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Best Friend's Revenge by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friend's Revengeby LOSALINI
When Liz Charleston's ex-best friend suddenly returns with a plan to take revenge on her, drama seems inevitable - but who knew revenge could be so handsome? ...
My little sweetheart  by Saffron422
My little sweetheart by Saffron422
Fiery from the damage her so called family caused... She needs too escape but how? Lena's foster family ends up dead ending her abuse only too be thrown into a whirlwind...
My Mute Street fighter by waterfallrainfall
My Mute Street fighterby Chloe
After Lola's mother died her father because abusive. One day she had enough and ran away. In order to make a living Lola became a street fighter, she refuses to allow he...
Find Me by livyloo_xo_
Find Meby
A girl that gets taken away from her family byu her mum. she went through a lot in life got abused. she ends up being in an accident and found by her family of brothers...
My Bad Boy Gang:The Bad Boys Taught Me by Tee_Square
My Bad Boy Gang:The Bad Boys Tee_Anna
Meet Athalia Francis. Athalia is 17,mixed and a bubble of excitement. Too bad no one knew that. At school she was labeled as a loner. I mean could you blame them ? S...
His Blind Mate by chloe_elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Meet Mia Gray, she was an outgoing, funny, caring, amazing, and bubbly person. That all changed when she turned ten and got into a car accident making her loose her eye...
My new step brothers  by insaniumgirl
My new step brothers by Late night girl
Rosalyn isn't your usual 11 year old, she is smart really smart Which is basically what she used when her parents were always gone since the young age of 4 she has been...
What Life Holds by Nidharthini
What Life Holdsby themarchbutterfly
Jessica Lahey, a thirteen old girl found out that her mother died in a car crash. Brought up as the only child, she is totally confused when the deputy told her that her...
Ea$t to W3st 🐍 by pinkdollzone
Ea$t to W3st 🐍by princess. 🤪
Dariah-Imani Brown was a regular harlem girl who was sent to live with her brother in LA who she never knew about but when she arrived, there were many things she would...
What They Don't Know by Emily6802
What They Don't Knowby WinterMayz
⚠️TRIGGER WARNING: contains abuse, rape, self harm: almost EVERY CHAPTER ⚠️ I will post a trigger warning symbol in each chapter that has it. Tessa has been abused for...
MY LITTLE PRINCESS by chunhee026
MY LITTLE PRINCESSby Astrid von Oldenburg
As soon as the maid opened the big front door of my mansion, a little girl appeared in front of me. She have messy blond hair and familiar blue eyes like mine but her fa...
The Billionaires Unknown Heiress: His Billion Dollar Mistake (COMPLETED) by dihannakl
The Billionaires Unknown Dihannakl
**CAUTION: A LOT OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 13/14. WILL BE REWRITTEN SOON** Copyright © November 2014 All Rights Reserved She thought it would be...
The Billionaire's Housekeeper (Betsy Jones Book 1) - Unedited by me2you804
The Billionaire's Housekeeper ( Katherine
Nicholas Davenport needs a housekeeper. With a multi-billion empire to run and two overactive children, widower Nick needs all the help he can get. What he doesn't want...
Not what you think by Ftvjjnkky
Not what you thinkby Ftvjjnkky
I start my story from where vansh announces aahana as his wife. But here Ridhima is not as same as in real track. She is bold, kind, caring, loving, bossy and something...
At First Sight  by ishaani5004
At First Sight by Ishaani
A sequel to Loving can hurt. Iyaan Malhotra had a perfect life. He was born into a millionaire family and raised as a prince. After staying away from his family for almo...
Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD  by Azzie01
Ex Best Friend | ON HOLD by Azzie01
My best friend moved away ten years ago... I wonder what would happen if we were to meet again. After all a lot can change in ten years right? •Prologue can be found ins...
Lost in The City // H.S. by somewhere_cal
Lost in The City // Cal
Getting accepted into an amazing photography program is Anna's dream, the fact that the program is in London is even better. But life is never that simple. Dealing with...
Loving can hurt  by ishaani5004
Loving can hurt by Ishaani
#1 in romance (19/11/2020) What happens when you suddenly find out that your getting married? You freak out but what happens when Roopitha Verma, 22 year old young docto...
Dragon Jinchuuriki by KnightRider_34
Dragon Jinchuurikiby Rider
Izuku and Momo significant partners Ochako and Shoto were cheating on them with each other. Another Universes Stella Vermilion boyfriend Ikki Kurogane cheated on her wi...
Misplaced by honestlyiamtrying
Misplacedby ~euphoria~
For as long as lily can remember, she's been in foster care. The last one turned out to be a nightmare because of the constant abuse. But one fateful day, she is reunite...