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Little One «Septiplier» by Emo_Cat31
Little One «Septiplier»by ♡Joshler♡
Jack is a little who is looking for a daddy to take care of him. He goes onto a website called "Little ones" and starts looking for his dream daddy. All His fr...
Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader) by beg0neth0t
Antidote (Jacksepticeye x reader)by tasha.
(Sequel to 'Posion') Life contiunes for (Y/N) as they progresses with her toxic love-hate relationship with Sean, things only get more hetic with their friends as feuds...
The Boy Next Door by BooperDooperBby
The Boy Next Doorby ✨Naomi ✨
A story in which a small Irish boy named Jack moves to a new country his senior year, and develops a crush on his dreamy next door neighbor who just so happens to be his...
The Legend - Youtubers x Reader by Kirbycake321
The Legend - Youtubers x Readerby Heyyo
Most subs in less than a month? Impossible. You proved them wrong.
YouTuber Tickle One-Shots by Skyethecookie
YouTuber Tickle One-Shotsby 》crippling dysphoria
From Septiplier to Pewdiecry, from Pewdieplier to Danti, from Tythan to Crankiplier, all the YouTuber ships are here! But I'm gonna need you guys to help me along. Comme...
High School Love { Septiplier } by Artist_Anxx
High School Love { Septiplier }by Anxx
Jack is a shy teenager who moved to America with his father and pet Septiceye Sam. He's to shy to make any friend (except for Cry) and he's bullied at school for it. Jac...
Bad Cop by JoyceBellie
Bad Copby Joy
Mark and Jack meet in a bar. They have a connection almost instantly and talk all night. Mark is very proud of his job as a police officer. But Jack on the other hand do...
Youtuber mpreg one-shots requests closed by AngelaSquero
Youtuber mpreg one-shots Bisexualbitch_666
Hey basically what the title says a bunch of fanfic mpregs pew die cry, SEPTIPLIER, Phan anything and I'm looking for suggestions
The Wolf Inside {Septiplier} {EDITING} by TheSepticCookie
The Wolf Inside {Septiplier} { Lizzie
Mark Edward Fischbach was born as a wolf, and so was Sean or Jack William Loughlin. They both have to keep their wolf secret a well secret! Then Mark and His sister Brid...
PewDieCry: Experience by FlyLemon
PewDieCry: Experienceby FlyLemon
When Cry and PewDiePie both get accepted to take part in a competition called 'Experience2013' they, nor any of the other other contestants know what they've let themsel...
50 Shades Of GAAAAAY! by SmolTsukki
50 Shades Of GAAAAAY!by Emam
*intense gayness may cause excessive nose bleeds.* ((I update on a whim. Yup)) **I plan on posting at least 50 parts before I even think about leaving Wattpad. Enjoy.
YouTuber OneShots by Username-Punk
YouTuber OneShotsby PlasticBitch
YouTuber OneShots! I made this into YouTubers instead of Vancat. So most of the first OneShots are Vancat if you don't mind. Bye request anything but I need detail
Missing by SweetNightmare01
Missingby Sweet Nightmare
Jack's a detective, the highest ranked, and he gets assigned to a case that he takes personally. After one of his family members had been kidnapped and came up dead, he...
My Tattoo Artist (Pewdiecry Fanfic) (boyxboy) by Rianisme
My Tattoo Artist (Pewdiecry Rian.isme
So I lost a bet, yeah I know how stupid, and my punishment was to get a tattoo, I'm usually the type of guy who wouldn't get a tattoo and that tattoos are not attractive...
A Demon With A Fake Halo by riceiam
A Demon With A Fake Haloby Psychic Chic
I got this story idea from starheart111 so go check them out to read their story too! Hi my name is Seán Willam McLoughlin, but I go by Jack. I died when I was 16 years...
Elementals (Black Butler/Youtubers/Danganronpa AU) by Way-Too-Many-Fandoms
Elementals (Black Butler/ Sunsets On The Evil Eye
There is a legend that exists of people that seems ordinary, but are secretly extraordinary, and some are even considered heroes. The world calls these people 'Elemental...
YouTube Heroes Organization [Not Going to Finish] by 212Supernova212
YouTube Heroes Organization [Not 💫Nova💫
What happens when a superhero by the name of Super Tuber is born and finds a way to give more people superpowers? This story is set in the future after Tuber's reign an...
Drabbles/Oneshots about pairings. by redame
Drabbles/Oneshots about kim
These are some of my drabbles and oneshots about pairings. [Such as anime and youtube ships. You can find some in my bio.] WARNING: There might be smut, lemon, lime, yao...
The Thing That Scares Me the Most (Natepat) by Cinnamon_Ships
The Thing That Scares Me the Sassy Trash
Short story that takes place after the end in of Much like a Palindrome. Nathan is one of the biggest bullies in the entire school. He is best known for being cruel to L...
Body Swapped? (PewDieCry) by anervousboyslife
Body Swapped? (PewDieCry)by Stromathy
When Cry wakes up in Pewds' body, and the same happens to Pewds, they get a shock of their life. There's a big risk that Pewds might just spill Cry's biggest secret. C...