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It All Started With a Football  by xredandblackx
It All Started With a Football by xredandblackx
Meet Isabelle Houston, she's shy, keeps to herself mostly, gets good grades. She doesn't like to bring attention to herself. Meet Liam Goodman, he's the quarterback of...
He Left and now He's Safe(Fgod)[Student version]  by Person281
He Left and now He's Safe(Fgod)[ Indecisive
Error was fighting many sans'. While he was distracted, Ink bashed his ribs with the end of the brush. Error went flying towards the end of the cliff and fell into the v...
Undertale Multiverse Au one shots (Requests are closed) by AuthorLianne
Undertale Multiverse Au one AuthorLianne
Undertale Multiverse AU oneshots. Requests are closed Rules/things I'l accept or do: - (Au)sans x reader - (Au)sans x (Au)sans - PJ's daycare, Nerd and Jock, Dreamswap a...
A New World by LittleAlyseCandy
A New Worldby AlyseCandy
If the beatings from all the other times he had destroyed any excess AUs weren't enough, this one definitely takes the chocolate from him. Seriously, all of Ink's creati...
Fresh's sister |NAJ Paperjam x NAJ Reader by LunarIsBoredLol
Fresh's sister |NAJ Paperjam x Nov
I got the idea of this book from some other books
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for better life. (DestructiveDeath/ ErrorxReaper) by LastVoidCaster
Mr. Erratum. Second chance for DarkSeeker
God of Destruction and God of Death they are same but different in same time. Both of them hate each other. But what would happend if one of his friends/brother. Help...
The Lady Who Caught My Eye by MisunderstoodSoul15
The Lady Who Caught My Eyeby DownFall In The Abyss Of Insa...
He always dreamed to have a family... . . . But he was deemed to be dangerous and unstable... . . . They turned their backs on him... . . . They wanted him gone... . . ...
Inlove With A Spirit (NaJ! PJ x Reader) by Dreamsans893
Inlove With A Spirit (NaJ! PJ x Dream Sans
A little warning before continuing- This story may contain; Bad words Suicide Self-harm The suicide may only happen in one chapter. Bad words may be in all chapters. Sel...
The Bitty Father (A Forced God of Destruction Story) by 9puppys
The Bitty Father (A Forced God 9puppys
After His Plan to Commit Suicide By Falling Into The Void Fails, Error Ends Up In A Whole New Multiverse, Becomes A Father, And Meets The Sanses of The New Multiverse, T...
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[ Highschool Crush ] NaJ AU x Reader ON HOLD by CraftyGlitches
[ Highschool Crush ] NaJ AU x Crafty Glitches
It has been quite some time since you last attended school. Before you took a leave from school and ever since that time you were homeschooled. Although now it was time...
unexpected love {Killer Sans X Reader} Naj by The-lonely_soul
unexpected love {Killer Sans X lazy_trashbag
I haven't seen a book like this, like anywhere. There's not even a regular killer sans x reader so I thought why not make one...Hope you like it p.s. art not mine You ne...
Do You Remember?  (NAJ Pj x Reader) by littlefufu10
Do You Remember? (NAJ Pj x Reader)by Shymo
You're going to high-school after graduating from a school for musically talented students. What will happen when you meet a childhood friend of yours, is now a jock?
Universe Travelers (Undertale Deities) by AChanceToForget
Universe Travelers (Undertale ForgottenMemories
React to Fate, Destiny and their friends explore the different Universes that they protect, Interact with the Characters and Cause Problems. Some may try and Hunt them d...
Started Off As Enemies (NaJ!PJ x Reader) by Dreamsans893
Started Off As Enemies (NaJ!PJ x Dream Sans
Here's the remake!- :D I has decided to make a remake whether u likey or nu- u-u Anyways- Continue on with le Intro and Backstory- Then to le Chapters- :D
new life by doodis2014
new lifeby Doodis
a crack?! (not sure) book (edit: it's not a crack book!!! It have a story and plot shiz now XD)... about error ....getting me..... yeaaaah... now... let's s...
N.A.J au and au sans x Magic!Demon!Elemental Princess!Angel!Reader by Shadow_Woods_6
N.A.J au and au sans x Magic! Shadow_Woods_6
You are y/n and you live in a mansion. Your parents died at when you were 9. You have no friends accept forge (my au) cause you don't go out much. You love art,sports,an...
Things Change | NaJ AU X Reader by _GVortex_
Things Change | NaJ AU X Readerby Vortex
After a great war had taken many centuries ago.. A second race of sentient beings emerged from the cold depths of the mountains and into the Surface.. And thus, a powe...
Nerd by PandaGuts
Nerdby megan
[ book two of the sticks and stones series ] Andy Lee was a nerd and had always been Jake's favourite target, and that wasn't going to change... it was just the reas...
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