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The Dark Sides And Me (Darkiplier x Antisepticeye x Reader) by WildStoriesTameMinds
The Dark Sides And Me (Darkiplier...by Wild Trash Rat
It was dark and ominous. The wall you pressed yourself upon was cool and dank. A rancid smell reached your nostrils, making you gag. It was the stench of death. Somethin...
His Little Theorist by CBLOfficial
His Little Theoristby Cat and Books are Life
You are the daughter of MatPat and Steph, but here's the thing. You don't even know it. The doctor said you had died, but little did they know, you were at a local orpha...
His Princess~(Darkiplier x Reader) by BlaiseIsCool123
His Princess~(Darkiplier x Reader)by Blaise
(Y/N) is a single 24 year old woman who lives by herself. She has always been good friends with the one and only Markiplier. But lately, he's been...off. More aggressive...
Used to the Cage by graphic-hawk
Used to the Cageby graphic-hawk
Working with Dark was never easy for Anti. Then again, being put in a jail cell and being taunted by the other Septics isn't exactly easy for him, either. Don't repost...
Disowned by graphic-hawk
Disownedby graphic-hawk
Anti's still dealing with the pain of his fellow Septic egos forcing him away from them. Did he deserve it? Maybe. Had he changed? Probably not. Did he regret it...
How Markiplier Egos React to You... by marinette2020boo
How Markiplier Egos React to You...by Brain Hurt Yes
This is my first headcanon book... I am open to constructive criticism. But, yeah. This is how markiplier goes with react to you doing and saying stuff.
The Dark Mark (Mark/Dark/Wilford/Google x Reader) by Anoniplier
The Dark Mark (Mark/Dark/Wilford/G...by Anoniplier
(Markiplier x Reader) A meet and greet, and a vulnerable, tired mind. You've realised your dream of meeting Mark, but do you get a little more than you bargained for? An...
Bet your life? (Smut) by DefNotMary
Bet your life? (Smut)by MaryIsVibing
Dark is a Demon with the duty to punish others who betrayed the protocol. You betrayed the protocol.
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x Reader by the_bluepencil
| Plaything | Antisepticeye x Read...by the_bluepencil
{COMPLETED} This Reader is basically the same as the first book (Darkiplier x Reader) I wrote. Same general world, but the story itself will be original. The events in...
A Gray World (Antisepticeye X Reader) by Jadesepticeye1990
A Gray World (Antisepticeye X Read...by Jadesepticeye1990
Y/n is a girl who just got fired from her job and is still living with her mom. Y/n's dad died 10 years ago when she was 16 and her mom picked up a drinking problem. Eve...
I love him (Monster! Darkiplier x Reader) by GrimReaper1325
I love him (Monster! Darkiplier x...by GrimReaper1325
(Pictures and videos are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners) (COMPLETE) This only started out as a one shot but then I thought to turn it into a book. P...
D̵̠̯̲̏͂ā̷͕͝r̷̼̒k̷̡̲͈̝̦̦̿̍iplier For You  by Horroryas
D̵̠̯̲̏͂ā̷͕͝r̷̼̒k̷̡̲͈̝̦̦̿̍iplier F...by Plot Twist
(Readers of this book said that this book is horror.... what's your opinion?) (IMPORTANT - READ THE WARNING) Original title: D̵̩̓̄͗̈À̶͇R̴̥̹̭̖͉̯͎̄̓̈́̐̉Ķ̴͙̲͊̓̀͠ͅ X Reader...
Dark Side by teddybearuwujin
Dark Sideby T.K
Mark, Jack, and Nate are all friends. None of them know of the others.... Dark side. Dark looks just like Mark Except he has red eyes And he's evil And a murderer Anti...
Dream child (markiplier & jacksepticeye egos x child reader) by alone_souls
Dream child (markiplier & jacksept...by Mackenzie Blodgett
A young child named Y/N runs away into the forest after being abused once again by her mother. But as they run, they spot an abandoned mansion.
YouTube parent scenarios  by Sakura654321
YouTube parent scenarios by Sakura654321
You are a new born baby with YouTube parents join the adventure in your life This story will have: Markiplier Jacksepticeye Razzbowski Antisepticeye Darkiplier And I...
Daddy's Princess (Darkiplier x Reader) by keenequeen
Daddy's Princess (Darkiplier x Rea...by keenequeen
"What are you going to do to me?" You asked as you shakily backed yourself up into the wall behind you. "I think a better question would be: what am I not...
Shock collar (Danti) by blueflamespirit1
Shock collar (Danti)by blueflamespirit
yaoi (boyxboy) smut don't like. don't read
Some Things Change  by momentomoris
Some Things Change by momentomori
this story is just for fun. I respect Ethan and Mark's friendship, and their relationships with their current wifes/ girlfriends.
Chaos by Believehope2004
Chaosby Sam
What happens when the sides and egos start texting? What will they get up to? How will it stay organized?
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, Natemare, etc.) by Junebug227
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Darkipli...by Junebug227
{COMPLETED} The air is thick and cold. You're sitting up in a hard chair. A headache forms as you slowly blink your eyes open. It doesn't take more than two seconds for...