
Darkiplier, best known as Dark, is the most popular and well known demon. Everybody fears him and if somebody doesn't, he makes them fear him. -Dark hates being manipul...
Protective [Jack/Anti x Reader] [COMPLETE] by xoMaddie44
Protective [Jack/Anti x Reader] [ Maddie
I set my journal to the side and looked at my phone, smiling to myself. It was July 14, which meant that it was my birthday. I was 18, a legal adult, and would be starti...
"Best Friends with a Demon" (antisepticeye x reader) by _everydayanxiety_
"Best Friends with a Demon" ( Jay
You'll be going to 8th grade this year. You're still at your same, crappy school. You really didn't have anyone to talk to, since all your friends had different classes...
~Alter Egos Text~ by dumbass__hoe
~Alter Egos Text~by bbygirl
Mark: CAN YOU GUYS GO TO SLEEP?! Dark: No. Wilford: You just got r-r-roasted! Google: He didn't even roast him! Yandere: SHUT UP! Mark: Yandere needs his beauty sleep. Y...
Don't touch her. (Iplier and Septic Egos X Reader shorts)  by Broken-fnaf-fan
Don't touch her. (Iplier and Artsy is bored.
Just random short stories with the septic and iplier ego's and reader chan that I make when I'm bored. Enjoy ~
Janti ABDL One-Shots by Pastel_Baby_Girl
Janti ABDL One-Shotsby 💖Pastel🧸
NOT OUR COVER!!! This is NO where between a sexual thing!!! Me and shawnthevampirehuman wanted to make a book together, in which, we picked our favorite ship and made a...
ipliers and septiceyes x reader  [REQUESTS CLOSED] by ShyMarkerPliers
ipliers and septiceyes x reader [ Shy
Boi why are you even reading this all the information you need is in the title
Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots/Imagines by bubble-tea-junkie
Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots/ Music Addict
Just a book of random one-shots. Some of them are good, most of them are bad. Read at your own discretion, and enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Requests and suggestions have been di...
Chubby reader one shots by zombie_light
Chubby reader one shotsby zombie_light
This is a book full of one shots of different characters x chubby reader btw this is my first book so sorry if it's bad