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Sudden Parenthood {ChildYouTubers x Reader} by FandomQuack
Sudden Parenthood { FandomQuack
You're a hard working woman, with little time on her hands. One night you got to bed really late, and wake up to find five random kids in your house in LA. But it gets m...
Phantom (Yandere!Natemare x Reader) by kaylathecat8
Phantom (Yandere!Natemare x Reader)by Star (On Tumblr)
I'm just a phantom in your room, With no intent on leaving soon. 50k- 2--3-2019
Band Imagines by pizzacatsandcoffee
Band Imaginesby pizzacatsandcoffee
This will be a collection of band imagines. I will probably not be doing One Direction. I'm open to ideas as well!
Resurrection  by no_face_no
Resurrection by zombie wife
(THIS HAS SMUT BUT DOESNT NEED IT IN THE PLOT YOU CAN SKIP IT) it's about corpse husband, and super humans built to hide perfectly in plain sight and to avoid suspicio...
Red and Blue: A Crankiplier Story by JaydePlayz
Red and Blue: A Crankiplier Storyby JaydePlayz
When Mark gets sent to Camp Evergreen, he expects to make friends. When he meets Ethan, Mark realises that his new friend just might be someone special. Ethan is abused...
The Chat by AstronomicalWings
The Chatby AstronomicalWings
When Darkiplier makes a chat so he can easily communicate with all of the other egos, It doesn't exactly go as planned (NOW WITH ACTUAL PLOT, WHAAAAAT?!)
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Darkiplier, Natemare, etc.) by Junebug227
Spreading (Antisepticeye, Junebug227
{COMPLETED} The air is thick and cold. You're sitting up in a hard chair. A headache forms as you slowly blink your eyes open. It doesn't take more than two seconds for...
GT Youtuber One-shots by YoutuberGT
GT Youtuber One-shotsby Tiny Jim
Um. Well there's the title. Also this is by various writers, not just one writer. Anyone on this account is welcome to put their own one shot in any time they'd like :3 ...
YouTube TK & One Shots Stories  by RoyalPrincess2019
YouTube TK & One Shots Stories by RoyalPrincess2019
The title says it all! This may sound weird to write this book, but I'm just giving it a try to right fanfics. So I'm going to be posting daily to see what stories to cr...
Infected by Junebug227
Infectedby Junebug227
(Highest Rank: #1 for DanTDM) They're back. And this time, they're prepared for anything.
Reprogrammed by Junebug227
Reprogrammedby Junebug227
You thought you were safe. You were sure it would never happen again. Yet here you were, kidnapped once again by the very viruses you had thought were extinct. When you...
Egos meet the Sides by bikibi
Egos meet the Sidesby bikibi
Mark, Jack, and Felix's egos meet Thomas's Sides. Will they work together to defeat the evil that vows to kill all of them. Pairings- Danti Prinxiety Logicality Septi...
My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Natepat (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Cat, Your Dog and Us - Plugnuts
In a world where your own pet or most favoured item chooses your soulmate for you; What will happen when a famous musician decides to hold a concert in the city of LA wi...
NateWantsToBattle x Reader by imout77
NateWantsToBattle x Readerby Inactive:(
Being a creator in the gaming part of YouTube means you go to a lot of conventions. At these conversations, you tend to meet other YouTubers. When you meet this youtub...
The Siren (Phantom/Nate × Reader by ZCausKrazy
The Siren (Phantom/Nate × Readerby ɢʟɨtċɦ
"I'm not going anywhere with you, you monster!" I screamed out as I slammed my hands against his broad chest, pushing him back. He stumbled back a bit, but reg...
The Mask (Phone Guy/MatPat x Reader) by IHazFandoms
The Mask (Phone Guy/MatPat x Peter Dechart
Based on FNAF the Musical. After your best friend, and almost boyfriend, Scott Cawthon disappears, you get moved from the day shift to the night shift with someone named...
Final Hour (NateWantsToBattle & MatPat) by Nobody2014
Final Hour (NateWantsToBattle & Meerkat
It was only a normal day for Matthew Patrick. Writing Game Theory videos, and drinking Diet Coke. All until his worst nightmare came. Stephanie went missing. His close f...
Natewantstobattle X Reader  by Neveraverage
Natewantstobattle X Reader by Neveraverage
Its a one-shot book but yet i also do many part pieces. REQUESTS ARE OPEN
Youtuber Preferences  by ForgottenandDistrest
Youtuber Preferences by ForgottenandDistrest
Preferences of some of my favourite youtubers. I have included; . Markiplier . Jacksepticeye . Crankgameplays . NateWantstoBattle . AJ from Random Encounters I will prob...
My Alpha's Song - Natepat A/B/O (ON HOLD) by Plugnuts
My Alpha's Song - Natepat A/B/O ( Plugnuts
- Natepat Alpha/Beta/Omega Au - Nathan Smith's life is amazing. He has a great career in the music business, he's loved by many and is well fought over in the whole mate...