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Nateiplier One Shot(s) XD by Sugarsweetie16
Nateiplier One Shot(s) XDby Sugar ❤
One shots of the two amazing people Markiplier and Natewantstobattle!
Nateiplier Shorts by AngelicWolfPup
Nateiplier Shortsby Imperfect
A one-shot book about a ship that gets to shine. (Also...bottom Nate. I'm sorry.)
The Last Time We Met [Markiplier x Natewantstobattle] by annie_quill
The Last Time We Met [Markiplier Annie 👽💚
Nateiplier And Jackpat One-Shots by PrettyFlyForADeadGuy
Nateiplier And Jackpat One-Shotsby PrettyFlyForADeadGuy
Could it get any gayer? Probably not. ~On Hiatus Until Further Notice~ Enjoy, or don't it's your choice. If you don't like don't read, simple as that. ❃ႣᄎႣ❃
Kidnapping: (SepticPat / NateIplier) by nevermind_bitches
Kidnapping: (SepticPat / Nah
{Completed] When Matthew Patrick and Nathan Smith disappears on the 23 of October a young detective is put on the case. This is a SepticPat/NateIplier story because I'm...
Please [Don't] Believe Me  by MateNateiplier
Please [Don't] Believe Me by Mate/Nateiplier Fic Archive
~~Written by Dan/ @PeskyPhantom ~~ He wakes up in a white room, completely alone. That is, until he starts hearing something he never thought existed inside his head. H...
YouTube One-Shots by platinumvic
YouTube One-Shotsby victoria
Wow, I didn't think that cover would backfire on me... oh well XD -- Mark, Jack, Nate, Felix, MatPat, and more! There might be a few "x readers" in here... heh...
Roleplay Prompts! by remorsefulloyalty
Roleplay Prompts!by Val💓
Hey bbys! It's been a while since I deleted all my works. I wasn't quite sure what to post, so I'll be starting with this. All of these prompts will be based around the...
Wake Me From This Natemare by Sugarsweetie16
Wake Me From This Natemareby Sugar ❤
Markiplier x Natewantstobattle This is just something I'm doing for fun. It's easier then writing on paper, am I right? So if it ends up being trash I'm so sorry. Here'...
<•>YouTuber One-shots<•> by Gavin_Sucks
YouTuber One-shotsby Scott
Just another cliché oneshot book with our favorite YouTubers. Most of these fics will revolve around Septiplier and Jelix, as well as their alters and some others sprink...
The Flesh Collector (Nateiplier) by Enterthetadpole
The Flesh Collector (Nateiplier)by Tad 🐸
Written with the wonderful @whatsastory In South Korea there are mysterious disappearances happening, and Mark's distance cousins end up as victims. With the need to fin...
YouTuber Ship Rp Book by -NateMare-
YouTuber Ship Rp Bookby NateMareAndPhantom
It's 2020 and I'm bored out of my mind, this was made on an old acc and I re-made it on this one .-.
Pastel and punk (a markwantstobattle/mate one shot) by shipsallaround
Pastel and punk (a shipsallaround
When they met, they thought they were polar opposites. But when AJ made the fnaf musical, the two boys got closer and soon became close. Mark found that Nate had brough...
Nateiplier rp book  by IszabelaGamer
Nateiplier rp book by ASmolBean
Why isn't there any book of Nateiplier role-play? :0 Dom! Mark and Sub! Nate Warning! This shit contains kinky stuff, gore, explicit things, etc.
Nando, Nandiplier, and Mandiplier One shots by BriightBlueOcean
Nando, Nandiplier, and Rowan Tree
I'm trash for Nando. But I also love OT3s because I'm polyamorous, so I started shipping Nate, Andy, and Mark. These are a mix of one shots centering around Nando (Nate...
FIGURE by MateNateiplier
FIGUREby Mate/Nateiplier Fic Archive
It'll eventually have mate I promise. Figure's brilliant creator: Mod Mark aka @AnonymousOTP Not so brilliant author: Mod Dan aka @PeskyPhantom \\\\\\ Figure. That's al...
The Glory Days (multi Universe fic/YouTuber fic) by CorruptedSteven21
The Glory Days (multi Universe BlueAngel
Connected to my book 'Daughter of rebels' This is the story of four of the god like beings. Speed, Intelligence, Rage and Music how their paths crossing might be the gai...
~Mate/Nateiplier OneShots~ by MateNateiplier
~Mate/Nateiplier OneShots~by Mate/Nateiplier Fic Archive
A bunch o' oneshots basically written by all of us put into one place! We'll probably a/n who wrote which one so don't worry about gettin confused. Have fun readin!
Nateiplier RP by Bonnie103
Nateiplier RPby Bonnie103
The cover to the story is not mine all rights reserved to the creator. Basically what the title says and I will try my best to use original ideas for the role-plays