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You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier}by Kel
The first time was a mistake; Jack swears by it: It was a convention. They were drunk. Jack and his girlfriend were fighting. Mark just looked so good with his new hairc...
Just Breath by girlinstars
Just Breathby Nova Gray
Just another septiplier story. Just made this for fun! I'm glad most of the readers enjoy the story! ENJOYYYY!
The Flirt by FandomsDoneRight
The Flirtby Rinny♥︎
"Well hello gorgeous." He smiled at me, his hair falling down over his face. "I haven't seen you around here before." ~ This fanfiction will contain...
A Random Number (Septiplier) !HOLD! by Plugnuts
A Random Number (Septiplier) !HOLD!by Plugnuts
Mark didn't know what to expect when his coworker suddenly gave him a number they had gotten the day before. At first, he thought to just toss it out, who wants to deal...
The Ferris Wheel [septiplier AU] ✔️completed by Damn_High
The Ferris Wheel [septiplier AU] ✔ July Twenty
"You're ... " "You know me?" "You're Markiplier." Jack loves a YouTuber named 'Markiplier' and has an annoying friend who forces him to go...
Hotel Room #239 by alli_love4021
Hotel Room #239by willow
Two YouTubers from two different countries. They have never thought of each other more than best friends. But what happens when they have to share the same hotel room? W...
The Hotel Room (Septiplier Fanfic) by Ashth3z0mbi3
The Hotel Room (Septiplier Fanfic)by Captain Ash Sparrow
A Vegas convention is a bit out of the ordinary for both Mark and Jack, but it would seem its not the only weird thing going on in their lives. It seems that while the t...
But, Imma Nerd, and he's a Jock... by Crazy_Fan_Gurl
But, Imma Nerd, and he's a F̶̡̢̢̢̢͖̳̲͈̣̣͈͓͈̼̫͈̦͓͈́̊̉̄̓̏̓...
Septiplier! Mark, A Rebellious teenager, him and his friends decide to pick on the new kid, but, why only him? ? Jack, A cute, sweet, innocent little green bean! He's...
The New Boy (Septiplier) by kaylaplier
The New Boy (Septiplier)by Kayla
Why hello there! :D Septiplier fanfic found here. Jack starts his junior year of high school, and on the first day spots a quite handsome boy. Jack later figures out thi...
🥂⛓50 Shades of Septiplier ⛓🥂 Vol. 1 by RayRay669701
🥂⛓50 Shades of Septiplier ⛓🥂 Ray Ray
Warning!!!!😲 This story contains lots of smut!⚠️ This includes the following, ( abuses, LOTS of smut, kidnapping, murder) 50 shades of gray kind of thing If you cant...
Texting Jack [Septiplier] by Septiplier_Boss
Texting Jack [Septiplier]by Septiplier Love
Markimoo: So I heard you and Felix live very close to each other Jackaboy: Yeah. I heard that he is your best friend Markimoo: Yeah. I heard that you're hot Jackaboy:...
Septiplier~ Secret by Emmily519
Septiplier~ Secretby Dan
Jack was being picked on due to his sexuality, little did he know his football star crush was soon going to be more than just his bully. They spark a relationship after...
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [Editing] by not_kiri
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [ tetsutetsu tetsutetsu
Jack and Mark are both regular men. They have girlfriends and they have a happy life doing YouTube for a living. Everything was pretty normal until Jack called Mark and...
Coffee Boy [Septiplier] by drunklacelouis
Coffee Boy [Septiplier]by aly
"I have never seen you here," the red dyed man exclaimed, watching me nervously fiddle with my pen. Who is this guy? More importantly why is he talking to me...
Smut Shots! - Septiplier by AlliSmith74978
Smut Shots! - Septiplierby Heyooo
It says it in the title. Don't mind the crappy cover, its just that im lazy. I will try to post at least twice a week and so far I've been living up to it. I'm not good...
 A Step too Far  (Septiplier) - Completed by PeijiChan
A Step too Far (Septiplier) - Hello there
YouTube celebrities Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have been friends for a while now, but when one Livestream takes a turn for the better or worse, they become something m...
Love Him Behind The Screen (Septiplier) by ArtisticWind
Love Him Behind The Screen ( ArtisticWind
Sean is a successful youtuber known as Jacksepticeye. Living in Ireland, he's far from a lot of his friends and only has skype to connect with them. The one he really wa...
Mister Masterpiece by Septiplier_Away13
Mister Masterpieceby Septiplier_Away13
My name isn't Jacqueline, it's Jack. And I am a boy. Jack McLoughlin is a transgender 17-year-old in his Junior year at a new highschool. He's living alone in a small ap...
Street Youth Rising ~Septiplier~ by ItsSepticeyeSam
Street Youth Rising ~Septiplier~by ItsSepticeyeSam
"I gave him a week before he decided he wasn't going to come back. He already looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over. He wasn't built. He was weak with his...
Talk Nerdy To Me (completed) by markxjack
Talk Nerdy To Me (completed)by cringe worthy
just read the story! XD